Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lusail: Qatar's Biggest Mega Project!

Qatar, like the UAE and Bahrain is incredibly rich, has almost limitless potential and is building many fantastic Mega Projects. The largest Qatar Mega Project by far is Lusail, located in the North of Doha, and so huge it will be an entire city unto itself. Lusail is a mixed use residential-retail-leisure-business development that once complete, sometime in 2010, will house over 200,000 residents.

"We are creating a product and destination for people of all nationalities and cultures to enjoy and benefit from. Our goal is to create a master plan for the country. The whole development, by encouraging inbound investment and providing world class living and working environments, will stimulate the local economy. It has been a collaborative process and is a prime example of what can be achieved through effective partnerships across the private and public sectors," according Nasser Al Ansari, Chief Executive of state-run Qatari Diar Real Estate Company, developers of Lusail.

Lusail will contain 18 different districts. Note that as the project is being developed more districts may be added. Lusail is a work in progress and as such can change:

1.) Marina District. A mixed use residential and commercial area that will contain high end residences, a marina, retail shops, hotels and a mall,

2.) Entertainment City. The entertainment center of Lusail will contain themed attractions based on Las Vegas and Picadilly,

3.) Energy City. A business park devoted to the oil and gas industry,

4.) Energy City Residential. A residential development for Energy City,

5.) Foxhills. A primarily residential area designed to resemble San Francisco,

6.) Lusail Towers. Four huge towers that will be the focal point of Lusail,

7.) Natural Wadi. This will be a natural reserve and parkland area in Lusail,

8.) Qatar Petroleum Headquarters,

9.) Palm Alees. A residential area made up of apartments and villas,

10.) Lusail Boulevard. A street with ultra high end brand shops. All the chic brands will be here like Cartier, Ferrari, etc.,

11.) Northern Island. A very exclusive residential area that will contain spas, resorts and high end beach villas,

12.) Golf District. A 9 hole and 18 hole golf course, golf villas, recreation areas,

13.) Residential District. Another residential area that will consist primarily of villas,

14.) Three Islands District. A mixed use development made up of 3 islands containing apartments, hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops, etc.,

15.) Residential Waterfront. 39 Residential Towers with exclusive access to private beaches,

16.) Lusail Commercial Waterfront. This will be a waterfront leisure area offering restaurants and shops of all kinds,

17.) Entertainment Island. Another mixed use island development that will contain, hotels, residential and retail areas,

18.) Qatari Diar Visitor Center. A center that will offer complete information about this gigantic Mega Project.

As you can now see Lusail is a truly amazing Mega Project! It is on par with anything you will see being developed in the UAE. Lusail will be the "Icon Development" of Qatar and the investment capital is pouring in!

This link takes you to the Lusail website:


This link takes you to Qatari Diar, developers of Lusail:


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Marina West, Al Budayyi, Bahrain

I am very, very bullish on the future of Bahrain! I put Bahrain right up there with Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Mega Projects being developed in Bahrain are beyond first class and the architecture is like something from 200 years in the future. Bahrain has many fabulous Mega Projects being built and today we will cover one of the newest, Marina West.

Marina West is Bahrain's first beachfront community relying on no land reclamation. It is located on Bahrain's West Coast in Al Budayyi, and is being developed by AAJ Holdings and will be managed by Asteco Property Management. Marina Bay will be an entirely gated mixed use residential-retail-leisure community that consists of 11 High Rise Towers.

Marina West will offer 1280 luxury residences including: 1,2,3 and 4 bedroom apartments; duplexes; simplexes and penthouse suites- all located in the 11 magnificent towers:

'The towers are elegantly appointed with attractive balcony facades, impressive common areas and a host of luxury fittings. The common areas around them will feature boulevards, podiums, and fountains to make living in Marina West a true pleasure. Both the towers and their related parking facilities – 2000 spaces for property holders and a further 250 for visitors – will be equipped with state of the art security systems and services, ensuring that only tenants and their guests will be able to access the residential towers,' according to the developer.

Marina West is designed to be a total living environment that will offer residents and guests:

- A high end marina that will be the focal point of the development,

- A wide variety of leisure and entertainment facilities,

- Restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques and retail shops of all kinds,

- Ultra modern health club and spa, swimming pools, tennis courts, indoor games,

- A private beach, ponds, fountains, landscaped roof decks,

- On-site supermarket, medical center, pharmacy, mosques, children's play area & day care center,

- Business center.

An exclusive world-class hotel is also planned for Marina West. From the developer:

'An exquisite luxury hotel will be one of the focal attractions of Marina West, for residents and visitors alike. It is currently being developed by a truly world class operator. This company has an acknowledged, worldwide reputation for creating hotels and resorts that harmonise beautifully with the surrounding environment and culture, offer the very highest standards of quality and – above all – provide unparalleled customer service and attention to detail. Facilities in and around the hotel will include several gourmet restaurants that feature a variety of global cuisines, and an ultra-luxurious spa. The hotel will also enjoy its own access directly onto the beach.'

Marina West is a truly outstanding Mega Project. Even though it will not be complete until December 2009, already 10% of Marina West residences have been sold in the first month of being offered. I can see why. Marina West will be a great place to live in Bahrain and a great contribution to the rapid growth of this spectacular Arabian Kingdom!

This link takes you to the Marina West website-- don't forget to watch the video on the site:


This is the link to AAJ Holdings, developer of Marina West:


Here is the link to Asteco Property Management:


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dubailand: Largest & Grandest Entertainment Mega Project In World History!

Dubailand is so gigantic it transcends Mega Project status! In fact, due to its massive scale and over $104Billion estimated cost, Dubailand should be called a Mega-MEGA Project! And believe me, this is the one that will bring in the tourists...millions and millions of them...non-stop! Estimates are that Dubailand, once complete in 2020, will attract over 40,000 visitors A DAY!! Not only will Dubailand be fantastic for Dubai, but all of the UAE/Gulf region will greatly benefit from the huge influx of tourists Dubailand will attract.

Dubailand, being developed by Tatweer of Dubai, will contain over 45 Mega Projects and more than 200 sub-projects, all with different entertainment and leisure offerings. Dubailand will be over twice the size of ALL THE DISNEYLAND AND DISNEYWORLD THEME PARK RESORTS PUT TOGETHER!! Nothing like this has ever been done in all of world history, and Dubailand will be yet another worlds biggest and best for Dubai.

Dubailand will be divided into seven major themed "worlds" each world offering visitors a different unforgettable experience. The 7 themes and worlds are:

1. Theme Parks / Attractions & Experience World

2. Culture and Art / Downtown

3. Science and Planetariums / Eco-Tourism World

4. Sports and Sports Academies / Sports & Outdoor World

5. Wellbeing and Health / Themed Leisure & Vacation World

6. Shopping and Retail / Retail & Entertainment World

7. Resorts and Hotels

Each one of these 7 themed worlds will contain numerous Mega Project attractions. Here is just some of what you will get at Dubailand:

- Dreamworks Animation Theme Park
- Universal City Dubailand
- Hit Entertainment Themed Attractions
- Dubai Motor City
- Great Dubai Wheel
- Western City
- Tijara Town
- Bawadi (largest entertainment strip in the world)
- Global Village
- Falcon City of Wonders
- Islamic Culture and Science World
- Al Sahara Desert Resort
- Asia Asia (world's largest hotel)
- Dubai Golf City
- Dubai Sports City
- Dubai Lifestyle City
- Beautyland
- Sanali Tower
- Wings of Arabia
- Sunny Mountain Ski Dome
- Mall of Arabia
- Virtual Games World
- Andalusian Resort & Spa
- Dubai Bazaar
- Mudon
- Aqua Dunya
- City of Arabia

...and all this is just part of it!! Dubailand seems to never end! Furthermore, new projects are constantly being announced and planned. What more can I say?? Dubailand is simply AMAZING! It will be the largest, most expensive and greatest entertainment/leisure center ever created in world history!!

Here are two YouTube Dubailand videos (there are more in the sidebar of this bolg):



Here is the link to the Dubailand website:


This link takes you to Tatweer, developers of Dubailand:


Friday, February 22, 2008

Entaj Industrial Valley, Saudi Arabia

Silicon Valley in the USA has become a world famous mecca for the business of technology. Well, watch out Silicon Valley beacause the Gulf is developing its own spectacular industrial/technology center, Entaj Industrial Valley! Entaj - whose motto is 'Where Transforming the Future Begins' - is located in Saudi Arabia and is being developed by Emaar. Entaj is part of King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC), the largest Mega Project in the world. Entaj is the Middle East's answer to Silicon Valley. In fact, Entaj goes many steps beyond Silicon Valley by not only focusing on technology, but many other areas of industry as well!

From the developer:

'One of the most integral components of KAEC is ENTAJ - The Industrial Valley, designed to provide entrepreneurs and industrialists with comprehensive infrastructure and unparalleled facilities to establish operations in full-serviced land capable of accommodating various light, medium, and general industries, R&D centers, construction sites, and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs).'

Entaj, will focus on 7 different types of industries:

1.) General Industry. Manufacturing units that are engaged in industrial production using raw materials such as steel, wood, paper, and plastics for the purpose of producing components for large scale, final assembly plants,

2.) High Tech Industry. Capital-intensive commercial enterprises, such as computer chip manufacturers, with a requirement for clean environment capabilities,

3.) Logistics. Industrial establishments involved in warehousing, storage, packaging, and distribution of goods,

4.) Light Industrial Units. Small-scale, expandable industrial units consisting of a minimum of 500 sq m will function as incubators or start up units for specialist or SMEs,

5.) Research and Development. Organizations providing R&D services that can be accommodated in industrial or corporate office type buildings, depending upon the type of industry being researched,

6.) Showrooms and Retail Outlets. Manufacturers and retailers of furniture, kitchen and bathroom equipment, garden goods, cars, and leisure products. These establishments will not only provide valuable retail services to KAEC, but will also play a key role in the development of the City,

7.) Construction. Companies specializing in engineering and construction can take advantage of facilities that offer storage space for equipment and materials that are used to support the variety of services they provide.

'ENTAJ - The Industrial Valley will provide an abundance of facilities and incentives hitherto unavailable in Saudi Arabia. These features are guaranteed to make industrial investment not only viable, but also very attractive. Additionally, with an allocation of 63 million sq m to accommodate approximately 2,500 factories, the opportunities for engaging in industrial activities are unparalleled,' according to the developer.

Being part of the gigantic King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC), businesses located in Entaj will be able to take advantage of the integrated facilities located in KAEC including:

- A City Center,

- A Civic Center,

- A Grand Mosque,

- Villas and other residential offerings,

- Golf Course,

- A variety of educational institutions including a university.

Entaj Industrial Valley will put the Gulf on par or better with any other industrial and/or technological "valley" in the world. Entaj will be a powerhouse for the Middle East!

This link takes you to the Entaj Industrial Valley website:


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Mega Developers: High Rise Properties

The name may not be as familiar to you as Emaar or Nakheel, but High Rise Properties of Dubai is developing some of the most cutting edge Mega Projects in the UAE! I really like this company, founded in 2004 and run by Abdulhakim Al Tayer, Chairman and Faisal Ali Mousa, CEO. High Rise is a truly visionary developer.

"Our mission is divided into two parts, to present the market with unparalleled man-made projects that can combine modernity and tradition, and to present affordable residence units that meet the needs of high, medium and low-income buyers. Our uniqueness and unmatched developments are capable of paving our way toward placing the High Rise in a leading position on the regional and global property developers' map," according to Mr. Ali Mousa.

Here are some of the landmark projects being developed by High Rise:

- Rotating Residences. One of the most unique developments anywhere in the world, this 18 storey tower will have top floors that rotate 360 degrees and a "rotating villa" that will sit at the top of the tower! The speed of the rotation can be controlled entirely by the residents. "This will be the star project in the area. It's a premier that we consider to be a significant contribution to the UAE's collection of spectacular landmarks," said Mr. Ali Mousa.

- Wave Business Towers. Three magnificent 40 storey towers located in the heart of Business Center District of Jumeirah Village. This project is mixed use and will contain both offices and retail outlets. The retail stores will be located in a shopping mall on the ground level of the project.

- The Highrise Boulevard. A huge 10 tower development offering both commercial and residential space. There will be 6 residential towers and 4 commercial highrises including a 5 Star Hotel, Hotel Apartments and many retail shops. Highrise Boulevard will be an entire community unto itself with restaurants, cafes, car parks, landscaped streets and much more.

- Al Jerf Gardens. Being built in Ajman, this project is designed to be an ultra chic residential location with the finest world-class amenities.

- Dorna Business Tower. According to the developer: 'Dorna Business Tower offers you the exhilaration and vibrancy of a chic, urban lifestyle together with all the advantages of doing business at ease. While elegant exteriors create the business landmark, its interiors are complemented by the latest interior designs, facilities and fixtures to create the perfect business environment.' Dorna will be one of the most exquisite business towers in all of the UAE.

The above projects represent some of the finest Mega Project developments I have seen, and High Rise Properties has many more planned. According to Abdulhakim Al Tayer, Chairman of High Rise:

"With regards to the real estate market, I am extremely optimistic about the property market indicators and the future of UAE's economy. My optimism is based on the 100-year long oil reserves and the country's 90 billion dollar annual income along with the flourishing tourism industry. High Rise is driven by several factors and tools including the farsightedness of its workforce along with uniqueness of the projects it presents. Our future plans will include well-studied steps towards expanding operations in the neighboring States and MENA countries."


High Rise Properties,
Mazaya Center
Office 3008
Block C
Sheikh Zayed Road
P.O. Box 11559
Dubai, UAE
tel: +971 4-321-2120
fax: +971 4-321-2128
email: info@highrise-re.com
website: http://www.highrise-re.com/

Monday, February 18, 2008

Gamsha Bay, Egypt

Today we will cover Gamsha Bay, which will be the largest leisure destination in Egypt and one of the largest leisure centers in all of the Middle East and, in fact, all of the world. Although Gamsha Bay is located in Egypt, it is being developed by DAMAC Properties of Dubai. Gamsha will be a total of 320 million square feet, will have architecture from 5 different countries (Egypt, Iran, Andalucia, Turkey, Morocco), and will have 9 distinct zones. The total cost of Gamsha Bay will be $16Billion, and the project will take 10 years to complete.

According to Peter Riddoch, CEO of DAMAC:

"Gamsha Bay, offering everything that one seeks - from state-of-the-art facilities to eco-friendly environment. The Gamsha Bay project will offer residents an open scenic environment with 39kms coastline and 25kms of beaches. Customers will have over 55,000 units that include - villas, townhouses, retail establishments, shopping centres, marinas, apartments and several other amenities to choose from. The total investment of the project is expected to reach over US$16 billion over the next ten years."

The 9 unique zones of Gamsha Bay are as follows:

- Riviera Residences. Apartments, town homes, beach park & plaza, boardwalk, and a waterfront plaza,

- Heritage Walk and Marinas. Marina themed villas, apartments, town homes, hotels, restaurants, shops, as well as a variety of marinas and even a huge cruise line marina,

- Downtown Gamsha. More upscale residences as well as schools, a sports center, medical facilities, a big shopping mall and a variety of parks,

- X-Treme Sports. A unique sports themed Gamsha zone, here you will find BMX and paintball courses, skateboard parks, flying sports, water sports and equestrian facilities. There will also be a group of hotels here,

- Red Sea Retreat. Beach themed residences for those who want to live the beach lifestyle,

- Royal Crescent Golf Course. A beautiful 18 hole golf course as well as golf villas, golf town homes, a golf academy and fitness center,

- Emerald Park. This is a park themed community complete with park villas, a beach park, gardens, and a plaza on the water,

- Creekside Villas. Estates, villas, pedestrian trails, equestrian trails, playgrounds and a lagoon,

- The Enclave. This is a resort area complete with hotels, water sports of all kinds, a beach park and exclusive villas.

"Gamsha Bay project in Egypt will set a new benchmark in design, innovation and architecture in the real estate marketplace in the region. The world-class development will provide an impetus to the economy of the region and create an unparalleled attraction for tourists," said DAMAC Chairman, Mr. Hussain Sajwani.

Gamsha Bay will truly become a premier world-class leisure destination. Egypt, like the UAE and other parts of the Middle East, is building some of the most fantastic Mega Projects the world has ever seen!

Here is the DAMAC Gamsha Bay website:


This link takes you to DAMAC Properties:


Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Hydra Executives: New UAE Mega Project Reality TV Show!

I am sure most of you have seen Donald Trump's great reality tv show 'The Apprentice.' The UAE will now have its own reality tv show called 'The Hydra Executives.' The show, being called "the ultimate reality show for entrepreneurs," will take place in Abu Dhabi, but it won't be run by Donald Trump. The Hydra Executives will be hosted by UAE Mega Project developer Dr. Sulaiman Al Fahim, CEO of Hydra Properties.

Here is a summary of the show:

- There will be 16 candidates, 8 from America and 8 from Britain. 8 men and 8 women,

- They will compete against each other in different real estate projects in Abu Dhabi,

- The show will last 16 weeks,

- The winner gets $1,000,000,

- For that kind of money the competition between the contestants will be second to none!

According to The Hydra Executives website:

"From the thousands of submissions in both countries, The Hydra Executives will pick the 16 lucky contestants, 8 males and 8 females from the U.S and Britain based on their passion, talent and their idea for a real estate venture that they dream of doing. Dr. Sulaiman Al Fahim who is the key player and the host of the program will judge these contestants throughout the many assignments (The Show) as well as each contestants individual performance throughout the competition. The contestants throughout the program will also be working and developing a full personal business plan based on their idea for a Real Estate concept that they came with. At the end of the 16 weeks only one lucky winner would be able to have his or her business venture funded to a tune of $1,000,000 if they survive. Who will win? The British or the American?"

...and according to Dr. Al Fahim:

"The show will aim to educate and entertain, while simultaneously tapping international entrepreneurial talent to start their real estate venture in the richest and fastest growing development market in the world, Abu Dhabi."

This all sounds great to me! Here is the title of an article written about the show that just about sums it all up:

'Abu Dhabi Developer Challenges Donald Trump With Middle East Reality Show.'

The Hydra Executives sounds FANTASTIC and will be broadcast on Showtime/Infinity TV. This show will be great for the UAE as it will give the entire world a chance to see the incredible business opportunities going on in the Emirates.

Here are two video promos for The Hydra Executives:



Here is the link to The Hydra Executives website:


This link takes you to Dr. Al Fahim's company, Hydra Properties:


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sharjah Investment Centre

I am very bullish about the future of the Middle East becoming the number one financial power of the world. No other area on earth is expanding with the same force as the UAE/Gulf region. Therefore, investing in what will be the future financial centers of the Gulf makes a great deal of sense to me. This includes: Business Bay Dubai, King Abdullah Economic City, Addax Port Office Tower, RAK Financial City and Bahrain Financial Harbor. We can add to this proud list the spectacular Sharjah Investment Centre (SIC).

SIC is a 32 million sq ft (8 block) mixed use residential-commercial-industrial Mega Project being developed by SNASCO, a leading Saudi developer. SIC will be the new business center of Sharjah and will provide more than 250,000 jobs. According to the Chairman of SNASCO, Mr. Saleh N. Al Sorayai:

"SNASCO always seeks to develop leading and world class realty projects that help in the progress and advancement of nations. The Sharjah Investment Centre meets these expectations and will provide work opportunities for thousands of people. These individuals can gain great experience from their cooperation in the successful implementation of this great development. Successful projects are not only elegantly planned and professionally implemented, but they should also meet the ambitious aims of achieving the economic benefits we are all looking for. These benefits include the promotion of the local economy, attracting investments and providing work opportunities for those people who are suitably skilled."

SIC offers the following:

- Fantastic business location: 15 minutes to Sharjah International Airport & Sharjah Airport Free Zone; 20 minutes to Dubai International Airport; 15 minutes to Hamriyah Free Zone; 6 minutes to Ajman Port; 18 minutes to Port Khalid; 30 minutes to Port Rashid; 45 minutes to Jebel Ali Port; 60 minutes to Port Khor Fakkan,

- Business/Office Park. This is the center of SIC, and will become the financial center for all of Sharjah. This area will offer numerous office choices as well as business hotels and serviced apartments, conference/expo centers, meeting halls, international banking, etc.,

- Industrial Park. This park will be the focal point for light and medium industries. According to the developer: ' A unique, all encompassing environment, the industrial park will form functional, efficient and profitable industrial areas as an integral part of primary land use of the entire development. A variety of industrial uses are proposed for the site, with areas that can be branded independently or dedicated to a series of sectors.'

- Logistic Park. This will be the storage and warehousing center of SIC. This park is perfectly located near air, sea, and land transport,

- Labor and Staff Housing. These will be high quality facilities for housing workers and will include convenient access to recreation, shops and mosques.

- Residential/Commercial Area. This part of SIC will feature a variety of upscale residences for those who choose to make their home here. There will be numerous retail shops, restaurants, educational centers, leisure offerings, gardens, parks, sporting facilities, a community center, etc.

Sharjah Investment Centre represents the Gulf's continuous and well planned push to become a leading world financial mecca. As I have already said, I believe that one day the UAE/Gulf will become the number one business and financial power of the entire world. This Mega Project will play an integral role!

Here is the link to the SIC website:


This link takes you to the SNASCO website:


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Najmat Abu Dhabi, Reem Island

This is my fourth post about the gigantic Reem Island Mega Project...so you know I must like it a lot. I do. In fact, I think Reem Island represents one of the best investments in all of the Gulf. Reem Island, once complete, will be the centerpiece and Icon of Abu Dhabi and perhaps all of the UAE. Billions and billions of dollars are being invested in Reem Island, more than any other Abu Dhabi Mega Project. This is the place to be.

Today I will cover Najmat Abu Dhabi, a Mega Project being developed on Reem Island by developer Reem Investments. Najmat is an $8Billion master-planned 16 million square foot community that will occupy 20% of Reem Island and house 80,000 residents. Najmat should be complete by 2012.

According to the developer:

'Najmat Abu Dhabi is a world class project that not only meets the demands of successful real estate development but creates an urban framework for a community in which people live, work, shop, learn and relax in an inspiring, safe and unique environment. Najmat Abu Dhabi is a multi and mixed use development.'

The architecture of Najmat Abu Dhabi will blend traditional Arabian and contemporary, and Najmat will include: a commercial, business and retail zone (which is already 100% sold out), schools, health centers, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, parks, a marina and of course many, many residential choices.

The business district of Najmat Abu Dhabi is the highest density area of the entire project. Here, a group of 40 to 50 storey towers will wrap around one central location containing the retail and entertainment district, with two huge 80 storey towers in the center. This, in fact, is the center of the entire project, and as noted earlier has already completely sold out.

The major residential community of Najmat Abu Dhabi is Maysan. Located next to the business district, Maysan will offer luxury waterfront living including waterside promenades, fountains, waterfalls, gardens and parks....all located conveniently near shopping, entertainment, leisure and business facilities.

Abdulhamid Saeed, Chairman of Reem Investments had this to say about the entire project:

"Najmat Abu Dhabi signifies tomorrow's lifestyle today as it sets new world standards of community development within a natural, waterside setting; the blueprint for progressive urban island living. This development has been guided by a masterplan, conceptualized by best of breed world-class talent, and underpinned by an overriding commitment to deliver quality."

Najmat Abu Dhabi is truly a world class development: it, along with the two other Mega Developments of Reem Island - Addax Port and Shams Abu Dhabi - make Reem Island one of the most desirable and best investments in all of the UAE/Gulf region, in my opinion.

Here is the link to the Najmat Abu Dhabi website:


Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Mega Developers: Nakheel

Nakheel, located in Dubai, is not only one of the largest real estate developers in the world, they are also the creators of some of the most astounding projects in world history! Nakheel is best known for the Palm Jumeirah-- the palm shaped man made Dubai island that has become an Icon for Dubai and all of the UAE. The Palm Jumeirah, however, is only one of many incredible Nakheel Mega Projects.

What follows is the complete list of Nakheel Mega Projects being developed:

- Discovery Gardens
- Dragon Mart
- Dubai Design Center
- International City
- Al Burj
- Jumeirah Group Golf Estates
- Jumeirah Group Islands
- Jumeirah Group Village
- Jumeirah Horizons
- Palm Jumeirah
- Palm Deira
- Palm Jebel Ali
- The World Islands
- The Lost City
- The Palm Gateway Towers
- Palm Trump International Hotel & Tower
- Trump Marina Residences
- Trump Plaza
- Dubai Waterfront
- Madinat Al Arab
- Al Warsan Lake
- Anchor Marina
- Al Furjan
- Arabian Canal
- Djibouti Palace Kempinski, Phase 1
- Dubai Promenade
- The Palm Golden Mile
- Sugar Land City
- Shoreline Apartments Clubhouse
- Marina Residences
- Jumeirah Heights
- Jumeirah Group Park
- Jumeirah Group Lakes Towers
- Jebel Ali Village
- Ibn Battuta Mall
- The Universe

...WOW! And Nakheel has said they would announce a new Mega Project each month in 2008! Most large scale developers could not even handle one of the Massive projects listed above, but not only is Nakheel developing all of them-- they continue to announce the development of even more Mega Projects for their incredible portfolio!

Nakheel is run by Sultan Ahmad Bin Sulayem, Chairman and Chris O'Donnell, CEO. These men truly have vision and the "limitless" attitude that is making Dubai and all of the UAE a world phenomenon!

Nakheel subsidiaries and associates include:

- Palm Monorail Company
- Nakheel International Realty
- Dubai Waterfront Company
- Nakheel Saudi Arabia
- Spice Jet
- Community Corp.
- Nakheel Hotels and Resorts
- The Gardens
- Simsari
- Property Corp.

I continue to be amazed by what Nakheel is doing. Through their landmark Mega Projects, Nakheel has become one of the greatest real estate developers in the world and has earned a place in history as one of the greatest builders of all time.


Nakheel Properties,
Nakheel Center
Al Sufouh Road
P.O. Box 17777
Dubai, UAE
tel: +971 4-390-3333
fax: +971 4-390-3314
email: info@nakheel.com
website: http://www.nakheel.com/

Friday, February 8, 2008

Wild Wadi, Dubai: Let's Have Some Fun!!

If you're looking to go out and have a good time and a lot of fun...look no further-- Wild Wadi is here! Part of the magnificent Jumeirah Beach Hotel complex in Dubai, Wild Wadi is a huge water theme park designed like an Arabian Oasis(wadi) and spread over 12 acres. Wild Wadi features 30 action packed rides and attractions, most linked to one another, allowing riders to move from one to the other without ever leaving the water. Water parks are becoming very popular in the Gulf, with one being built in Ras Al Khaimah and another in Bahrain.

Here are some of the rides you will find at Wild Wadi:

- Master Blaster. An "uphill" water roller coaster where you sit on an inflatable ring and get "blasted" uphill by high powered water jets,

- Flowriders. Wave generating machines that allow you to surf and bodyboard as if you were at a real beach. This same kind of attraction has become very popular at Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas,

- Breakers Bay. This is a gigantic pool that produces waves in 5 different configurations. The waves are not as intense as those produced in Flowriders. Breakers Bay is for swimming, not surfing or bodyboarding,

- Flood River. Another ring ride where you are on an inflatable ring being propelled through a man made river by unannounced surges of water,

- Juha's Dhow. An interactive play structure featuring over 100 water games: racing slides, water guns, 5 downhill slides, a massive dumping bucket that pours water all over you, and lots more. Juha's Dhow was added to Wild Wadi in 2005 for one reason-- to make the park even more fun!

There are many, many other rides as well. Rides are not the only thing offered at Wild Wadi. The theme park contains a shopping area called Souq Al Wadi that offers all kinds of Arabian themed gifts. There are two fast food restaurants at Wild Wadi, Sinbad's Galley and Julshan's Kitchen. Both are quite popular.

Wild Wadi is a Mega Entertainment Project built for one reason-- to allow visitors to have FUN....and Wild Wadi has succeeded in doing this!

Here are two YouTube Wild Wadi videos:



This link takes you to the Wild Wadi website:


...and this link takes you to Jumeirah Beach Hotel:


Thursday, February 7, 2008

White Bay, Umm Al Quwain

Umm Al Quwain is following in the footsteps of the other more developed Emirates with its own group of Mega Projects. White Bay is a resort style masterplanned community located on the shores of Umm Al Quwain, and being developed by Emirates Sunland Group at a cost of $2.2Billion.

Mr. Raza Jafar, of Emirates Sunland Group, had this to say about White Bay:

"White Bay will be a destination for those who would like to experience the facilities and services of a world-class resort, all in the beautiful natural environment of Umm Al Quwain. All buildings will be built at a human scale with no building exceeding 15 storeys and all will have full access to the water and green-belts areas."

White Bay will feature:

- 8000 luxury residences including upscale terraced condominiums, waterfront villas with direct beach access, garden view villas overlooking public gardens and parks, and a wide variety of town homes,

- A central marina with 190 berths, and easy access to beaches and a waterfront promenade,

- Town Center and Harbor. Here you will find an artist colony, hotels, a boutique shopping strip, restaurants, cafes, water activities and entertainment, day spa and health center,

- Landscaped parks, a boardwalk, public gardens and walkways,

- Beautiful beaches on the Arabian Gulf.

From the Managing Director of Emirates Sunland Group, Mr. Soheil Abedian:

"Most importantly, White Bay will provide a rare coastal destination for weekend retreats that is only a short drive from the hustle and bustle of the city of Dubai. Imagine waking everyday in a resort precinct, with either a short drive to your place of work, or to enjoy the water activities and the marina precinct complete with the boardwalk and beach."

White Bay will be a great place to live in the UAE! Some may use it as a full time residence, while others may use it as a second home, visiting on the weekends to get away from their fast paced busy lives. Either way White Bay is a winner!

Here is the link to the White Bay website:


This link takes you to Emirates Sunland Group, developers of the project:


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Burj Dubai: Tall. Taller! Tallest!!

Dubai, the UAE, and the entire world will soon have a new Icon--- The Burj Dubai! This Emaar Mega Project, when complete, will be the tallest building in the world. The exact height is still a secret and ever changing. The reason for this is that Dubai does not want other developers to build a taller skyscraper. As usual, Dubai wants another world's greatest with The Burj, and according to Emaar: "The goal of Burj Dubai is not simply to be the world's highest building. It's to embody the world's highest aspirations." Bravo, I say!

The Burj features the world's first Armani Hotel - a joint venture between Emaar and Giorgio Armani - located at the base of the tower, and a group of 144 ultra luxury condos also designed by Armani. The Burj will offer a wide selection of of offices and other residential options -- called Sky Living -- including one, two, three and four bedroom apartments. The Burj is part of an entire complex that features: Dubai Mall, which will be the largest mall in the world with the finest worldwide brands; fine restaurants; a wide variety of entertainment and leisure offerings; fitness center; an observation deck; gardens, artificial lakes and waterways. In fact, The Burj will be the centerpiece and focal point of the Emaar Mega Development, Old Town-- an entire Arabian themed community!

"Burj Dubai goes beyond its imposing physical specifications. It is a source of inspiration for everyone of us at Emaar. In Burj Dubai we see the triumph of Dubai's vision- of attaining the seemingly impossible and setting new benchmarks. The project is a declaration of the Emirate's capabilities and of the resolve of its leaders and people to work hand in hand on truly awe-inspiring projects," according to Mohamed Alabbar, Chairman of Emaar.

This all sounds great to me! But....in the true "limitless" spirit of Dubai and all the UAE....Nakheel, another great Mega Project developer....has begun work on the Al Burj, yet another Dubai Mega Skyscraper....that promises to be EVEN TALLER than The Burj! Stay tuned!!

Here are two YouTube videos of The Burj Dubai, more are located in the sidebar of this site:



This link takes you to The Burj Dubai website:


Sunday, February 3, 2008

Emirates City, Ajman

Ajman is coming on STRONG! This Emirate is undergoing a huge real estate boom and investors from all parts of the world are taking notice! One of the Icon Ajman Mega Projects is Emirates City. This $4.1Billion project, being developed by R Holding, is perfectly located on Emirates Road, which is strategically linked to the other Emirates of Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In addition, Emirates City is only a short 20 minute drive from Dubai International Airport.

Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Ajman Municipality and Planning Department had this to say:

"Emirates City is one of several significant developments that are part of the ongoing maturity of the property sector in the UAE, which is enabling for us to provide a world class standard of living that is unbeatable anywhere. We envisage that this development like all the major projects currently under development across the entire UAE, will continue to draw a large amount of international investors from across the world to this country and Ajman in particular."

Emirates City will offer:

- At least 92 commercial and residential towers, being built in multiple phases,

- A variety of 5-Star Hotels,

- Numerous shopping malls with all major worldwide brands being represented,

- Medical, educational, sports and fitness facilities,

- Beautiful landscapes with parks, gardens and walkways to make life more enjoyable for residents and visitors.

Emirates City will create vast social and economic benefit not only to Ajman, but to all the Emirates. This Mega Project is literally a city unto itself that all people from a variety of classes and walks of life will benefit from. At Emirates City they will be able to take advantage of a standard of living in a residential environment, which provides a first class lifestyle that will include business, leisure, medical and educational opportunities all of the highest caliber!

"Here, people will be able to live in a place that provides good security and welfare, which comes at an affordable price with no compromise in quality. For this project we have worked with the biggest and the best developers. People are looking for affordable prices away from the traffic and the noise, while having easy access to their work; all those elements and more will be available in the Emirates City," according to Dr. Ahmed Al Samerai, board member of R Holding.

Some of the Magnificent Towers being developed at Emirates City include:

- Goldcrest Dreams

- Goldcrest Dreams II

- Goldcrest Dreams III

- Orbit Tower

- Lilies Tower

- Lavender Tower

- Golf Tower

- Lake Tower

- Rainbow Tower

- Venice Tower

- Shami Twin Towers

Emirates City is a premier UAE Mega Project and a great way to capitalize on the booming Gulf real estate market!

Here are two YouTube videos featuring the spectacular Goldcrest Dreams developments:



This link takes you to the Emirates City section of the R Holding website:


Friday, February 1, 2008

Business Bay Dubai: The Future Of Global Business

Look out Manhattan! Look out Ginza! Business Bay is here! The great planners of Dubai decided to create what will be the financial center of the Middle East-- and perhaps one day the world, and this is what we today call Business Bay. This enormous Mega Project is a free-zone business, commercial and residential district that encompasses an area of 64 million square feet. It is conveniently located next to Downtown Dubai and is expected to be fully completed sometime between 2010 and 2012.

Business Bay, which has been developed by Dubai Properties, will make Dubai the focal point for global business and finance. Multi-national corporations and regional companies can establish their headquarters on a freehold basis in this huge business district. Business Bay, when complete, will feature facilities including at least 230 towers for offices and accommodation, a wide variety of hotels, and a network of roads to meet the busiest commuter needs. It will also feature beautiful canals, parks and gardens to add to the magnificence of the project.

According to Shaikh Mohammed:

"We wanted to build a project that will be the cornerstone of a new economic push and to extend the international role of the UAE. Extensive studies that were done by some of the top international consultancies stated that 'Business Bay' is a project that will surely make the desired change."

...and according to Dubai Holding CEO, Mohammed Al Gergawi:

"Business Bay reflects the ambitious vision of Dubai and the role that the UAE is looking forward to playing as a leading international commercial and business center. We look forward to the role the Business Bay will play in making this country one of the best business centers in the world. His Highness' vision is to build a magnificent business and commercial capital in the region to be the headquarters for leading regional and international firms."

Here is a partial list of what is now being developed at Business Bay:

- Burj Al Alam (which I have covered in a previous post)
- The Citadel
- Westbay Tower
- Iris Bay
- Vision Tower
- Al Argan Tower
- Silver Towers
- Hydra Towers
- The Binary
- Dancing Towers
- Ubora Towers
- West Wharf
- Fortune Bay
- Singapore Tower
- Empire Heights
- The Sanctuary
- Sobha Ivory Tower
- The Oval Tower
- Al Manara
- Nadra Tower
- Sami Business Tower
- Haz Tower
- The Sky Villa
- Stratos Plaza
- Hamilton Residency
- The Metropolis
- The Bay Residences

...and many, many more! What a phenomenal Mega Project this is! I think the Middle East will one day be the business and financial capital of the entire world. Business Bay will no doubt play a central role!

Here are two excellent YouTube Business Bay Videos:



Here is the link to the Business Bay website:


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