Sunday, July 6, 2008

Top 10 Abu Dhabi Mega Projects

Abu Dhabi is the richest of all the Emirates with 10% of the world's oil reserves! It is also the capital of the UAE. Right now Abu Dhabi is in a "catch up game" with Dubai in the area of Mega Project development. I have heard some predictions that in less than 4 years Abu Dhabi will actually have more projects being built than Dubai! Whatever happens, one thing is very clear: Abu Dhabi is developing some of the most incredible Mega Projects in the world!

I will now give you my list of the Top 10 Abu Dhabi Mega Projects:

1.) Khalifa City. Khalifa City is a brand new master-planned metropolis that in another 20 years will become the new capital of the UAE. Currently the capital is Abu Dhabi City, but this will shift to the new Khalifa City over the next two decades.

2.) Reem Island. Huge new Island Mega Project that will be the centerpiece and crown jewel of Abu Dhabi. Eventually Reem Island will be home to over 250,000 residents as well as a large number of businesses.

3.) YAS Island. This $40Billion Entertainment Mega Development will be home to the world's first Ferrari Theme Park. A Ferrari Driving School will also be offered as well as yachting facilities, resort hotels, lagoon hotels and hotel apartments, a water park, three golf courses, a polo field and equestrian center, restaurants and cafes, and mixed use residences.

4.) Saadiyat Island. Saadiyat will be the Cultural Mecca of Abu Dhabi featuring the Guggenheim Museum, the Louvre, a Maritime Museum and Sheikh Zayed National Museum. There will also be villas, condos and apartments, golf courses, 29 hotels and many leisure and entertainment offerings. Eventually Saadiyat will be home to more than 150,000.

5.) Lulu Island. This island, being developed by Sorouh, will be a new waterfront Mega Project for Abu Dhabi bustling with mixed use commercial, residential, cultural and recreational facilities. Lulu Island is expected to pioneer new trends in property development and modern architecture in the UAE in general, and Abu Dhabi in particular. It will also boost the real estate and tourism sectors in the country.

6.) Al Raha Beach. A new city being developed by ALDAR, Al Raha Beach is destined to become one of the finest waterfront cities in the world. Al Raha will contain 11 different districts and house 120,000 residents.

7.) Masdar City. A completely unique city that will be 100% environmentally friendly and carbon neutral. Masdar will have 50,000 residents and be an example to the world of a fully functioning non-polluting city.

8.) Khalifa Port and Industrial Zone (KPIZ). KPIZ will be one of the world's biggest industrial areas and will include a container handling terminal and piers for handling raw and bulk cargoes. The industrial areas will be free zones, offering 100 percent foreign ownership to companies and individuals. KPIZ will cater to a number of industries including: base metals, heavy machinery, transport vehicle assembly, chemicals, shipyards, building materials, processed foods and beverages, light manufacturing and assembly, small and medium enterprises, trade and logistics, information and communication technology, alternative energy and others.

9.) MGM Grand Abu Dhabi. This will be one of Abu Dhabi's major tourist attractions. MGM Grand Abu Dhabi will offer all of the excitement and great shows of Las Vegas, but without the gambling. Great entertainers from all over the world will perform here. Upscale residences will be offered as well.

10.) Emirates Palace. One of only two "7-Star hotels" in all of the world, Emirates Palace is a major attraction for high net worth individuals, heads of state, celebrities and business tycoons wanting to visit the UAE. This hotel is an international landmark for ultra-luxury living and an Abu Dhabi icon!

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