Monday, January 21, 2008

UAE Will Become Entertainment Capital Of The World

After taking a very close look at all the Mega Entertainment Projects being developed in the UAE, and all the new ones being announced, I can come to no other conclusion than the UAE is going to become the entertainment capital of the world. Lets take a look at some of the projects being developed so you can see exactly what I mean. Some of these projects I have not covered in detail yet, but I will in upcoming posts.

- Dubailand. The largest and most expensive entertainment project ever developed in world history. At an estimated cost of over $100Billion it has become the second largest real estate development in the world, surpassing City of Silk, Kuwait ($86.1Billion). Dubailand is twice the size of Disneyland and contains numerous entertainment and resort choices including: Falcon City, Dubai Sports City, Al Sahara Kingdom, Dubai Golf City, Al Sahara Desert Resort, City of Arabia, Dubai Outlet City, The Global Village, Universal Studios Dubailand...to name just a few.

- Bawadi. This gigantic Strip Entertainment Complex, which I covered in another post, is part of Dubailand and once completed will make the Las Vegas Strip look like a cheap strip mall by comparison. Among its many features will be Asia Asia, the largest hotel in the world.

- MGM Grand Abu Dhabi. A 150 acre Mega Entertainment Development that will bring the MGM Grand and a number of other themed Mega Resorts to Abu Dhabi. The best entertainers from all over the world will come here...all the top names. Huge luxury residential projects will also be located here.

- PKN Princess Resort, Ajman. This Mega Resort, which I covered in an earlier post, will bring "Las Vegas style entertainment to the Emirates," according to the developer. Like MGM Grand Abu Dhabi, the finest entertainers from around the world will perform here. A wide variety of residential and leisure projects will also be built.

- Warner Brothers Entertainment - Aldar - Abu Dhabi Media Company Deal. Entertainment giant Warner Brothers and Mega Developer Aldar together with Abu Dhabi Media Company have signed a huge deal to develop a theme park, film studio, multiplex cinema, hotel and media development center in Abu Dhabi.

- Sega/Emaar, Dubai. Sega and Emaar will be joining together to develop a number of Sega Game Themed indoor theme parks. These theme parks will be located all across the Middle East in malls owned by Emaar Malls Group. Most of these will be entire multi-floor entertainment complexes. The first project to be undertaken by Sega and Emaar will be a two level 76,000 sq ft indoor entertainment and gaming complex in The Dubai Mall, Emaar's flagship mall development and part of Downtown Burj Dubai.

- DreamWorks, Dubai. Just announced a few days ago, film giant DreamWorks and Mega Developer Tatweer, signed an agreement to develop a DreamWorks Theme Park in Dubailand. In addition, a DreamWorks themed hotel, and Dreamworks themed retail outlets and restaurants will be developed.

There are many, many more leisure and entertainment projects being developed in the UAE with numerous others being planned. It would not surprise me to see an announcement for a 'Disney Dubai' or 'Disney Middle East' deal very soon. Furthermore, a report just released entitled 'The Middle East Leisure Landscape 2020' disclosed that the UAE/Gulf Region is spending a staggering $1006Trillion on entertainment/leisure projects!! Nowhere else in the world even comes close to this. Not China. Not India. Not the USA.

I hope you can now see why I think the UAE will become the entertainment capital of the world. With their great "No Limits" attitude, and the huge amounts of money to back it up, the UAE shall emerge as the world's premier entertainment destination.

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