Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sharjah Investment Centre

I am very bullish about the future of the Middle East becoming the number one financial power of the world. No other area on earth is expanding with the same force as the UAE/Gulf region. Therefore, investing in what will be the future financial centers of the Gulf makes a great deal of sense to me. This includes: Business Bay Dubai, King Abdullah Economic City, Addax Port Office Tower, RAK Financial City and Bahrain Financial Harbor. We can add to this proud list the spectacular Sharjah Investment Centre (SIC).

SIC is a 32 million sq ft (8 block) mixed use residential-commercial-industrial Mega Project being developed by SNASCO, a leading Saudi developer. SIC will be the new business center of Sharjah and will provide more than 250,000 jobs. According to the Chairman of SNASCO, Mr. Saleh N. Al Sorayai:

"SNASCO always seeks to develop leading and world class realty projects that help in the progress and advancement of nations. The Sharjah Investment Centre meets these expectations and will provide work opportunities for thousands of people. These individuals can gain great experience from their cooperation in the successful implementation of this great development. Successful projects are not only elegantly planned and professionally implemented, but they should also meet the ambitious aims of achieving the economic benefits we are all looking for. These benefits include the promotion of the local economy, attracting investments and providing work opportunities for those people who are suitably skilled."

SIC offers the following:

- Fantastic business location: 15 minutes to Sharjah International Airport & Sharjah Airport Free Zone; 20 minutes to Dubai International Airport; 15 minutes to Hamriyah Free Zone; 6 minutes to Ajman Port; 18 minutes to Port Khalid; 30 minutes to Port Rashid; 45 minutes to Jebel Ali Port; 60 minutes to Port Khor Fakkan,

- Business/Office Park. This is the center of SIC, and will become the financial center for all of Sharjah. This area will offer numerous office choices as well as business hotels and serviced apartments, conference/expo centers, meeting halls, international banking, etc.,

- Industrial Park. This park will be the focal point for light and medium industries. According to the developer: ' A unique, all encompassing environment, the industrial park will form functional, efficient and profitable industrial areas as an integral part of primary land use of the entire development. A variety of industrial uses are proposed for the site, with areas that can be branded independently or dedicated to a series of sectors.'

- Logistic Park. This will be the storage and warehousing center of SIC. This park is perfectly located near air, sea, and land transport,

- Labor and Staff Housing. These will be high quality facilities for housing workers and will include convenient access to recreation, shops and mosques.

- Residential/Commercial Area. This part of SIC will feature a variety of upscale residences for those who choose to make their home here. There will be numerous retail shops, restaurants, educational centers, leisure offerings, gardens, parks, sporting facilities, a community center, etc.

Sharjah Investment Centre represents the Gulf's continuous and well planned push to become a leading world financial mecca. As I have already said, I believe that one day the UAE/Gulf will become the number one business and financial power of the entire world. This Mega Project will play an integral role!

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