Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Donald Trump Loves Dubai!!

I came across a very interesting article featuring Donald Trump at ArabianBusiness.com titled 'Don Of Dubai.' Donald is extremely enthusiastic about Dubai! As most of you already know "The Donald" already has a big project going up with Nakheel on Palm Jumeirah called Trump International Hotel and Tower Dubai, a huge 62 storey Mega Development that will be located on the trunk of the island and seen by everyone entering Palm Jumeirah.

**Donald on Nakheel:

"As partners, Nakheel is a great company to work with, really spectacular people. That was very important because we have many opportunities in the Middle East and elsewhere. Second of all, when I saw the Palm and I saw the site that Nakheel was talking about, it was instantaneous. It was a very easy decision.

"The opportunity presented itself, and based on the response, our timing has been very good. Manhattan is doing great but most of this country (USA) isn't doing so well in terms of many things."

**Donald on the pricing of Trump International Hotel and Tower Dubai:

"We get around (US $50,000 per m2) in Park Avenue, New York City, and the building has been there a long time. We're getting over ($30,000 per m2) in Dubai, and we're just starting. We think people are going to be very happy if they purchase soon."

I totally agree. I think Trump's property on Palm Jumeirah will turn out to be a great investment for those who get in now.

**Donald on investing in Dubai:

"If you look at what's happening in Dubai, it's the envy of the world. I have a club in Florida called the Mar-a-Lago. We have many rich members from many parts of the world, and even before I did this deal they were saying we're investing in Dubai. They have nothing to do with Dubai but they have bought apartments -- one man bought four or five apartments -- and these are very substantial people. What they are doing in Dubai is amazing and everybody is talking about it very positively."

**Donald on the future of Dubai as a commercial & tourist hub:

"Dubai is going to be the commercial hub of the Middle East. It's going to have a population of about 4 million people by 2020. Dubai is very much on the fast track to cement its place in the Middle East as the commercial hub and tourist hub."

**Donald on the ease of building in Dubai compared to New York:

"Everything is very difficult in New York, and it's hard to get approval. If you drop a pebble into the ocean you suffer serious consequences, while in Dubai, they're building an island in the ocean the likes of which nobody has ever seen. It's really spectacular. It's a great engineering feat. If you want to build something architecturally great in New York, it's very hard to do. We have zoning and much of the zoning is contextual. If you have a building that's a certain size you have to build the same size building next to it. So if an architect came in with a plan such as we have for Dubai, with some really great architecture, you couldn't do it in New York."

This is all FANTASTIC for Dubai and all of The Gulf!! Donald Trump is a World Icon: Billionaire Real Estate Tycoon and Celebrity. Where he goes the world follows! With "The Donald" so positive about Dubai and building an iconic Mega Project on Palm Jumeirah, Dubai and all of The Gulf will get an enormous amount of POSITIVE publicity and investor interest. Furthermore, "The Donald" and family also had a nice visit to Abu Dhabi last May, where they talked with Hydra Properties CEO, Dr. Sulaiman Al Fahim, about Trump doing projects in Abu Dhabi! And I have heard that Donald is also looking to do projects in Qatar!

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