Thursday, March 27, 2008

Falcon City Of Wonders, Dubai

Falcon City Of Wonders, which will be located in Dubailand and cost an estimated $2.5Billion to build, is the brainchild of Dubai businessman Salem Al Moosa. In his own words:

"This project is 100% my concept. I started thinking about what I could construct which could be built in a lot of different shapes, and what shapes would be feasible. I wanted to pay homage to the civilization of mankind. I wanted to develop icons and celebrate the heritage, spirit and pride of the UAE. I wanted to make a tourist attraction. We already have desert, water, sun. I didn't want people to come to Dubai and just go to the beach. I want them to have a tourist experience unlike any other place."

Falcon City will be shaped like a gigantic falcon and feature different themed attractions and areas based on the Wonders Of The World. Falcon City will feature:

> Dubai Grand Pyramid. This structure will be the biggest pyramid ever built! It will be a mixed use project that will offer offices, residences and a variety of recreational venues. Two other smaller pyramids will house a Falcon City management facility and a commercial facility,

> Dubai Hanging Gardens Of Babaylon. This structure will house eco-friendly residences, a large variety of restaurants and a beautiful garden overlooking the Falcon City Mall,

> The Great Wall. A gigantic wall built to resemble the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall features one of the largest jogging tracks ever built. The wall will: 'also act as a buffer zone between the theme park and the residential area. Therefore when adrenalin rush addicts are having fun ridding the double looped rollercoaster’s and they are having fun, the noise generated will be blocked by the high wall and as a result people resting at home will not feel or get bothered by them,' according to the developers,

> Dubai Tower Of Pisa. An exact replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy,

> Dubai Eiffel Tower. This replica of the Eiffel Tower in Paris will be the center of the commercial sector of the entire project. It will be surrounded by residences, a shopping arcade, entertainment areas, landscaped parks and gardens,

> Dubai Taj Mahal. This will be an incredible 5-Star hotel designed to look exactly like the Taj Mahal of India! It will be one of the finest hotels in all of Dubailand,

> Town Of Venice. This will be a waterfront development that will offer gondola rides, open air cafes, and a large number of shops. Town of Venice will be the most "romantic" place in Falcon City,

> Dubai Lighthouse. This lighthouse is designed to resemble the huge Pharos of Alexandria lighthouse built in the 3rd century BC on the island of Pharos in Alexandria, Egypt. At that time it was considered one of the 7 wonders of the world, and was the tallest structure on Earth. The Dubai Lighthouse will act as a landmark for Falcon City and also contain residences, retail shops, as well as commercial and recreational offerings,

> The Villas. These are upscale residences located in the "wings of the falcon" area of the project. The villas will be offered in 4 different design themes: Aegean, Andalusian, New World and Santa Fe,

> Falcon City Theme Park. Being designed as a: 'tourism, hospitality, entertainment, leisure and retail mega project. It will cover an area of 4 million square feet (366 Thousand square meters). The Theme Park is being built to make it the most ambitious tourist destination ever created and is being created to appeal to the widest audience of tourists, covering all age groups, nationalities and activities,' according to the developer,

> Falcon City Mall. Located in the Falcon Head area of the project, the mall will feature a large variety of brands from all over the world,

> Falcon City Towers. A development made up of 24 Towers-- some residential, some business and some will be hotels. At the center of this development will be a 1 million square foot park designed to look like New York City's Central Park!

"Falcon City of Wonders is one of the most ambitious projects to come up in the city of Dubai, and will significantly enhance the city's appeal as a tourist hub. By capturing the spirit of ancient civilizations and recreating the architectural marvels of the world, at the same time combining it with modern facilities, the project offers a truly unique experience to visitors," said Saeed Al Muntafiq, Director General of Dubai Development and Investment Authority.

WOW! Talk about thinking BIG! Falcon City Of Wonders is truly amazing and is destined to become one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world!

Here is a YouTube video of Falcon City:


This link takes you to the Falcon City website:


This link takes you to the website of Salem Ahmad Al Moosa Enterprises, developers of Falcon City:


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