Sunday, September 7, 2008

Building Materials City, Abu Dhabi

Building Materials City (BMC) is a 230,000 sqm, $1.1Billion industrial Mega Project being developed in Abu Dhabi by Manazel Real Estate in partnership with United Group Holdings. BMC will be a center for the UAE’s manufacturers, importers and suppliers of building materials. Ownership will be allowed to locals and foreigners via long-term leases. BMC will provide the construction materials necessary for the execution of a wide array of future real estate projects in the UAE and throughout The Gulf:

'Building Materials City will bring together the leading companies in all facets of real estate construction and development by providing attractive prices and comprehensive services for its leaseholders and investors. From construction material and decoration companies to real estate developers, engineering and consultancy firms, Building Materials City provides the ideal locale to grow together. It represents a key component of the UAE's future growth and development plans because every current and future real estate project depends on materials and associated services, which will for the first time be available all in one place,' according to BMC.

BMC has 4 major objectives:

- To deliver a high quality project at the best price possible,
- To bring together all the leading companies relating to building materials,
- To provide a comprehensive range of real estate related services in one place,
- To contribute to the growth of the UAE real estate sector and the local economy by attracting investment and revolutionizing the structure of the industry.

Sounds terrific! With The Gulf undergoing the largest real estate boom in world history, a Mega Project like BMC is just what is needed! One of the major features of BMC will be the first Building Materials Exchange in the Middle East. This exchange is designed to attract companies and investors from all over the world wanting to participate in The Gulf real estate boom.

BMC will feature several different zones as follows:

> Commercial Zone. This zone will contain 17 towers, each equipped with the latest technologies and conveniences to facilitate business. This is where all of the companies wanting to do business in BMC will have their offices.

> Residential Zone. BMC, being a complete self contained city, will offer 32 residential towers spread throughout the development. Company owners and executives can live in style, while remaining close to their businesses. This is great! No long commute to and from work. Everything is all in one place!

> Shopping Zone. This zone will consist of a huge 100,000 sqm mall. The ground floor will have a large hypermarket and a variety of retail shops to cater to the needs and desires of both the commercial and residential population of BMC. The second floor will be a complete materials shop and food court. Also on the second floor will be a temporary exhibition center and location for the Building Materials Exchange.

> Hospitality Zone. The Hospitality Zone will be home to a 3-Star hotel ideal for those coming to BMC to do business. The hotel will provide the latest amenities and technologies ideal for doing business, while at the same time providing a comfortable stay at BMC.

BMC is EXACTLY what The Gulf real estate boom needs right now: an entire city devoted to the building materials industry. With the tremendous real estate expansion going on in The Gulf, BMC is the perfect Industrial Mega Project for the region.

This link takes you to the BMC website:


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