Sunday, January 13, 2008

City Of Silk (Madinat Al Hareer), Kuwait

City Of Silk stands out as one of the most amazing Mega Projects I have ever seen...and I have seen them all! First of all, at a cost of over $86Billion, this is the second largest real estate development in the world-- second only to King Abdullah Economic City of Saubi Arabia, which I have already covered. City Of Silk will be located in Subiya, Kuwait and once completed will house 700,000! City Of Silk will also be home to the world's tallest tower, the Burj Mubarak Al Kabir, which will soar 1001m up and by itself be a complete "city in the sky." But this tower is only a "small" part of the City Of Silk! The City will be a multi purpose economic, residential and commercial development and, according to Atkins Global, one of the developers of the project:

"The plans for Madinat Al Hareer involve significant new infrastructure, including a new seaport and an international airport, to support an integrated urban masterplan in the form of a series of centers dedicated to business, sports, culture, environment, media, industry, education and health. Adherence to high environmental standards and the principles of sustainability are themes that will drive the design and the result will be a spectacular new multi-purpose city, linked to Kuwait City by the new Jaber Al Ahmed bridge across Kuwait Bay. Halfway across the bay, the bridge will alight on two islands that will contain exclusive private developments."

Madinat Al Hareer will include many resorts, an entire desert preserve, a total of 28 lifestyle communities and a free zone. The city will also feature a business city and an area for forums and exhibitions, centers dedicated to sports, culture, environment, media, industry, education and health. It will include tourism centers, hotels, resorts, public gardens and spacious residential areas.

Here are a few of the cities that will be part of City Of Silk:

- Leisure City. Many resorts, luxury hotels, villages, and retreats all located along the waterfront. A gigantic sports complex and sports academy with a sports medicine center will also be housed here.

- Film and Media City. Television and film production companies will be located here all geared to delivering a new Arab movie and television era.

- Industrial City. A new city of industry to service Kuwait and other parts of the Gulf.

- Finance City. This will be the business center for City Of Silk. It will be host to international trade, finance and commerce. Finance City will also be a catalyst for business investment in the Middle East from all around the world.

- Culture City. Split into three precincts, the culture city will be where academic, diplomatic, and policy studies will be concentrated and where scholarly research, archaeological pursuits, art and historical museums will be located.

- Silk Road Free Zone. A free trade zone for investment and business development. Located next to a new international airport, it will connect to an expanded rail, air and road network extending far into Central Asia.

WOW! And I didn't even list all the different cities! City Of Silk will also contain 28 different lifestyle zones, each offering a unique theme such as: sports, film, research, business, art, technology and so on. Remember, City Of Silk will house over 700,000 residents!

City Of Silk is truly one of the most magnificent Mega Project developments in world history. It will bring enormous success to Kuwait and the entire Gulf Region. City Of Silk is a true Masterpiece!!

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