Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cityscape Dubai 2008: World's Greatest Real Estate Event!

Simply put, Cityscape Dubai 2008 - taking place at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre, October 6-9, 2008 - will be the largest and greatest real estate event in world history! No real estate event is more important or larger than Cityscape Dubai. Last year the event attracted 51,855 visitors and this year we will probably see even more. All of the great Mega Developers will be at Cityscape Dubai: Emaar, Nakheel, ALDAR, DAMAC, Sorouh, Tatweer, Omniyat, Hydra, Tamouh, and many, many more. Last year there were 849 exhibitors! All of the Mega Projects being built and still in planning will be on exhibit for all to see. And loads of real estate deals at all levels will take place at Cityscape Dubai.

Here are the types of companies that will have exhibits at Cityscape Dubai:

> Property Developers:
- Residential,
- Office,
- Commercial,
- Hotel & Leisure,
- Retail,
- Industrial,
> Cities & Regional Authorities:
- Investment Promotion Agencies,
- Economic Development Authorities,
- City Promotion Agencies and Authorities,
- Location marketing Agencies,
- Regional Development and Investment Zones,
- Inward Investment Organizations,
> Property Financiers:
- Investors,
- Financial Institutions,
- Financial Consultants,
- Fund Management,
> Property Owners,
> Property Development Consultants,
> Architects,
> Designers,
> Urban Planners,
> Engineering Consultants,
> Major Contractors,
> Project Management Companies,
> Consultants.

In addition to all of the exhibits, Cityscape will offer many events and seminars including...


- Real Estate Modeling,
- Investment Manager Selection,
- Real Estate Leadership Strategy Summit,
- Real Estate Investment & Development Conference,
- Hotel & Tourism Investment & Development Conference,
- World Architecture Congress,
- Architecture In The Arab/Islamic World.


- Changing Lender Landscape In Dubai,
- How Smart Buildings Can Be Green Buildings,
- UAE/ITALY Real Estate Investment Opportunities,
- Anti-Speculation Law,
- Tradition Meets The Future: Integrating Building Automation Systems,
- Rotating Skyscrapers – the Worlds 1st Fully Rotating Tower,
- 21st Century Building Telecommunication Strategies.

Here are some of the top level speakers that will attend Cityscape Dubai 2008:

- Marwan Shehadeh, Managing Director, Al Futtaim Capital, UAE,
- Lisa Dale, Partner – Head of property Department, Al Tamimi & Company, UAE,
- Barmak Besharaty, Managing Director, Almas Capital, UAE,
- Sanjay Vig, Managing Director, Alpen Capital ME Limited, UAE,
- Arif Alharmi, CEO, Amlak Finance, UAE,
- Nael Mustafa, CEO, Arcapita Bank, Bahrain,
- Elaine Jones, CEO, Asteco, UAE,
- John Hermann, Special Counsel, Global Projects, Baker Botts, UAE,
- Gareth Williams, Director Real Estate Group, Barclays Capital, UAE,
- John Gellatly, Managing Director Real Estate, Blackrock, UK,
- Eduardo Machado, Managing Director, Carlyle Group, Brazil,
- Wencesla Bunge, Managing Director – European-Latin American Head Real Estate Group, Credit Suisse, UK,
- Henry Azzam, CEO, Middle East and North Africa, Deutsche Bank, UAE,
- John Knowles, Managing Director – EMEA Capital Markets, DTZ, UK,
- Robin Williamson, Managing Director - Middle East Operations, DTZ International, UAE,
- David Baker, Director Valuations, DTZ Leadenhall, South Africa,
- Geoff Krueger Jr, Director of African Operations, DTZ Leadenhall, South Africa,
- Blair Hagkull, Managing Director, Jones Lang LaSalle MENA, UAE,
- Ian Ohan, Head of Investment Transactions, Middle East & North Africa, Jones Lang LaSalle MENA, UAE.

Truly, Cityscape Dubai 2008 will be a world class real estate event like no other. It is the single most important and anticipated event of its kind! If you can attend Cityscape Dubai 2008 I would highly recommend that you do so. You will learn a tremendous amount about the Mega Project industry...and have a great time doing so!

This link takes you to the Cityscape Dubai 2008 website:


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

When Will Disney Come To The Gulf?

Most of the time I am posting about all of the incredible Mega Projects being developed in The Gulf. Today I will post on a Mega Project NOT coming to The Gulf...at least not yet. And that Mega Project is the Disney Theme Park. Why isn't Disney opening a Mega Theme Park in The Gulf?? With the gigantic Atlantis The Palm theme resort opening on Palm Jumeirah within days and so many top Mega Entertainment Projects being developed in The Gulf including:

> Dubailand,
> Six Flags,
> Universal Studios Dubailand,
> DreamWorks,
> Bawadi,
> Global Village,
> MGM Grand Abu Dhabi,
> Warner Brothers Theme Park, Abu Dhabi,
> Ferrari Theme Park, YAS Island,
> SeaWorld, Palm Jebel Ali,
> Sega Theme Parks / Emaar,
> WOW Ras Al Khaimah,

....with all of these and more, why isn't the world's leader in Mega Theme Parks - Disney - coming to The Gulf?? Back in February 2007 there were rumors that Disney and World's Richest Arab, Prince Alwaleed, were working to open a Disney theme park in Bahrain. Here are some excerpts taken from an article at BBC News about the deal:

'Feb. 6th, 2007

'Disney park to open in Bahrain

'A Saudi Arabian billionaire is in talks to open a Disney theme park in Bahrain, according to a report.

'Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is discussing the proposed $8bn (£4.1bn) scheme with potential investors, the local al-Waqt newspaper says.

'Kuwait Finance House, the region's second largest Islamic bank, is among those in talks, the paper said.

'It would not be the Prince's first foray into the world of Mickey Mouse and Goofy.

'He indirectly owns 10% of Euro Disney - which operates Disneyland Paris and also struck a deal late last year to distribute Disney merchandise across the Middle East and Africa.

'According to the report, a study has identified the need for a project for family entertainment.

'Disney currently has 11 theme parks including one in Paris and Hong Kong, and has set its sights on Shanghai where China's economic boom has created disposable income among the middle classes.'

After this story broke, Disney denied that they were opening a theme park in Bahrain...and that was the end of it. I continue to be AMAZED that with all of Disney's competitors opening in The Gulf, they have not announced that they too will be opening a theme park in the Middle East. What are they waiting for?? They even have the Disney Channel Middle East which has been going since 1997!

Now let's take a look at where, if they ever do decide to open in The Gulf, Disney would locate. I don't think they would open in Dubai. Why? Dubailand would overshadow them and I don't think they would want that type of direct competition. And I don't think they would want to open a theme park INSIDE of Dubailand....that would also overshadow the Disney brand making them just another attraction in Dubailand.

Abu Dhabi and of course Bahrain seem to be the two most logical choices for a Disney location. Both Abu Dhabi and Bahrain are moving strongly ahead with Mega Project developments, both have enormous amounts of cash to invest in new projects, and both want to become major tourist destinations. A Disney theme park would make either one of them a primary world tourist attraction. Furthermore, I think either Abu Dhabi or Bahrain make good since for Disney since The Gulf is rapidly becoming a world entertainment and tourist center...the perfect location for a new Disney theme park!!

Here is the link to the Disney Bahrain BBC News article used in this post:


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Free Zones Of The UAE: One Of The Foundations Of The Mega Project Boom

One of the primary reasons we are seeing such an incredible Mega Project boom in the UAE is the Free Zone. A free zone is an area within a country (a seaport, airport, warehouse, or any designated area) with clearly defined borders, regarded as being outside the country's customs territory. It has special tax, customs and import laws, with attractive incentives for companies to set up operations. Free Zones are special investment models allowing the client to do business WITHOUT OBSTACLES. Free zones allow companies to do business freely and efficiently within the laws of the free zone authority that governs it.

The UAE Free Zones offer businesses locating in these zones some of the most desirable advantages for doing business offered anywhere in the world, in most cases including:

> Guaranteed 100% Foreign Ownership,
> Zero Corporate Tax,
> Zero Personal Income Tax,
> Zero Import/Export Tax,
> Zero Commercial Levies Tax,
> 100% Repatriation of Capital and Profits,
> No Foreign Exchange Controls,
> State-Of-The-Art Purpose Built Infrastructure,
> Renewable Residence Visas Granted,
> Convenient Locations Near Residential Areas, Banking Facilities, International Transportation Facilities, etc.

Wow!! No wonder businesses from all over the world are coming to Dubai and the other Emirates! The UAE Free Zones are Paradises for doing business! The Free Zones themselves are usually huge Mega Projects and the prosperity these Free Zones bring to the UAE super-charge further Mega Project development. For example:

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is a Free Zone....and a gigantic Mega Project. DIFC is being developed as an entire "city within a city" devoted to business and finance. This Free Zone is one of the largest Mega Projects being built anywhere in the world. Furthermore, the financial prosperity that DIFC will create for Dubai will in turn cause the development of more Mega Projects. Why? Because the more prosperous a region becomes the more residential, business and entertainment / leisure developments it builds.

Another example is Dubai Maritime City. This Free Zone devoted to the maritime industry is a huge Mega Project containing an Industrial Precinct, a Maritime Center, Harbor Residences, Harbor Offices, a Marina District and a Maritime Campus.

I will now give you a list of the major UAE Free Zones, including those under development:

> Dubai Airport Free Zone,
> Jebel Ali Free Zone,
> Hamriyah Free Zone,
> Sharjah Airport International Free Zone,
> Ras Al Khaimah FTZ,
> Dubai Internet City,
> Dubai Media City,
> Abu Dhabi Ports Company,
> Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone,
> Ahmad Bin Rashid Free Zone- Umm Al Quwain,
> Ajman Free Zone,
> Dubai Auto Zone,
> DuBiotech,
> Dubai Flower Centre,
> Dubai Gold and Diamond Park,
> Dubai Healthcare City,
> Dubai International Financial Centre,
> Dubai Knowledge Village,
> Dubai Logistics City,
> Dubai Maritime City,
> Dubai Multi Commodity Centre,
> Dubai Outsource Zone,
> Dubai Silicon Oasis,
> Dubai Studio City,
> Fujairah Free Zone,
> Industrial City of Abu Dhabi HCSEZ,
> International Media Production Zone,
> International Humanitarian City,
> Techno Park,
> Dubai Academic City,
> Dubai Auto Parts City,
> Dubai Building Materials Zone,
> Dubai Carpet FZ,
> Dubai Cars and Automotive Zone,
> Dubai Design Centre,
> Dubai Energy City,
> Dubai Textile City,
> Heavy Equipment and Trucks Zone.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

International Media Production Zone (IMPZ), Dubai

Dubai has set its sites on becoming one of the world's premier media hubs. In order to accomplish this the Emirate, via Dubai Holding's TECOM division, has created the International Media Production Zone (IMPZ). IMPZ will feature a number of key facilities, spread over 43 million square feet of land, focused on the publishing, printing and packaging, broadcast, film, and music industries. All of the industrial, commercial, residential and community projects at IMPZ will benefit from Freehold Status and therefore will be exempt from all corporate and personal taxes-- a HUGE advantage for companies in the media industry!

Here is some of what IMPZ will offer:

> Pre-engineered units containing warehouses with offices and showrooms,
> Plots of land for businesses to build their own media production outlets,
> Office Towers for companies locating in IMPZ,
> Media Industry Complex,
> Media Tower,
> Media Production Studios: fully-equipped studios that also offer extra equipment for lease,
> Media Market: offers niche services for media professionals,
> Exhibition, Conference and Business Center: offers space for international exhibitions, seminars and events,
> Logistics Center: provides efficient inventory storage and distribution facilities,
> Publishing Pavilion: a center dedicated to the publishing industry,
> Amphitheater and Arena: offers space for big events and exhibitions held at IMPZ,
> Retail and Recreation Center,
> Residential Towers,
> White collar and blue collar residential apartments,
> Community Center,
> Transportation and Service Center: facilities for drivers and their vehicles,
> Internal Transportation System,
> Hotel.

The business offices at IMPZ will be located at Makateb, a cluster of high rise towers that will enable major companies to create prestigious corporate headquarters. Investors here will have a unique opportunity to design and build offices for their specific uses and will be leased on a long term or short term basis by IMPZ. Makateb is ideally situated, offering unprecedented access to the neighboring Emirates Road, Dubai Investment Park and Dubailand.

While IMPZ is being built an area near Makateb called The Gate will be used to house IMPZ offices, and act as a sales center for the project.

According to IMPZ, the residential area will include:

**Masaken, a complex of 38 upscale residential towers,

**The Amwaj Luxury Family Apartments is for senior executives and will consist of 15 residential towers in two parallel wave-shaped rows,

**The Terrace Residential Complex will offer residents the luxury of penthouse-style terraces with their own enclosed lawns, within a complex of 10 buildings of varying elevation,

**The Oasis Residential Complex will provide spacious and economical quality living areas for the blue-collar workforce of the print industry. All residences will be furnished with retail facilities and recreational amenities to meet the after-hours needs of their residents.

I never cease to be amazed at all of the areas Dubai is aiming to become a world leader in. This is part of the overall "Limitless Attitude" that Dubai has become famous for! I have no doubt that IMPZ will make Dubai into one of the top media centers of the world!

This link takes you to the IMPZ website:


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Emaar Or Nakheel-- Who Ultimately Is Dubai's Number One Mega Developer?

There are many great Dubai Mega Developers, however I think most people will agree that the top two are Emaar and Nakheel. These two are developing some of the most incredible Mega Projects in world history! In this post I want to compare Emaar and Nakheel to see if we can decide who is NUMBER ONE in importance to the overall long term development of Dubai.

I will start by listing what I consider to be the most important Mega Projects being developed in Dubai by each company. I will not cover all their projects, which I have done in previous posts, just those I see as being the most important to Dubai's development as a primary world hub and destination.


> Burj Dubai
> Dubai Marina
> Downtown Burj Dubai
> Arabian Ranches


> Palm Jumeirah
> Palm Jebel Ali
> Palm Deira
> The World
> Dubai Waterfront
> Jumeirah Lake Towers
> Al Burj

Taking a look at both lists I would have to say that RIGHT NOW Emaar's most important project is Burj Dubai and Nakheel's most important project is Palm Jumeirah. Both projects are almost complete and already world icons. But which is more important to Dubai? I would have to say Burj Dubai. As the tallest building in all the world Burj Dubai has brought huge amounts of publicity to Dubai with much more to come. Palm Jumeirah has of course also brought an enormous amount of publicity to Dubai, but, alas, not as much as the world's tallest building. There is only ONE world's tallest building, but there are many man made islands being developed.

Therefore, RIGHT NOW, I consider Emaar to be more important than Nakheel. However when I look into the FUTURE the picture changes. Burj Dubai will not remain the world's tallest building. Nakheel is building the Al Burj which will be even taller than Burj Dubai. In addition, the 3 Palm Islands, once they are all finished, will be world icons on par with the Pyramids of Egypt. And Nakheel's World Islands project has already become famous internationally!

Both Emaar and Nakheel have Multi-Tower developments going up. For Emaar we have Dubai Marina and for Nakheel we have Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT). These two Mega Developments are even being built across from one another....talk about competition! Dubai Marina will probably end up being more important than JLT for Dubai, so in the 'Battle of the Towers' I would have to give it to Emaar.

Nakheel is building the gigantic Dubai Waterfront, the largest waterfront development in the world, that will eventually house 1.5 million residents and be bigger than Beirut and Manhattan! Emaar is building Downtown Burj Dubai and Arabian Ranches.... both of these Emaar projects are fabulous developments however they do not compare in size and scope to Nakheel's Dubai Waterfront.

When I take all of the above information into account who do I think will ULTIMATELY be the most important developer for Dubai's future? I would have to say Nakheel. I think that once all of the projects I have listed are complete, the Nakheel projects will benefit Dubai even more than the Emaar projects. Thus I would have to say that Nakheel is the NUMBER ONE Dubai Mega Developer!

These links take you to the Nakheel and Emaar websites where you can decide for yourself who is number one:



Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gulf Will Be New Luxury Capital Of The World!

With all the money pouring into The Gulf from high oil prices, the real estate boom, and massive business expansion via Mega Projects like Dubai International Financial Centre, Business Bay, Bahrain Financial Harbour and King Abdullah Economic City....is it any wonder that the Luxury Industry is skyrocketing in The Gulf? Yachts! Private Jets! Exotic Cars! Luxury Estates! Multi Million Dollar Jewelry....and much, much more are all in high demand in The Gulf! Therefore I was not surprised when I received an invitation to an event called Leaders in Luxury.

Leaders in Luxury is a 2 day forum developed by World Business Research (WBR) for leaders in the luxury industry, and will take place Oct. 20-22, 2008 at The Monarch Dubai. It will be THE place to be if you want to expand your luxury brand in the Middle East. Here are some of the people and companies that will be attending:

> Concetta Lanciaux, Strategic Luxury Goods Advisor, Senior Advisor to the Chairman, Groupe Arnault,

> Anan Fakhreddin, Head of Sales & Marketing, Abyaar Real Estate Development,

> Ravi Thakran, Group President - South Asia, South East Asia and Middle East, LVMH Group,

> Patrick Chalhoub, CEO, Chalhoub Group,

> Philippe McGarry, Managing Director, De Beers Middle East,

> Sonya de Castelbajac, Regional Marketing Director, YSL Beaute Middle East,

> Pierre Fayard, Managing Director, Sephora Middle East,

> Guido Grassi Damiani, Chief Executive, Damiani Group,

> David Beath, Internal Innovation, Jumeirah Group,

> Joe Nahhas, Regional Director, Montblanc,

> Hugues de Pins, Regional Director, Vacheron Constantin,

> Stephane De Palmas, Director, Van Cleef & Arpels,

> Hugues Jucker, Regional Director Middle East, Chopard,

> Fabian Krone, CEO, A. Lange & Söhne,

> Carmine Rotondaro, Worldwide Real Estate Director, Gucci

> Tawfique Abdullah, Chairman, Damas Jewellery,

> Werner Baumgartner, Managing Director, Swarovski Middle East.

Very, very impressive, and that is just a partial list! Here are some of the industries that will be represented at the event:

- Real Estate
- Automobiles
- Hotels and Resorts
- Travel and Leisure
- Spa
- Boating and Yachting
- Sports and Sporting Goods
- Fashion and Accessories
- Fragrances and Cosmetics
- Jewelry and Watches
- Aviation
- Interior Design
- Furniture
- Electronic Appliances
- Dining
- Wines and Spirits
- Financial Services
- Food and Beverage
- Home and Home Furnishings
...and many others.

There will be many forums taking place at Leaders in Luxury, some that I find of particular interest include:

**Charting The Evolution Of The Luxury To New Luxury And The Impact On Future Luxury Business Models.

**Defining Luxury - What Does It Mean For Today's Luxury Consumer In The Middle East?

**Identifying Innovative Market Entry Strategies And Developing Business Models Suited to the Middle East.

**Successful Retail In the Middle East - What Works & What's Unique?

**Harnessing The Power Of Celebrity Endorsement.

Leaders in Luxury will conclude with an Awards Ceremony:

'The Leaders in Luxury Middle East Awards were conceived to identify and honor regional luxury leaders and their contributions in the Middle East. The Awards aim to elevate and highlight innovations and creativity in the luxury industry that have not only touched the hearts of luxury consumers, but also inspired their peers.

'A panel of industry Judges is being assembled now to assess all the nominations in a rigorously independent and impartial process managed by WBR Ltd. The Judges, drawn from the ranks of industry practitioners and thought leaders, will evaluate all the nominations to determine the shortlist, and will select a winner in each category, with the results kept confidential until the Awards Ceremony,' according to WBR.

Leaders in Luxury will be a first class event definitely worth attending! The Luxury Industry in The Gulf is going to continue growing at a super-fast pace. In fact, The Gulf could very well emerge as the new Luxury Capital of the World!

This link takes you to the Leaders in Luxury website:


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Building Materials City, Abu Dhabi

Building Materials City (BMC) is a 230,000 sqm, $1.1Billion industrial Mega Project being developed in Abu Dhabi by Manazel Real Estate in partnership with United Group Holdings. BMC will be a center for the UAE’s manufacturers, importers and suppliers of building materials. Ownership will be allowed to locals and foreigners via long-term leases. BMC will provide the construction materials necessary for the execution of a wide array of future real estate projects in the UAE and throughout The Gulf:

'Building Materials City will bring together the leading companies in all facets of real estate construction and development by providing attractive prices and comprehensive services for its leaseholders and investors. From construction material and decoration companies to real estate developers, engineering and consultancy firms, Building Materials City provides the ideal locale to grow together. It represents a key component of the UAE's future growth and development plans because every current and future real estate project depends on materials and associated services, which will for the first time be available all in one place,' according to BMC.

BMC has 4 major objectives:

- To deliver a high quality project at the best price possible,
- To bring together all the leading companies relating to building materials,
- To provide a comprehensive range of real estate related services in one place,
- To contribute to the growth of the UAE real estate sector and the local economy by attracting investment and revolutionizing the structure of the industry.

Sounds terrific! With The Gulf undergoing the largest real estate boom in world history, a Mega Project like BMC is just what is needed! One of the major features of BMC will be the first Building Materials Exchange in the Middle East. This exchange is designed to attract companies and investors from all over the world wanting to participate in The Gulf real estate boom.

BMC will feature several different zones as follows:

> Commercial Zone. This zone will contain 17 towers, each equipped with the latest technologies and conveniences to facilitate business. This is where all of the companies wanting to do business in BMC will have their offices.

> Residential Zone. BMC, being a complete self contained city, will offer 32 residential towers spread throughout the development. Company owners and executives can live in style, while remaining close to their businesses. This is great! No long commute to and from work. Everything is all in one place!

> Shopping Zone. This zone will consist of a huge 100,000 sqm mall. The ground floor will have a large hypermarket and a variety of retail shops to cater to the needs and desires of both the commercial and residential population of BMC. The second floor will be a complete materials shop and food court. Also on the second floor will be a temporary exhibition center and location for the Building Materials Exchange.

> Hospitality Zone. The Hospitality Zone will be home to a 3-Star hotel ideal for those coming to BMC to do business. The hotel will provide the latest amenities and technologies ideal for doing business, while at the same time providing a comfortable stay at BMC.

BMC is EXACTLY what The Gulf real estate boom needs right now: an entire city devoted to the building materials industry. With the tremendous real estate expansion going on in The Gulf, BMC is the perfect Industrial Mega Project for the region.

This link takes you to the BMC website:


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Towers Of The Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina, being developed by Emaar, is one of Dubai's greatest Mega Projects and also one of the finest addresses in The Gulf. In a previous post I covered the Dubai Marina, however in this post I will give you the most complete list available of each tower either developed, or being developed, at Dubai Marina.


> 23 Marina
> 2N Tower
> Al Areifi Tower
> Al Bateen Tower
> Al Dua'a Marina
> Al Majara 1
> Al Majara 2
> Al Majara 3
> Al Majara 4
> Al Majara 5
> Al Sahab Tower 1
> Al Sahab Tower 2
> Al Seef Tower
> Ary Marina View
> Azure
> Bay Central
> Bay Side Residence
> DEC Towers
> Delta 2
> Dorra Bay
> Dreams
> Dubai Marina 1 / Al Mass
> Dubai Marina 1 / Al Yass
> Dubai Marina 1 / Anbar
> Dubai Marina 1/ Fairooz
> Dubai Marina 1 / Mesk
> Dubai Marina 1 / Murjan
> Eden Blue
> Elite Residence
> Emirates Crown
> Emirates Marina
> Gargash Tower
> Grosvenor House
> Infinity Tower
> Iris Blue
> KPM Tower
> KG Tower
> La Residencia Del Mar
> La Riviera
> La Reve
> Lootah Complex
> Mag 218
> Manchester Tower
> Marina 101
> Marina Crown
> Marina Diamond 1
> Marina Diamond 2
> Marina Diamond 3
> Marina Diamond 4
> Marina Diamond 5
> Marina Diamond 6
> Marina Heights
> Marina Mansions
> Marina Park
> Marina Pearl
> Marina Pinnacle
> Marina Promenade 1
> Marina Promenade 2
> Marina Promenade 3
> Marina Promenade 4
> Marina Promenade 5
> Marina Promenade 6
> Marina Residence
> Marina Sail
> Marina Scape Avant
> Marina Scape Oceanic
> Marina Star
> Marina Tower
> Marina View Tower A
> Marina View Tower B
> Marina Terrace
> MY Tower
> Number One Dubai Marina
> Ocean Heights
> Ocean Heights 2
> Orra Marina
> Pacific Tower
> Panoramic
> Park Island Blakely
> Park Island Bonaire
> Park Island Fairfield
> Park Island Sanibel
> Pentominium
> Pier 24
> Platinum Tower
> Princess Tower
> Roshana Tower
> Royal Oceanic
> Shahla Tower
> Silverine
> Skyview
> Sulafa Tower
> Supreme Tower
> The Atlantic
> The Belvedere
> The Cascades
> The Jewels Tower A
> The Jewels Tower B
> The Light House
> The Point
> The Torch
> The Waterfront
> The Waves Tower A
> The Waves Tower B
> The Zen
> Time Place
> Trident Grand Residence
> Trident Tower
> Westside Marina
> Yacht Bay
> Zumurud

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