Monday, February 15, 2010

Saudi Arabia's Top Mega Projects

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is booming with new Mega Project developments. Although Dubai is in the news most of the time for spectacular Mega Projects you will be hearing more and more about the Mega Projects of KSA as time goes on. I will now list the top KSA Mega Projects.

1. King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC). This is, I believe, the largest Mega Project being developed anywhere in the world right now. Located in Rabigh and valued at between $50 Billion and $100 Billion depending on who you want to believe. KAEC will contain everything from a wide variety of industrial zones to a large variety of residential and vacation offerings. It will be the crown jewel of KSA when completed.

2. Sudair City. This $40 Billion development is a mixed use project that will contain commercial, residential, educational and entertainment facilities. The project is located just north of Riyadh and is one of the largest Mega Projects being developed in the world.

3. Princess Noura bin Abdul Rahman University. This university will be located near Riyadh and will be for women only. The cost is estimated at between $11 Billion and $12 Billion. The university will cover 8 million square feet and contain labs, research centers, administrative buildings, residential areas, a student hospital and a railway system. Twenty six thousand students will eventually attend the university.

4. Landbridge Project. This is a $10 Billion, 950km railway system that will connect Jeddah with Dammam City as well as connecting King Fahd Industrial Port with Jubail Industrial City. These railway systems are key to the overall expansion of KSA.

5. Prince Abdulazaiz bin Mousaed Economic City. This Mega Project will be built in Hail and will consist of a variety of zones for trade and service sectors including agriculture, mining and food processing. This project will also include residential, educational and entertainment facilities. Estimated cost is $8 Billion.

6. Knowledge Economic City. This 5 million square foot Mega Project will be built in Madina at an estimated cost of $8 Billion. The entire city is being built to support the knowledge based industries of KSA. The project is estimated to take 10 years to build.

7. King Abdulaziz International Airport. This is a gigantic airport project and, in fact, will be one of the largest airport projects ever built coming in at a cost of $4.5 Billion. The project will be built in 3 phases. The first phase is currently underway and includes the construction of a 400,000 square meter terminal complex, a new control tower, new access roads and infrastructure.

8. Haramain High Speed Rail Project. This 450km railway will connect Makkah and Madina via Jeddah. The railway will be high speed electrified double passenger and is due to start running in 2012. Estimated cost is $4 Billion.

9. North-South Railway. Yet another massive railway project whose purpose is to connect bauxite and phosphate mines at Az Zubairah and Al Jalamid to processing facilities at Ras Azur Port. The project will be 2400km long and cost $3.5 Billion.

10. Jizan Economic City. This mixed use KSA Mega Project will be located south of Jeddah by the Red Sea. Like KAEC it will contain a variety of industrial zones as well as residential and entertainment offerings.

As you can now clearly see Saudi Arabia is rapidly expanding with Mega Projects of all kinds. I think the future of KSA is very positive and we can look forward to seeing many fantastic developments being built there for decades to come.

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