Thursday, July 31, 2008

Al Gurm Resort, Abu Dhabi

Al Gurm Resort is a master-planned development from ALDAR, Abu Dhabi's largest real estate developer. Al Gurm is an exclusive tropical island and spa complex, fringed by emerald green mangrove forests in a very beautiful natural area off the western rim of Abu Dhabi island. Al Gurm will be both a residential and tourist destination....a place where you can go to completely relax and get away from the frenetic energy of Dubai and Abu Dhabi city life!

Al Gurm will contain a premier 161-room, 5-Star Resort Hotel & Spa and 72 private homes built on a natural mangrove and sandbar habitat. All homes will have their own private pool, a jetty, and some will have a private beach. Twelve of the homes will be situated on their own private islands! The Resort Hotel & Spa is designed to complement the residential development and will be made up of chalets on individual islands and suites built around a central lagoon.

All of the accommodations on Al Gurm are being kept low-rise in keeping with the "nature first" policy of the project. As ALDAR states:

"ALDAR has not attempted to match nature, but to ensure that Al Gurm Resort provides the perfect setting for you to see it at its most enchanting."

Banyan Tree Group has been chosen by ALDAR to operate and manage the Resort & Spa which will feature:

**161 Private Suites consisting of:
- 71 Mangrove Suites,
- 25 Deluxe Suites,
- 45 Lagoon Suites,
- 12 Island Suites,
- 7 Luxury Spa Suites,
- 1 Owners Suite,
**3 World Class Restaurants,
**Lounge Bar,
**Multiple Swimming Pools,
**Extensive Sports Facilities,
**Sports Center,
**Pedestrian Walkways,
**Business Center and Meeting Rooms,
**Retail Facilities.

"We are delighted to have secured the Banyan Tree Group, the world's leading luxury resort operator, to manage Al Gurm, an international resort that we are convinced will set a new benchmark for luxury in the hotel industry. This unique development is another step forward in the Abu Dhabi government's effort to diversify its economy and develop the tourism industry. The project also adds hotels to ALDAR's rapidly expanding portfolio of residential and commercial activities," said Ahmed Ali Al Sayegh, Chairman of ALDAR.

The Residences at Al Gurm offer:

**A total of 72 Luxury Homes consisting of:
- 5 Three bedroom Villas,
- 33 Four bedrooms Villas,
- 22 Five bedrooms Villas,
- 12 Five bedroom Villas on Private Islands,
**Open terraces/balconies,
**Private beach, gym and sauna exclusive to 5 bedroom Island Villas,
**Swimming Pools,
**Private Jetty,
**3 car garage and visitor car parking,
**Accommodation for 4 domestic workers,
**Formal Majlis,
**Family areas,

Al Gurm Resort looks like the perfect place for rest and relaxation. As The Gulf continues its rapid expansion, Mega Projects like Al Gurm will thrive because more and more people will seek havens away from the hustle and bustle of their busy city lives.

Here is a YouTube Al Gurm Resort video:


This link takes you to the Al Gurm Resort website:


Monday, July 28, 2008

Dubai International Financial Centre

Dubai is rapidly becoming one of the world's financial powerhouses! As other parts of the world go into a downward economic spiral, The Gulf continues to grow and prosper. Many top financial executives from the United States and the UK are relocating to Dubai and other parts of The Gulf...because there is so much more opportunity in The Gulf. There is a popular little phrase going around the business world right now that about sums it all up:

"Dubai, Shanghai, Mumbai...or goodbye."

The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is the current financial hub for Dubai and the fastest growing financial center in the world! DIFC is a Free Zone that spans 110 acres and its iconic 15 storey building, The Gate, is the architectural signature building of the entire development. Designed by the US architects Gensler, The Gate houses the executive offices of the DIFC Authority, the DFSA, and leading international financial institutions. It is one impressive looking building and has already become a symbol for the limitless prosperity that Dubai offers. Every time I look at The Gate it seems to scream: MONEY! POWER! According to DIFC:

'The DIFC District will comprise several million square feet of ultra-modern office space, and is designed to meet and exceed the most exacting demands of the world’s most sophisticated financial institutions (and the professionals who work for them), regardless of the scale and scope of their needs.'

Furthermore, DIFC, once complete, will be an entire self contained city offering apartments, hotels, restaurants, shops, art galleries, museums....and the entire outdoor environment will be weather controlled to keep it cool during hot weather! DIFC will also have an automated transit system. Basically, DIFC is a financial "Paradise." If you are involved in the world of finance, DIFC is where you want to be!

DIFC will have 6 individual districts:

> The Gate District: The Gate and 6 precinct buildings,
> The Gate Village,
> Park Avenue District,
> Central Park District,
> The Centre,
> Gate Boulevard.

These districts will contain office towers, residential towers and many hotels. Ritz Carlton has already opened a 5-Star hotel at DIFC.

DIFC will focus on 7 different financial sectors:

**Banking Services,
**Capital Markets,
**Asset Management and Fund Registration,
**Reinsurance & Captive Insurance,
**Islamic Finance,
**Ancillary Services,
**Business Processing Operations.

DIFC offers many extremely desirable benefits to those who choose to locate there including:

- 100% foreign ownership,
- Zero taxes on income and profits,
- No restrictions on foreign exchange or capital / profit repatriation,
- Transparent operating environment with high standards of rules and regulations,
- Ultra modern office accommodations,
- State-of-the-art technology,
- Sophisticated infrastructure,
- Data protection / security,
- Operational support and business continuity facilities of uncompromisingly high standards.

When I look at the spectacular DIFC and then look at the equally spectacular Business Bay, I have no doubt that Dubai will become a world financial center equal to or even surpassing New York, London and Hong Kong!

Here is a DIFC YouTube video:


This link takes you to the DIFC website:


Friday, July 25, 2008

The Mega Developers: Tamdeen Real Estate

Tamdeen Real Estate -- whose motto is 'Deliver The Promise' -- is one of Kuwait's major real estate developers with extensive experience in investment, financing and development of commercial and mixed-use projects. According to Tamdeen:

'Founded in 1982, Tamdeen Real Estate is a public shareholding company listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange, with total assets of over KD 432 million. The company is responsible for delivering large-scale as well as mixed-use real estate developments in Kuwait with a strategic focus on providing integrated retail and entertainment development. It continues to expand not only in terms of selective acquisition and construction, but also in the marketing and development of a wide range of projects that will transform the real estate landscape of Kuwait and the region.'

Tamdeen has developed and continues to develop some of the finest Mega Projects in the Middle East including:

> Madinat Al Hareer (City of Silk). Third largest Mega Project in the world at $87Billion! When complete, City of Silk will house over 700,000 people and be home to the world's tallest skyscraper, the Burj Mubarak Al-Kabir, which will tower 1001m/3284 feet into the sky! City of Silk will have a wide variety of districts including: business, port, media, medical, sports, education, retail, duty free, entertainment, and of course residential.

> Al Kout Fahaheel Waterfront. This project is Kuwait’s newest and most exciting waterfront development that is built around two retail piers, extending into the sea. Al Kout offers a unique shopping experience with a mix of over 100 international and regional brands as well as serving the local community with a traditional market for fresh fish, meat and vegetables. There is a Dancing Fountain display here as well as a Yacht Club and Marina. The Kuwait International Boat Show takes place at Al Kout.

> Al Manshar Towers and Complex. Completed in 2006, this development is one of the most prestigious residential and commercial complexes in Kuwait. Al Manshar includes an iconic Rotana Hotel, four Residential Towers, an Office Tower and a Convention Center. In addition, you will find a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment facilities that make Al Manshar an ideal location for living and working in Kuwait.

> Al Manshar Rotana Hotel. A 5-Star luxury hotel with 200 rooms on 18 floors and located on the west side of the Al Manshar Towers and Complex. The interior has been designed to retain the distinctive Arabic heritage in the architectural look of both Al Kout and Al Manshar Complex and almost all rooms have sea views.

> Mall of Kuwait. A gigantic mall that will have a massive retail area of 150,000 sqm. Designed to capture the imagination of the nation and be an iconic showpiece of the region, it will be surrounded by gardens, water features and some of the most extensive leisure and dining facilities available in Kuwait. The mall will have a hypermarket, five anchor stores, the world’s best brands and spectacular entertainment facilities. It will integrate the ethos and culture of Kuwait, making it a cultural hub for the community. When the Mall of Kuwait opens, it will become a Kuwait landmark and a symbol of the country’s business and environmental development.

> 360 Kuwait. A unique shopping and entertainment center that will incorporate a wide variety of different themes and environments. I have already done a detailed post on 360 Kuwait in this blog, and I believe it is one of the most spectacular malls in the entire world.

"Tamdeen's various companies have worked hard to deliver the promise of providing quality, professionalism and value to our clients and business partners through a comprehensive range of services in the field of mixed-use real estate developments and related investment services," said Mohammed Al Marzouk, Chairman and CEO of Tamdeen Real Estate.

Mega Project development in Kuwait is rapidly expanding. Tamdeen Real Estate develops some the finest Mega Projects in Kuwait and I always look forward to seeing what they will build next!


Tamdeen Real Estate
P.O.Box 21816
Safat 13079
Tel: (965) 882233
Fax (965) 2468882
Email: webmaster@tamdeenrealestate.com
Website: http://www.tamdeen.com/

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kensington Krystal, Dubai Maritime City

I never cease to be amazed by the spectacular architecture being used in the creation of the Dubai Mega Projects! No other part of the world even comes close. Dubai real estate developers Kensington Real Estate Group are building one of the most unique and architecturally stunning towers I have ever seen. Called the Kensington Krystal, this 36 storey, $700Million commercial tower will be located on the waterfront at the entrance to the Harbour Office District of Dubai Maritime City. The project will look like a gigantic black crystal when complete, and, in fact, Kensington Krystal will be the "Crown Jewel" of Dubai Maritime City! This is not just my opinion, Kensington Krystal has already been described as 'The Gem of Dubai Maritime City' by a leading architecture magazine!

CEO of Kensington, Sawan Ravani, made these comments about the design of the tower:

"The whole idea evolved from the idea of a raw black crystal. Black crystals exist but they are very rare. We wanted something that wasn't polished to a shiny finish, but instead, something very raw; we wanted something very fresh."

Kensington Krystal has been designed by internationally renowned P&T Architects and Engineers Ltd., and the motto of the project is: "The Benchmark Of Corporate Luxury." Why? Because this magnificent tower will offer a wide variety of high end facilities including:

> Sky Lounge
> Helipad
> In-House Concierge Service
> Fitness Center & Spa
> Leisure Deck
> Outdoor Pool
> Yacht Berths with direct marina access
> Conference Center
> Retail Area with top brand boutiques...and much more!

As Kensington points out, this tower will be the perfect address for tomorrow’s corporate lifestyle!

Kensington's Director, Brijesh Bakhda, had this to say about the project:

"Our flagship project in Dubai had to be stunning and we believe Kensington Krystal is just that. Kensington Krystal reflects the brand’s core principles – from its outstanding design, the prime oceanfront location and premium facilities. We are very confident that with our competitive pricing policy and the availability of end-user finance, Kensington Krystal will be very well received in the market and will house the corporate offices of leading conglomerates and multinationals."

Even the location of Kensington Krystal was chosen only after much work to determine the perfect setting for the project:

"We chose a location for Kensington Krystal that would be very visible from many different angles. As you approach from the mainland on Ahmed Bin Majid, you have a direct view of the building. As you turn around and leave Dubai Maritime City, you have to stop at a traffic light and the building is directly in front of you," said William Yuen, lead architect and Director of P&T Architects and Engineers Ltd.

Kensington Krystal will be finished sometime in 2011 and promises to be one of the finest architectural wonders of Dubai! I think this commercial tower on the Dubai Maritime City waterfront will be very well received by the international business community making it a booming success!

This link takes you to the Kensington Krystal website:


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bab Al Bahr Resort, Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), like all of the Seven Emirates, is going full speed ahead with Mega Project development. Bab Al Bahr Resort, being developed by Rakeen, is located on Al Marjan Island and will be one of RAK's primary leisure and tourist destinations. The resort will contain:

> A 300 Room 4-Star Deluxe Hotel
> Freehold Residential Apartments
> Time-Share Apartments
> Office Tower
> Shopping Center
> Private Beaches
> Themed Swimming Pools
> Gymnasium & Health Club
> Nightclub
> Restaurants
> Nearby Golf Course
> Exotic Gardens

The Chairman of Rakeen, Dr. Khater Massaad, had this to say about the project:

"Rakeen's fresh approach to development will act as a catalyst for growth and transform Ras Al Khaimah into a modern and flourishing destination that can capitalize on its huge tourism and commercial potential. Meticulous planning will ensure that Bab Al Bahr will develop into the ultimate resort destination, offering the most selective investor a gateway to island living."

A total of five residential buildings, incorporating a total of 710 residential freehold apartments, will be built at Bab Al Bahr: 110 studio apartments, 300 one-bedroom apartments, 220 two-bedroom apartments and 90 three-bedroom apartments. I find the architecture of the buildings to be quite stunning, looking like the ancient Mayan Pyramids! The landscaping of Bab Al Bahr is designed to have a tropical look, with coconut trees, flowers, shrubs, stones and waterfalls allowing easy internal and external accessibility flow of residential and visitor traffic.

"We will work closely with Rakeen to create a modern day haven, combining top of the line luxuries with the grace of nature to generate the ideal home in an idyllic island lifestyle. We are also committed to upholding Rakeen's responsible development methods, as Bab Al Bahr is the ultimate eco-friendly development and promotes clean, energy-efficient and pollution-free living," said Wahid Atalla, CEO, Spectrum Consultants, who are the representatives and consultants for the project.

Bab Al Bahr will be an oasis enjoyed by residents and visitors from all over the world. This resort will be instrumental in turning Ras Al Khaimah into a top international tourist destination!

Here is the link to the Bab Al Bahr website:


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Serafi Mega Mall, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Serafi Mega Mall, located in the commercial heart of North Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - at the intersection of Tahliah and Sitteen streets - is one of Saudi Arabia's most spectacular Mega Mall Projects. Serafi is one of the largest mixed-use Mega Projects in Jeddah with a total built up area of 100,000 square meters spread over 4 levels and housing 200 retail shops and department stores, five major anchor stores, prayer halls for both men and women, and the 15,000 square meter Danube Hypermarket.

"Driven by a large young population and a prosperous and rapidly growing retail sector, there has been a rapid development of the shopping concept in the Kingdom. Serafi Mega Mall raises this development to a new level with its unique design and diverse shopping and activity areas. It truly delivers a total family entertainment solution," said Mr. Tariq Baswaid, General Manager of Rikaz, developer of Serafi Mega Mall.

As noted by Mr. Baswaid,The Mall is far more than a shopping destination-- it is a complete leisure and entertainment experience offering:

> Moon Toon Family Entertainment Center. A 7500sqm entertainment complex located on the second and third levels of The Mall. A wide variety of games and attractions are offered here including:

- Ice Skating Ring
- Indoor Roller Coaster
- 3D Theater
- Video Games of all kinds, and much more.

> IN10SO. This is the huge Bachelors' Car Racing and Entertainment Center at Serafi offering a great number of activities:

- Indoor Karting:
**280 meter indoor karting track,
**30 European style indoor go-karts with speed up to 35 km/h,
**Remote speed control on all the karts,
**Electronic scoring and timing system,
**Every driver gets briefed by a professional race director and safety procedures are monitored by IN10SO marshals on the track.

- Climbing:
**10 meter high indoor climbing wall,
**7 different climbing lanes with various difficulty degrees,
**All equipment (shoes, harness, safety-devices) provided,
**Briefing and safety procedure by IN10SO climbing instructors.

- Bowling:
**10 lane state-of-the-art cosmic bowling,
**Electronic scoring and displays,
**Bowling shoes provided by IN10SO.

- Archery:
**Indoor archery shooting range,
**10 shooting lanes,
**All equipment ( bows, arrows, arm-protection, targets) provided,
**Instructions by professional IN10SO team.

- Arcade games:
**35 state-of-the-art arcade games.

- Internet-zone:
**16 computers in network with 25 different netgames.

Serafi Mega Mall also offers a complete Business Center, a Health and Fitness Center, and a 5000 sqm Food Court with 25 restaurants offering a wide variety of food choices.

The developers of Serafi Mega Mall have really hit a home run with this Mega Mall Project. Serafi is a great contribution to Jeddah and will provide a wonderful shopping and entertainment experience to all visitors.

This link takes you to the Serafi Mega Mall website:


...and this link takes you to the IN10SO website:


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai

Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) is one of my favorite Dubai Mega Projects. Being developed by Nakheel, JLT will be an entire "city within a city" made up of 87 magnificent towers situated around a variety of man-made lakes....and located directly across from the equally magnificent Dubai Marina! Fifty percent of the towers will be residential, twenty seven percent will be for business and the remaining twenty three percent will be mixed-use. The centerpiece of JLT will be the Dubai Metals And Commodities Exchange. There will be retail areas at JLT offering everything from restaurants to shops of all kinds.

The overall concept of JLT is to combine business and residential living in one harmonious Mega Community. All of the towers, being totally new, are ultra modern and offer the latest amenities and services. Businesses locating at JLT will have some of the finest office space available anywhere in Dubai! Residents will be living in some of the highest quality towers in Dubai with facilities that include swimming pools, health clubs & gymnasiums, saunas, conference areas, 24/7 security. The towers are surrounded by a beautiful waterfront promenade to be enjoyed by residents of JLT and those who work there.

One feature I especially like about JLT is a special air conditioning weather buffering system that will be used during the hot summer weather. From JLT:

'In view of the uncomfortable climate in the summer months in the region an air conditioned buffer zone is being provided between the landscaped areas and the actual shop front of the retail areas. All the architectural options have been designed to allow an open air approach with a colonnade for the retail frontages in the winter months and optional air conditioned walkways in the summer months.'

Wow! No more steaming hot days when you go outside at JLT! The Dubai engineers have gotten so advanced they can even change the weather from hot to cool....outdoors!! I think you will see this type of technology used more and more in The Gulf. I think it will be used extensively throughout Dubailand during the hot summer months to keep visitors comfortable and cool....and coming back year after year!

The following is a complete list of the towers being built at JLT.


**New Dubai Gate 2
**Lakeside Residence
**Lake View Tower
**Lake Terrace
**Lake City Tower
**Global Lake View
**Al Sheraa Tower
**Dubai Arch
**Concorde Tower
**Goldcrest Views 2
**Vue De Lac
**Ikon Tower 1
**Ikon Tower 2
**O2 Residence
**Madina Tower
**Armada Tower
**SABA 1
**SABA 2
**Al Waleed Paradise
**Mag 214
**Green Lakes Towers
**Al Seef Tower 2
**Al Seef Tower 3
**Goldcrest Views
**LIWA Heights
**Jumeirah Bay
**Lake Shore Tower
**Jumeirah Lake Apartments


**Almas Tower
**Business Avenue
**Amesco Tower
**Corporate Tower
**SABA 1
**SABA 4
**Fortune Tower
**HDS Tower
**Indigo Icon
**Jumeirah Business Centre 1
**Jumeirah Business Centre 2
**Jumeirah Business Centre 3
**Jumeirah Business Centre 4
**Jumeirah Business Centre 5
**Jumeirah Business Centre 6
**Jumeirah Business Centre 7
**Ag Tower
**Platinum Tower
**Au Tower
**HDS Business Centre
**The Dome
**Reef Tower
**Fortune Executive
**1 Lake Plaza
**Tiffany Tower
**Jumeirah Bay
**Swiss Tower
**Jumeirah Lake Offices


**Laguna Tower
**Wind Tower 1
**Wind Tower 2
**Goldcrest Executive
**The Palladium
**Indigo Tower
**Bonnington Tower
**Dubai Star
**Armada Tower
**Al Saqran Tower
**Mercure Grand
**Tamweel Tower
**Anantara Hotel & Spa

Here are two YouTube JLT video:



This link tales you to the JLT website:


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Donald Trump Loves Dubai!!

I came across a very interesting article featuring Donald Trump at ArabianBusiness.com titled 'Don Of Dubai.' Donald is extremely enthusiastic about Dubai! As most of you already know "The Donald" already has a big project going up with Nakheel on Palm Jumeirah called Trump International Hotel and Tower Dubai, a huge 62 storey Mega Development that will be located on the trunk of the island and seen by everyone entering Palm Jumeirah.

**Donald on Nakheel:

"As partners, Nakheel is a great company to work with, really spectacular people. That was very important because we have many opportunities in the Middle East and elsewhere. Second of all, when I saw the Palm and I saw the site that Nakheel was talking about, it was instantaneous. It was a very easy decision.

"The opportunity presented itself, and based on the response, our timing has been very good. Manhattan is doing great but most of this country (USA) isn't doing so well in terms of many things."

**Donald on the pricing of Trump International Hotel and Tower Dubai:

"We get around (US $50,000 per m2) in Park Avenue, New York City, and the building has been there a long time. We're getting over ($30,000 per m2) in Dubai, and we're just starting. We think people are going to be very happy if they purchase soon."

I totally agree. I think Trump's property on Palm Jumeirah will turn out to be a great investment for those who get in now.

**Donald on investing in Dubai:

"If you look at what's happening in Dubai, it's the envy of the world. I have a club in Florida called the Mar-a-Lago. We have many rich members from many parts of the world, and even before I did this deal they were saying we're investing in Dubai. They have nothing to do with Dubai but they have bought apartments -- one man bought four or five apartments -- and these are very substantial people. What they are doing in Dubai is amazing and everybody is talking about it very positively."

**Donald on the future of Dubai as a commercial & tourist hub:

"Dubai is going to be the commercial hub of the Middle East. It's going to have a population of about 4 million people by 2020. Dubai is very much on the fast track to cement its place in the Middle East as the commercial hub and tourist hub."

**Donald on the ease of building in Dubai compared to New York:

"Everything is very difficult in New York, and it's hard to get approval. If you drop a pebble into the ocean you suffer serious consequences, while in Dubai, they're building an island in the ocean the likes of which nobody has ever seen. It's really spectacular. It's a great engineering feat. If you want to build something architecturally great in New York, it's very hard to do. We have zoning and much of the zoning is contextual. If you have a building that's a certain size you have to build the same size building next to it. So if an architect came in with a plan such as we have for Dubai, with some really great architecture, you couldn't do it in New York."

This is all FANTASTIC for Dubai and all of The Gulf!! Donald Trump is a World Icon: Billionaire Real Estate Tycoon and Celebrity. Where he goes the world follows! With "The Donald" so positive about Dubai and building an iconic Mega Project on Palm Jumeirah, Dubai and all of The Gulf will get an enormous amount of POSITIVE publicity and investor interest. Furthermore, "The Donald" and family also had a nice visit to Abu Dhabi last May, where they talked with Hydra Properties CEO, Dr. Sulaiman Al Fahim, about Trump doing projects in Abu Dhabi! And I have heard that Donald is also looking to do projects in Qatar!

Source of Donald's quotes for this post:


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Top 10 Abu Dhabi Mega Projects

Abu Dhabi is the richest of all the Emirates with 10% of the world's oil reserves! It is also the capital of the UAE. Right now Abu Dhabi is in a "catch up game" with Dubai in the area of Mega Project development. I have heard some predictions that in less than 4 years Abu Dhabi will actually have more projects being built than Dubai! Whatever happens, one thing is very clear: Abu Dhabi is developing some of the most incredible Mega Projects in the world!

I will now give you my list of the Top 10 Abu Dhabi Mega Projects:

1.) Khalifa City. Khalifa City is a brand new master-planned metropolis that in another 20 years will become the new capital of the UAE. Currently the capital is Abu Dhabi City, but this will shift to the new Khalifa City over the next two decades.

2.) Reem Island. Huge new Island Mega Project that will be the centerpiece and crown jewel of Abu Dhabi. Eventually Reem Island will be home to over 250,000 residents as well as a large number of businesses.

3.) YAS Island. This $40Billion Entertainment Mega Development will be home to the world's first Ferrari Theme Park. A Ferrari Driving School will also be offered as well as yachting facilities, resort hotels, lagoon hotels and hotel apartments, a water park, three golf courses, a polo field and equestrian center, restaurants and cafes, and mixed use residences.

4.) Saadiyat Island. Saadiyat will be the Cultural Mecca of Abu Dhabi featuring the Guggenheim Museum, the Louvre, a Maritime Museum and Sheikh Zayed National Museum. There will also be villas, condos and apartments, golf courses, 29 hotels and many leisure and entertainment offerings. Eventually Saadiyat will be home to more than 150,000.

5.) Lulu Island. This island, being developed by Sorouh, will be a new waterfront Mega Project for Abu Dhabi bustling with mixed use commercial, residential, cultural and recreational facilities. Lulu Island is expected to pioneer new trends in property development and modern architecture in the UAE in general, and Abu Dhabi in particular. It will also boost the real estate and tourism sectors in the country.

6.) Al Raha Beach. A new city being developed by ALDAR, Al Raha Beach is destined to become one of the finest waterfront cities in the world. Al Raha will contain 11 different districts and house 120,000 residents.

7.) Masdar City. A completely unique city that will be 100% environmentally friendly and carbon neutral. Masdar will have 50,000 residents and be an example to the world of a fully functioning non-polluting city.

8.) Khalifa Port and Industrial Zone (KPIZ). KPIZ will be one of the world's biggest industrial areas and will include a container handling terminal and piers for handling raw and bulk cargoes. The industrial areas will be free zones, offering 100 percent foreign ownership to companies and individuals. KPIZ will cater to a number of industries including: base metals, heavy machinery, transport vehicle assembly, chemicals, shipyards, building materials, processed foods and beverages, light manufacturing and assembly, small and medium enterprises, trade and logistics, information and communication technology, alternative energy and others.

9.) MGM Grand Abu Dhabi. This will be one of Abu Dhabi's major tourist attractions. MGM Grand Abu Dhabi will offer all of the excitement and great shows of Las Vegas, but without the gambling. Great entertainers from all over the world will perform here. Upscale residences will be offered as well.

10.) Emirates Palace. One of only two "7-Star hotels" in all of the world, Emirates Palace is a major attraction for high net worth individuals, heads of state, celebrities and business tycoons wanting to visit the UAE. This hotel is an international landmark for ultra-luxury living and an Abu Dhabi icon!

Friday, July 4, 2008

The Mega Developers: Dubai Properties

Dubai Properties, founded in 2004, is one of the largest real estate developers in the world. The company is a part of Dubai Holding and is developing some of the most important Mega Projects in Dubai. Dubai Properties is run by Hashim Al Dabal, Chairman, and Mohamed Binbrek, CEO.


> Business Bay. In my opinion, Business Bay is the most important development in the Dubai Properties portfolio. It is Business Bay that will transform Dubai into a leading world business center and the "Wall Street of the Middle East." One of Dubai's primary goals is to become a world financial center and Business Bay will allow Dubai to do just that!

> Bay Square. Designed to be a trendy, mixed-use community within Business Bay. The entire development will be a pedestrian-only zone, and will include walkways over canals, a central plaza with unique water features, and a state-of-the-art gym.

> Executive Towers at Business Bay. A 12 tower Mega Development at Business Bay with 10 residential towers, 1 commercial tower and 1 hotel tower.

> Vision Tower at Business Bay. A magnificent 51 storey skyscraper that will be the entrance to Business Bay. The tower will be made entirely of transparent glass allowing clear view from both in the tower and outside of the tower. Vision Tower will also have a bent transparent glass facade that will be made up of a wall of high-tech transparent glazing that will be internally lit to create a luminous beacon.

> Mudon. A massive multi-city residential development that will be located in Dubailand. Mudon incorporates five individual cities - Baghdad, Beirut, Damascus, Cairo, and Marrakesh - into one large Mega City, covering an area of 73 million square feet! This is Dubai Properties largest residential project to date.

> Tijara Town. A huge 188 hectare Mega Project located in Dubailand that will be the first project in Dubai to offer integrated office, showroom, warehouse, and residential apartments all as a single cohesive unit.

> Al Waha Villas. A group of 260 Mediterranean styled exclusive villas located in Dubailand.

> Culture Village. According to Dubai Properties: 'Culture Village is a mixed-use master development with wide open spaces, traditional wind towers, cobble stone walkways, unique sculptures, waterways topped with bridges. It will feature Creekside restaurants and cafes, a maritime museum, and a dockyard where traditional dhow building will be on display. The residential district will feature traditional low to medium-rise buildings and the commercial district will house cultural institutions, schools, academies for art, music, dance, pottery and other crafts. A rustic traditional souk, offering Arabian crafts, antiques, and spices and herbs, will be the focal point of the retail district.'

> Jumeirah Beach Residence. The largest single phase residential development in the world, Jumeirah Beach Residence consists of 36 Residential Towers, 4 Hotel Towers, 4 Beach Clubs and 1 Beach Park.

> The Villa. According to Dubai Properties: 'The Villa is an enchanting residential retreat, inspired by generous spaces for outdoor living, the coolness and tranquility of Spanish style courtyard housing and an environment alive with the sound of water from fountains in squares and from waterfalls cascading over rocky outcrops.'


Dubai Properties,
Dubai Properties Building
P.O. Box 500272
Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4-435-1000
Fax: +971 4-390-4640
Email: info@dubaiproperties.ae
Website: http://www.dubai-properties.ae/

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Amwaj Islands, Bahrain

Amwaj Islands is another spectacular Bahrain Mega Project. Amwaj consists of 6 man-made islands located off the northeast coast of Al Muharraq Island. Amwaj is a mixed use residential and leisure development that will cover an area of 2.8 million sqm (30 million square feet) and provide 9.5 km (5.9 miles) of beach front land. The islands are connected to the mainland by a 3 km (1.86 mile) highway and are only 15 minutes from Manama, capital of Bahrain. The project is being developed by Ossis Property Developers at a cost of $1.5Billion. From Ossis:

'With a unifying architectural theme, a smart city environment, a fast new road network, medical and educational facilities, and all the sports and entertainment amenities required in today's high-tech lifestyle, the Amwaj Islands have brought a new standard of living to Bahrain. Under Bahrain's real estate laws, properties on Amwaj Islands can be purchased freehold by expatriates - this has lead to a tremendous demand for the luxurious seafront homes to be found here. The Amwaj Islands development has certainly lived up to the developers' promise - 'out of this world , but within reach.'

I will now cover the 6 islands that make up Amwaj:

1.) Najmah. The major developments of the Amwaj Islands are located on Najmah. Najmah houses a variety of residential, commercial and hospitality developments including:

- Meena 7 Towers. Meena 7 overlooks pristine waters, golden beaches and verdant greenery, It will comprise 7 blocks of apartments and will include swimming pools, advanced health club & spa with Jacuzzis, seafood restaurants, round-the-clock security, the Novotel Hotel and many more modern amenities.

- Al Marsa Floating City. The Floating City will have a total of 375 houses, apartments and condominiums.There will also be a small marina at Al Marsa for use by residents.

- The Dragon. This development has twelve luxury beach front villas, each with their own swimming pool and garden, and forty luxury beach front flats, with an associated swimming pool and health club.

- Lagoona. Consists of 8 modern Bauhaus style townhouses, in different sizes, with 3 bedrooms, 2 halls, 2 kitchens, a terrace and swimming pool. There is 24-hour security and covered parking.

- Amwaj Homes. Three superbly designed residential complexes, Amwaj Homes will offer its residents an exceptional, tranquil lifestyle experience out of the fast lane - the ultimate luxury island home for the discerning owner.

- Amwaj Marina. The circular marina accommodates a total of 141 berthing bays of various sizes. It also has a 140m super-yacht jetty and 85m large boats jetty facing the Marina Retail Centre.

- Marriott Renaissance Hotel. A 5-Star, 14 floor beach front hotel with 323 sea facing rooms. The hotel will include 5 restaurants and lounges and a conference center.

- Other developments on Najmah include; Nuetel Communications, Safeena Residences, Saraya Al-Bahar Residences, Zawia Towers, Amwaj Plaza 1 and The Lagoon Bahrain.

2.) Tala. This island, shaped in a sweeping curve, offers a variety of villa options each with individual beach access to a calm lagoon. The Tala Island comprises apartments, villas, townhouses, gated and exclusive developments, sports club, pools and many other upscale features.

3.) Wardeh. An entirely residential Island, Wardeh will feature the Fay Beach Villa Development, Orca Residential Complex and a large variety of homes from Amwaj Homes.

4.) Hamama. This island will be home to The Loft, a group of 12 exclusive loft-style homes overlooking a beautiful lagoon.

5.) Dalphene. An island totally devoted to entertainment that will offer a theme park, water park, bird sanctuary, beach club, family resort and botanic gardens.

6.) Farasha. An island whose major themes will be education and medicine.

As you can, see Amwaj Islands is a truly incredible man-made Island Mega Project. Bahrain never ceases to amaze me with the scope and grandeur of their Mega Projects and I always look forward to what they will come up with next!

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