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Billionaires Of The Middle East - Arab Billionaire List

In this post I will cover the richest people in the Middle East, the Billionaires. These are the movers and shakers of the region and many of them are either directly or indirectly involved in the Mega Project real estate developments of the UAE and the entire MENA Region. Two very reliable sources were used for gathering the information in this post, ArabianBusiness.com and Forbes.com. You should note that the net worth of the Billionaires is always changing due to the ever changing economic climate of the world so the net worth given for each Billionaire is an estimate only. Also remember that there are still Billionaires in the Middle East that have not as yet been discovered. 


Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, $21.3 Bil

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, $18 Bil

Mohamed Al Jaber, $12.75 Bil

Olayan Family, $12.4 Bil

Issam Alzahid, $10.7 Bil

Mohammed Al Amoudi, $10.4 Bil

Bin Ladin Family, $7.25 Bil

Bugshan Family, $7 Bil

Al Juffali Family, $6.2 Bil

Tareq Abdullah Al Qahtani, $6.1 Bil

Sulaiman Al Rajhi, $5.95 Bil

Mohamed Abdul Latif Jameel, $5.3 Bil

Mubarak Al Suwaiket, $5 Bil

Naghi Family, $5 Bil

Abdullah Al Rushaid, $4.6 Bil

Mohammed Sharbatly, $4 Bil

Mohammad Jamjoom, $3.8 Bil

Abdullatif Al Fozan, $3.45 Bil

Abdullah Al Othaim, $3.35 Bil

Ahmed Baeshen, $3.3 Bil

Adel Aujan, $3.25 Bil

Saedan Family, $3.10 Bil

Abdulaziz Al Sulaiman, $3 Bil

Hussein Gazzaz, $2.8 Bil

Osama Abudawood, $2.75 Bil

Mohammed Elkhereiji, $2.6 Bil

Mansour Ojjey, $2.6 Bil

Al Zamil Family, $2.4 Bil


Bukhamseen Family, $7.25 Bil

Faisal Al Ayyar, $3.25 Bil

Bassam Alghanim, $1.6 Bil

Kutayba Alghanim, $1.6 Bil

Fawzi Al-Kharafi, $1.2 Bil

Jassim Al-Kharafi, $1.2 Bil

Mohannad Al-Kharafi, $1.2 Bil


Nassef Sawiris, $5.1 Bil

Naguib Sawiris, $3.1 Bil

Onsi Sawiris, $2.9 Bil

Mohammed Shafik Gabr, $2 Bil

Mohamed Mansour, $1.7 Bil

Yasseen Mansour, $1.6 Bil

Youssef Mansour, $1.5 Bil

Mohamed Al Fayed, $1.3 Bil


Sheikh Khailfa bin Zayed Al Nahayan, $15 Bil

Abdulaziz Al Ghurair, $6.1 Bil

Majid Al Futtaim, $5.8 Bil

Abdullah Al Futtaim, $5.2 Bil

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, $4.5 Bil

Gargash Family, $3.9 Bil

Saif Al Ghurair, $2 Bil


Saad Hariri, $3.8 Bil

Bahaa Hariri, $3.35 Bil

Ayman Hariri, $3.15 Bil

Najib Mikati, $3Bil

Taha Mikati, $3Bil

Fahd Hariri, $1.4 Bil


Omar Hamad Almana, $4.5 Bil

Alfardan Family, $3.42 Bil

Al Darwish Family, $2.55 Bil

Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, $2.4 Bil


Said Khoury, $6.5 Bil

Mohammad Abu Ghazaleh, $2.4 Bil


Kanoo Family, $6 Bil


Shoman Family, $4.2 Bil


Wafic Said, $2.7 Bil


Al Sabah Family / Kuwait / estimate range: $350 Mil - $100 Bil

Al Habtoor Family / UAE / estimate range: $1.3 Bil - $2 Bil

Khashoggi Family / Saudi Arabia / estimate range: $500 Mil - $1.3 Bil

Sultan Qaboos bin Said / Oman / estimate range: $700 Mil - $1 Bil

~ Note that the estimates for the above 4 come from a variety of sources and I don't know how accurate they are. For example, the Al Sabah Family of Kuwait has a huge range of between $350 Mil and some sources say their wealth is as high as $90-$100 Bil.


I could find no evidence of there being any Billionaires in Iran or Iraq, but of course there could be some whose wealth is hidden. There are however a number of expat Iranian and Iraqi Billionaires including Nasser Khalili(Iran) and Nadhmi Auchi(Iraq).


Currently he is the richest man in the world with an estimated net worth of $73 Bil. Both of Mr. Helu's parents are Lebanese however Mr. Helu was born in Mexico, not Lebanon. Therefore he is not considered a Billionaire of the Middle East.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cityscape Qatar 2012

Qatar is booming with Mega Project real estate development! Qatar has so much going on in the real estate industry right now that Cityscape, developer of the largest real estate events in the region, created a real estate event specifically for Qatar: Cityscape Qatar 2012 which took place last month on May 23-25. It was a groundbreaking event for Qatar and what follows are some excerpts from press releases given at the event which will give you a better idea of what exactly went on:

'The exhibition featured more than 100 companies, including some of the biggest Qatari developers and investors along with other industry leaders, such as Barwa Group, Ezdan Real Estate, Al Wa’ab City, the United Development Company, Al Khaliji bank and Commercial Bank. Cityscape Qatar also welcomed major regional and international project management specialists and service providers. The exhibition was visited by more than 7,000 visitors over the three days.

'The inaugural Qatar Real Estate Summit, taking place alongside the exhibition, was a phenomenal success, attended by more than 250 delegates. The conference hosted insightful discussions from industry leaders about the strategies that will ensure Qatar’s successful growth under the 2030 Vision.

'High visitor numbers were complimented by strong international media attendance. Barwa Real Estate Group showcased a major announcement, inaugurating their latest community-oriented residential property, the Lusail Golf Residential Development. The project will cover an area measuring 3,659,736 square meters. Thirty-one per cent of the Lusail Golf Residential Development is allocated to residential areas and 69% to sports facilities and green areas, including a Greg Norman designed golf course.

'Ezdan Real Estate Company unveiled three unique new projects. Ezdan City in the al Wakair area will be built on an area of 964,422 square meters and includes a full service-integral city containing 200 residential buildings, as well as other services and facilities, including schools, malls, and sport clubs. Ezdan will also develop a top end Boutique Hotel on a 10,000 square meter site in the al Ghrafa area; and a new commercial market in al Wakair, built on a land area of 24,679 square meters, and with building space of 25,126 square meters.

'Reflecting on the success of both the exhibition and the Summit, Rohan Marwaha, Managing Director for Cityscape Group at Informa, said: “The opportunities in Qatar for everyone connected with the real estate business are limitless and exhibitors have told us their experience here has been excellent. For those based in Doha, and for those coming to see it for the first time, everyone has gained incredibly useful insight into how Qatar is growing and the relationships made at Cityscape Qatar will truly help to shape the future development of this country under its 2030 Vision,” he said.'

What follows is a partial list of the high level exhibitors that attended the event:

~ Al Khalij Commercial Bank

~ Al Waab City

~ Amar City Real Estate Properties

~ Arab Engineering Bureau

~ Barwa Real Estate Company

~ Bawabat Al Shamal Real Estate Company

~ CKR Consulting Engineers

~ Commercial Bank of Qatar

~ Dewan Architects & Engineers

~ Dlala Real Estate Co

~ Ezdan Real Estate Qatar

~ First Qatar Real Estate Development Company

~ Forbes Middle East Magazine

~ KEO International Consultants

~ Kings Land Global

~ LW Design Group LLC

~ MAF Investment Holding

~ Mazaya Qatar Real Estate Development

~ Mirage International Property Consultant

~ P&T Architects and Engineers

~ Qatar Coral For Real Estate Development

~ Qatar National Bank

~ RSP Architects Planners & Engineers

~ S.S.Lootah Group

~ TIME Qatar

~ Top Real Estate Group

~ United Development Company

~ Zawya
Cityscape Qatar link:

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The Mega Talls-- 50 Tallest Skyscrapers of the MENA Region

Some of the most impressive and spectacular Mega Projects of the UAE/GCC/MENA Region are the incredible Mega Tall skyscrapers. These skyscrapers are monuments to the growth and expansion of the Middle East. What follows are the 50 tallest skyscrapers of the MENA Region. The heights of each building are given in both meters (m) and feet (ft) followed by the number of floors and the completion date of the skyscraper. The UAE is by far the skyscraper leader, with most of the skyscrapers located in Dubai.

1. Burj Khalifa Dubai (UAE) 828 m 2717 ft 163 floors 2010

2. Al Hamra Firdous Tower Kuwait City (Kuwait) 413 m 1354 ft 80 floors 2011

3. 23 Marina Dubai (UAE) 393 m 1289 ft 90 floors 2012

4. Almas Tower Dubai (UAE) 360 m 1181 ft 68 floors 2008

5. Emirates Tower One Dubai (UAE) 355 m 1163 ft 54 floors 2000

6. The Torch Dubai (UAE) 337 m 1105 ft 79 floors 2011

7. Rose Rayhaan by Rotana Dubai (UAE) 333 m 1093 ft 71 floors 2007

8. The Index Dubai (UAE) 326 m 1070 ft 80 floors 2010

9. Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai (UAE) 321 m 1053 ft 60 floors 1999

10. HHHR Tower Dubai (UAE) 318 m 1042 ft 72 floors 2010

11. Ocean Heights Dubai (UAE) 310 m 1017 ft 83 floors 2010

12. Emirates Tower Two Dubai (UAE) 309 m 1014 ft 56 floors 2000

13. Etihad Towers T2 Abu Dhabi (UAE) 305 m 1002 ft 80 floors 2011

14. Kingdom Centre Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) 302 m 992 ft 41 floors 2002

15. The Address Dubai (UAE) 302 m 991 ft 63 floors 2008

16. Arraya Tower Kuwait City (Kuwait) 300 m 984 ft 60 floors 2009

17. Aspire Tower Doha (Qatar) 300 m 984 ft 36 floors 2007

18. Emirates Crown Dubai (UAE) 296 m 971 ft 63 floors 2008

19. Khalid Al Attar Tower 2 Dubai (UAE) 294 m 965 ft 66 floors 2011

20. Sky Tower Abu Dhabi (UAE) 292 m 959 ft 74 floors 2010

21. Millennium Tower Dubai (UAE) 285 m 935 ft 59 floors 2006

22. Sulafa Tower Dubai (UAE) 285 m 935 ft 75 floors 2010

23. Marina Pinnacle Dubai (UAE) 280 m 919 ft 73 floors 2011

24. Etihad Towers T1 Abu Dhabi (UAE) 278 m 911 ft 69 floors 2011

25. Hotel JAL Tower Dubai (UAE) 269 m 883 ft 60 floors 2010

26. 21st Century Tower Dubai (UAE) 269 m 883 ft 55 floors 2003

27. Al Faisaliah Center Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) 267m 876 ft 30 floors 2000

28. Al Kazim Tower 1 Dubai (UAE) 265 m 869 ft 53 floors 2008

29. Al Kazim Tower 2 Dubai (UAE) 265 m 869 ft 53 floors 2008

30. U-Bora Tower 1 Dubai (UAE) 263 m 862 ft 58 floors 2011

31. Etihad Towers T3 Abu Dhabi (UAE) 260 m 854 ft 60 floors 2011

32. Vision Tower Dubai (UAE) 260 m 853 ft 60 floors 2011

33. Dual Towers 1 Manama (Bahrain) 260 m 853 ft 53 floors 2007

34. Dual Towers 2 Manama (Bahrain) 260 m 853 ft 53 floors 2007

35. Al Marsa Tower Dubai (UAE) 254 m 833 ft 63 floors 2007

36. Al Fardan Residences Doha (Qatar) 253 m 831 ft 64 floors 2009

37. Chelsea Tower Dubai (UAE) 250 m 820 ft 49 floors 2005

38. Rolex Tower Dubai (UAE) 247 m 810 ft 59 floors 2010

39. Al Fattan Tower Dubai (UAE) 245 m 804 ft 51 floors 2006

40. Oasis Beach Tower Dubai (UAE) 245 m 804 ft 51floors 2006

41. Palm Tower 1 Doha (Qatar) 244 m 802 ft 58 floors 2011

42. Palm Tower 2 Doha (Qatar) 244 m 802 ft 57 floors 2011

43. Arenco Tower Dubai (UAE) 244 m 800 ft 46 floors 2008

44. The Tower Dubai (UAE) 243 m 796 ft 54 floors 2002

45. United Tower Kuwait City (Kuwait) 240 m 787 ft 60 floors 2011

46. Bahrain World Trade Center 1 Manama (Bahrain) 240 m 787 ft 45 floors 2008

47. Bahrain World Trade Center 2 Manama (Bahrain) 240 m 787 ft 45 floors 2008

48. Sun Tower Abu Dhabi (UAE) 238 m 779 ft 64 floors 2010

49. Burj Qatar Doha (Qatar) 236 m 773 ft 46 floors 2011

50. Churchill Residence Dubai (UAE) 235 m 771 ft 61 floors 2010

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