Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ski Dubai

Dubai has brought a winter wonderland to the UAE with its indoor ski resort, Ski Dubai. Ski Dubai is the first ever indoor ski resort in the Middle East. This Mega Project is so impressive that the Discovery Channel did an entire one hour show on it. Ski Dubai has also been featured on many other television programs.

At Ski Dubai you have a choice of skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing or you can just relax, sit down at one of the themed restaurants, and enjoy the whole incredible scene. Since Ski Dubai is part of Mall Of The Emirates, when you are finished you can go shopping at the mall. Only in Dubai!

Ski Dubai is so big it has 5 different runs that vary in difficulty. Also included at Ski Dubai is an interactive snow park where parents can bring their children to play. Of course this snow park, like everything else in Dubai, is the biggest in the world!

You don't even have to bring winter clothing or equipment with you when you visit. Ski Dubai has all this ready for you when you arrive. Ski Dubai also employs a team of professional instructors who can give you lessons in skiing, snowboarding and other snow sports. They even have a quad chairlift that takes you back to the top of the slopes once you have finished your run, just like a regular outdoor ski resort!

Ski Dubai is another of the spectacular UAE Mega Projects. And do you know what? Dubai is building a second Ski Dubai!!

Here are some YouTube videos of Ski Dubai:





...and here is the link to the Ski Dubai website:


Friday, December 28, 2007

Al Raha Beach, Abu Dhabi

Al Raha Beach is a $15Billion beachfront Mega Project being developed by Aldar Properties. Upon completion Al Raha will house over 120,000 residents and is in fact a brand new city district of Abu Dhabi. Al Raha will contain everything from high-rise towers to low-rise developments.

Al Raha Beach will be divided into 11 seperate residential and commercial districts. Each of these districts will have its own unique characteristics. The 11 districts of Al Raha Beach are as follows:

- Al Seef. This will be a contemporary residential district with a large variety of villas, townhomes and apartments. All of these residences will converge on a beautiful promenade.

- Al Rumaila. Another residential district with a wharf style theme to it. Residents will have access to private marinas and waterways. There will be a spectacular 40 storey glass tower as the centerpiece of Al Rumaila.

- Al Bandar. A combination of residences and shops of all kinds with a luxury hotel as the focal point.

- Al Lissaily. A premium residential area with easy access to all other areas of Al Raha Beach.

- Al Razeen. A mixed use development built around a central marina. Waterfront apartment towers, restaurants, spas and a variety of shops can be found here.

- Khor Al Raha. A very exclusive gated community on the waterfront divided into two areas. One area is a group of privately owned islands, and the second area is a luxury mainland development.

- Al Dana. This is the central business hub of Al Raha Beach. Al Dana will be home to a large variety of businesses from Abu Dhabi and other parts of the Middle East. Firms from other areas of the world will also be located in Al Wateed. A major transit center containing water taxis and ferries will be located here as well.

- Al Nakhel. A recreational area of Al Raha Beach, Al Nakhel will contain walkways, gardens, parks and exhibition centers.

- Al Zeina. A garden community with apartments, villas and townhomes all built around a garden theme.

- Al Shaleela. The cultural hub of Al Raha Beach. Cinemas, art galleries and art studios, film production facilities, a virtual media center and media mueseum will all be housed at Al Shaleela.

- Al Thuraya. This district of Al Raha is focused on marine activity incorporating a major boat servicing area and a dry dock facility.

As you can see Al Raha Beach is a truly spectacular Abu Dhabi Mega Project. There is a very good YouTube video of Al Raha Beach in the sidebar of this site for you to view.

Here is a link to the Al Raha Beach website:


...and here is a link that will take you to Aldar, the developers of Al Raha Beach:


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Abu Dhabi Real Estate & Investment Show 2008

I just got an invitation to attend the Abu Dhabi Real Estate and Investment Show (IREIS) which takes place Jan. 30 - Feb. 3, 2008 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. This show is different from Cityscape Dubai which I covered in an earlier post. IREIS targets the final purchaser of real estate rather than the professional trade show visitors who attend Cityscape Dubai.

Here are a few quotes from IREIS:

"With the easing of the regulations on land and property ownerships well as the launch of mega-tourism, residential, commercial and infrastructure projects, the emirate of Abu Dhabi has emerged as one of the most dynamic real estate markets in the region and therefore an ideal venue to hold the Abu Dhabi Real Estate & Investment Show - IREIS 2008."


"Targeted at the final consumer rather than at trade visitors, IREIS has been the forerunner in showcasing real estate opportunities across the major property markets, in both the capital and around the region, with its debut event in 2005. Since, IREIS continuously thrives in accurately mirroring the growth and potential of the Abu Dhabi property market."

These are 2 links directly to the show which I am sure you will find interesting:



Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bahrain Financial Harbor

Today we will step out of the UAE and go to Bahrain in order to cover the Bahrain Financial Harbor (BFH). The architecture of all the Bahrain Mega Projects, including the BFH, looks like something out of a science fiction movie 200 years in the future! Truly amazingly futuristic.

BFH looks like some kind of financial Nirvana! If you worked here you would never want to go home!

BFH is:

"A world class fully integrated waterfront development which will create a complete financial city, a self contained community in the center of Manamma, Kingdom of Bahrain."


"Envisaged as a complete financial city for the global finance sector BFH development uniquely combines business, leisure and residential components and is being developed on a high profile waterfront site. The development has also been designated by the Government of Bahrain as a Strategic Investment Zone, with a unique blend of liberalized conditions to attract private sector participation. BFH offers a highly compelling rationale that makes it a natural choice for any progressive and ambitious financial institution."

BFH is destined to become a primary financial center for the Middle East and, in fact, a financial center for the entire world!

You will find YouTube videos of BFH on the sidebar of this site and here are a few more for you:



Here is a link to the BFH website:


Monday, December 24, 2007

Cityscape Dubai, Premier Mega Project Expo!

There is one event that stands out above all others as the premier Mega Project expo for the UAE and the entire Middle East. That event is Cityscape Dubai. Everyone who is anyone in the world of Middle Eastern real estate development attends. All the great Mega Project developers have exhibits setup with their spectacular projects. They all come, including:

- Emaar

- Nakheel


- Aldar

- Tamouh

- Sorouh

- Hydra Properties

- Reem Investments

....to name just a few. Cityscape Dubai has in fact become the largest business to business real estate investment and development event in the entire world! At Cityscape Dubai 2007 over 50,000 attended!

Quote from Cityscape:

"Cityscape Dubai attracts regional and international investors, property developers, governmental and development authorities, leading architects, designers, consultants, and all senior professionals involved in the property industry. It provides an annual forum that celebrates the very best in real estate, architecture, urban planning and design from around the world."

Cityscape Dubai is a true marvel! In the sidebar of this site you can find some really good YouTube videos featuring Cityscape Dubai.

This is a link of some photos a friend of mine took while he was there. Click on any image to enlarge it:


This link is to the Cityscape photo gallery:


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Al Salam City, Umm Al Quwain

Umm Al Quwain (UAQ) is the least well known and least developed of the seven Emirates. However UAQ does have an amazing Mega Project going up called Al Salam City. This project will be built in 3 phases over a 15 year period. Al Salam City is being developed by Tameer.

Al Salam City will consist of a number of residential districts, highrise towers, parks, playgrounds and entertainment centers. The downtown area of the project will contain:

- A huge shopping mall

- A 50 storey hotel tower

- 20 residential and commercial towers

- 1000 residential villa townhouses

- 200 residential buildings

...and much more!

Al Salam City is being built to accomodate HALF A MILLION RESIDENTS making it one of the largest Mega Projects in the UAE. Al Salam City will greatly enhance the growth of UAQ and offer tremendous benefit to all of the Emirates.

Here is a YouTube video of the project:


...and here is more info to read:




Friday, December 21, 2007

Nujoom Islands, Sharjah

Nujoom Islands is the largest real estate development project currently taking place in Sharjah. Nujoom is being developed by Al Hanoo Holding Company, will cost approximately $5Billion and take 5 years to complete.

Nujoom will consist of 10 islands linked by a series of bridges. About 60% of the project will be beautiful landscaped areas including parks, beaches, walkways and gardens. The remaining 40% will be a wide variety of commercial, residential and business developments including:

- 145 apartment buildings

- 2 resorts

- 40 highrise towers

- A variety of entertainment centers

- 1400 villas with either park of waterfront views

- 4 hotels

- 5 marina clubs

- Shopping malls

- A variety of commercial and industrial centers

- Schools, hypermarkets, restaurants, mosques, etc., etc.

Nujoom Islands once complete will house over 40,000 residents and literally be the "Shining Star" of Sharjah!

Here is a good YouTube video of the project:


And here is more information for you to review:



Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Lagoons, Dubai

One of the most spectacular of the UAE Mega Projects is The Lagoons which is being developed in Dubai by Sama Dubai. The project will cost $18 Billion and will cover 70 million square feet making it one of the largest real estate projects in history.

The Lagoons will be made up of 7 different interconnected islands linked to one another by bridges. These islands will contain a wide variety of residential options as well as: shopping malls, marinas, office buildings, 5 star hotels, a central business district, an art center, a light railway passenger system, etc.

What really amazes me about The Lagoons is the Dubai Towers project being built there. Dubai Towers consists of 4 of the most architecturally unique buildings I have ever seen. Each tower literally curves up from the ground and looks like nothing you have ever seen before. You must see the Dubai Towers to fully appreciate its grandeur.

You can see The Lagoons and read more about it here:



Wednesday, December 19, 2007

RAK Financial City, Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) is another of the seven Emirates. It is not nearly as developed as Dubai or Abu Dhabi BUT IT IS DEVELOPING VERY, VERY FAST! RAK is attracting businesses from all over the world to open up in its freezone, and investment is pouring in! Mark my words, RAK will be BIG! RAK has a number of fantastic Mega Projects being developed. Today, to underscore the business growth of RAK, I will talk about RAK Financial City.

RAK Financial City is being developed by the RAK Investment Authority, RAKIA. The City will be comprised of 12 amazing looking ultra modern towers and will be the center of RAK business.

RAK Financial City will offer business, financial, legal, logistic and insurance services in a freezone environment.


"RAK Financial City has been designed to provide a masterpiece with genuine modern day offerings that ensure leading and effective business activities. In tandem with the state of the art facilities and amenities, RAK Financial City will be a vibrant and dynamic urban space complimented by nature allowing the center to also act as a major tourist attraction."

I think RAK Financial City will become a leading financial center for the entire UAE. It will greatly enhance the growth of RAK, and this Emirate has a very BIG future!

These links will give you more information on RAK Financial City and also show you what it will look like :




Tuesday, December 18, 2007

PKN Princess Resort, Ajman

I must admit that this is one of the most interesting developments I have seen in the UAE to date. PKN Princess Resort is about as close as you will ever come to Las Vegas in the Emirates. In fact PKN Properties, the developer of this Mega Project, is saying that the resort will bring Las Vegas style living and entertainment to the UAE, and will be unlike any other project ever attempted in the UAE. Furthermore, the resort will even CONTAIN A CASINO...but without the gambling. A number of movie stars are also involved in the project and Patrick Swayze was brought to the projects unveiling. I have heard rumors that Caesars Palace will also be involved in the PKN Princess Resort. Some are even speculating that eventually gambling WILL take place here.

PKN Princess Resort will contain luxury villas, mansions, chalets and condos. The resort complex will have: luxury hotels, mid and high rise towers, fitness centers, shopping malls, cinemas, a Las Vegas style Entertainment Casino, etc., etc.

PKN Princess Resort really does look like it will become a premier tourist destination in the Middle East.

Here are some links that will give you more information on this Mega Project:



Monday, December 17, 2007

The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

The Palm Jumeirah is a gigantic manmade island and one of the most incredible Mega Projects in world history! Some call it the eighth wonder of the world. Being developed by Nakheel, it is one of the most well known of the UAE Mega Projects beacause The Palm has already received a good amount of publicity worldwide. I remember when I first saw the plan for The Palm back in 2001. I never thought Nakheel or anyone else could build such an amazing manmade island. But Nakheel did it and is building two other Palm Islands as well! Today I will cover only The Palm Jumeirah beacause this Palm Island is the most developed of the three.

The Palm Jumeirah is built in the shape of a gigantic date palm tree, with a trunk, 17 fronds and a crown all surrounded by a crescent shaped island that acts as a water break.

The Palm Jumeirah is an ultra high luxury residential and resort development that offers a wide variety of living options including; mansions, villas, condos, apartments and town homes. There will also be a large number of luxury hotels and resorts on The Palm. Here are some examples of what The Palm will offer:

- Palm Trump Hotel and Tower. Donald Trump has teamed up with Nakheel to develop this super upscale project.

- The Atlantis Hotel. This hotel/resort is a fantasy world unto itself.

- Fairmont Palm Residence. Ultra luxury residences.

- Palm Golden Mile Residences. A beautiful stretch of 700 apartments all on the water. The Golden Mile will also be home to some of the most expensive shops in the world.

- Marina Residences. Six luxury towers located on the water.

- The Emerald Palace. A 7 storey showplace featuring beautiful neoclassical architecture. It really does look like a palace!

- There will even be a monorail that goes to and from The Palm.

There is much, much more to The Palm Jumeirah. The following are some great links for you to explore.

Here is a YouTube video:

Here is The Palm Website:

This is a link to Nakheel:

This link is to the Marina Residences:

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Reem Island, Abu Dhabi

Reem Island is one of the grandest and most incredible Mega Projects being built anywhere in the world. This project is so huge that 3 of the largest developers in Abu Dhabi - Tamouh, Sorouh and Reem Investments - are working to develop it. When complete Reem Island will be the centerpiece of Abu Dhabi, which is the richest Emirate in the UAE - even richer than Dubai!

- Reem Island is a combined residential, commercial and business project being built on a natural island off the coast of Abu Dhabi City and will be directly connected to Abu Dhabi City by a number of bridges. Reem Island is located only 20 minutes from Abu Dhabi International Airport.

- Reem Island, when completed, will accomodate an estimated 280,000 residents. Some projections go as high as 350,000!

- Reem Island will contain numerous hotels, resorts, beaches, spas, shopping malls restaurants, medical clinics, a wide variety of businesses, a 27 hole golf course and much more.

- Just one of the many business projects on Reem Island is Addax Port. By itself Addax is a massive development which will contain 5 highrise towers; one will be an office tower and the other four will be residential towers. And this is just one "small" part of Reem Island!

- Reem Island will contain a very, very large selection of luxury apartments, condos, villas and townhomes to house the large number of people wanting to live there.

I could go on and on about Reem Island, but instead I will give you some excellent links:

Here are 2 YouTube videos covering projects on Reem Island:


Here is a link to the Reem Island website:


Here is a link to Addax Port:


These are links to the 3 developers of Reem Island - Tamouh, Sorouh and Reem Investments:


Saturday, December 15, 2007

$2.4 Trillion in Real Estate Mega Projects for UAE Gulf Region!!

Hello everyone! My specialty is the many, many incredible Mega Projects being built in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other regions of the Gulf in the Middle East.

I will be covering the Mega Projects of:

- Dubai

- Abu Dhabi

- Sharjah

- Ajman

- Ras Al Khaimah

- Fujairah

- Umm Al Quwain

...as well as:

- Bahrain

- Qatar

- Saudi Arabia

A total of $2.4 Trillion is being spent on Mega Projects in these areas! This is the biggest construction boom in the world and the Mega Projects being built in these regions are truly incredible, as I will be showing you.

Here is an excellent article from the Middle Eastern publication Zawya with more details on the construction boom going on in the Middle East:


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