Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Hazaa Bin Zayed Mega Project For Al Ain

Major details of the massive mixed use Hazaa Bin Zayed Stadium project in Al Ain have been announced today including a hotel, residential and commercial buildings, a sports center, and food and retail outlets. Once complete, the project will be the main attraction for hundreds of community, entertainment and business events.

The new development covers an area of 500,000 square meters which, in addition to the main stadium, includes a community with 700 residential units in a complex of apartments and green spaces, two office buildings of 20,000 square meters, and a chain of 50 restaurants and retail outlets plus a 172 room international hotel.

The project, which will be constructed in phases, will have a public courtyard for both visitors and residents, stylish promenades linked together by a network of pedestrian walkways and a family entertainment area synonymous with a healthy and modern lifestyle. The multi-use project is part of a vision of building a touristic, social and sports destination that includes Hazaa Bin Zayed Stadium and the area surrounding it, to foster ongoing growth and development in Al Ain and the UAE.

The Hazaa Bin Zayed Stadium, which will be launched mid-January 2014, is considered an architectural marvel and one of the most impressive and technologically advanced sports constructions in the UAE. It can accommodate 25,000 spectators and was built in only 17 months, measuring up to the best international standards.

The development is located in the strategic Tawya area of Al Ain, which is easily accessible for visitors coming from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and with close proximity from the city’s main roads. It is only 15 minutes from Al Ain Airport, and is situated near other main attractions in Al Ain which makes it one of the most sought after destinations by families in Al Ain and the UAE in general.

The Plaza area will stand as the main part of the project and the head point for all sports and social gatherings, with the Hazaa Bin Zayed Stadium in the background adding even more atmosphere to the open spaces and surrounded by a number of restaurants and retail outlets.

The project will also include a healthy lifestyle area with a number of sports zones and a dedicated pool and gymnasium considered to be the biggest of its kind in Abu Dhabi. The whole project has been planned to reflect the principles of health and well-being and encourage a more sporting life. The Plaza and the area surrounding the stadium are designed to help walking as no cars are allowed inside. The outer area of the project includes cycling, jogging and walking tracks.

The family entertainment area provides its visitors with a wide selection of entertainment facilities that suit different age groups and several sports activities to help residents and tourists enjoy their time in a healthy and stylish atmosphere throughout the year.

The restaurant and café area is located near the hotel, linked together with a pedestrian design that provides access to as many of the development’s destinations as possible and provides a location for a variety of high-end restaurants and coffee shops.

The new stadium will be officially opened in January 2014. The celebrations will include a 3 day family festival from January 16-18, plus other events for launching the stadium. The 25,000 capacity Hazza Bin Zayed stadium will officially be the new home for Al Ain Football Club’s first team, and is intended to boost the sports activities in the UAE. The stadium covers an area of 45,000 square meters and it is 50 meters high which makes it one of the highest buildings in Al Ain City. It hosts more than 3,000 premium seats, one of the highest ratios of premium seating in the world for football stadiums. The mobile roof can move to cover the whole play field during the hotter months. The marvelous design of the outer façade of the stadium is inspired by the trunk of the palm tree which is an integral part of the UAE’s heritage and legacy.

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