Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Mega Developers: Limitless

The name says it all! Limitless!! This is the overall view of all the major UAE Mega Developers and Limitless of Dubai, with their grand portfolio of Mega Projects, is no exception! Limitless was formed in July 2005 as a subsidiary business unit of the gigantic Dubai World business group. Many of the top executives of Limitless are from Nakheel, including Saeed Ahmed Saeed, CEO of Limitless and former Projects Managing Director of Nakheel.

Limitless is an integrated real estate development company "with the key objective of diversifying and globalizing Dubai’s portfolio of leading development companies by leveraging the know-how and exposure gained by Dubai World’s real estate initiatives through Nakheel," according to the company. Due to the top executives of Limitless being former Nakheel executives, Limitless has three major strengths:

1.) The master-planning of large scale urban development projects,

2.) Conceptualization and execution of waterfront Mega Project Developments. This of course comes from the Palm Islands and the Dubai Waterfront developments-- and a host of others Nakheel is developing,

3.) Execution of large mixed-use projects. This has been Nakheel's specialty....and according to Limitless:

'In its future endeavours, Limitless is aiming to augment these strengths in real estate development across global markets by partnering with leading providers of real estate services including asset, property and facility management companies, therefore enabling Limitless to offer an integrated development value proposition to its customers.'

The Limitless Mega Projects:

> The Arabian Canal, Dubai. The US$11 billion project involves creating a 75km man-made waterway, which will flow inland from Dubai Waterfront, passing to the east of the new Dubai World Central International Airport before turning back towards Palm Jumeirah. Up to 150 metres wide and six metres deep, it will be able to accommodate boats up to 40 metres long.

> Downtown Jebel Ali, Dubai. This $12Billion Mega Project is one of the largest developments in all of Dubai with an area of 70 million square feet. Downtown Jebel Ali when finished will be an entire self sustaining community.

> Halong Star, Vietnam. A gigantic mixed-use Mega Project being developed along Halong Bay in Vietnam at an estimated cost of $220Million.

> Bidadi, Banglore, India. Bidadi will be India's biggest new urban community and will cost an estimated $12Billion.

> Al Wasl, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Another $12Billion urban community, this time being built in Saudi Arabia. Limitless has plans for more projects in Saudi, as do many of the other top UAE Mega Developers.

> Limitless Towers, Amman, Jordan. Two incredible residential towers that will be the tallest buildings in all of Jordan! Limitless Towers will feature the world's highest suspended swimming pool - 125 metres above the city - connecting the two towers. The glass-bottomed pool - accessed from the 40th storey of each building - will provide a bird's-eye view of Amman and the surrounding landscape! Estimated cost of this Mega Project is $300Million.

> Karachi Waterfront, Pakistan. A complete new city containing residential, business, commercial and entertainment offerings of all kinds. Estimated cost is over $20Billion.

> Malaysia International Halal Park, Selangor, Malaysia. A huge mixed use project that will eventually house 200,000 residents and will also contain manufacturing plants, training and research centers, offices, entertainment and retail facilities, as well as parks and water features.

Other Limitless Mega Projects include: Residential North Puteri Harbour- Malaysia, Quattro Hotel and Business Park- UAE, Jumeirah Group Village South- UAE, International City- UAE. As you can now see, the scope of Limitless is truly vast, covering all parts of the world.

Limitless likes to refer to itself as a "Super Planner," and according to Limitless CEO, Saeed Ahmed Saeed:

"By super planning we are talking about projects stretching over thousands of hectares, so we will be planning and developing cities the size of Paris or San Francisco from scratch.” WOW!! Now you know why this company calls itself Limitless!

Limitless is a truly incredible international Mega Developer. Their Mega Projects will all become world landmarks!


Limitless Building
Alkhil Road
P.O. Box 261919
Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 360 1818
Fax: +971 4 360 1819
Email: info@limitless.ae
Website: http://www.limitless.ae/

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