Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Al Ghadeer: Unique Two-For-One Abu Dhabi / Dubai Mega Project

I must admit I am very impressed with Sorouh's new Mega Residential development, Al Ghadeer. I became interested in Al Ghadeer while reviewing all the Mega Projects on exhibition at last year's Cityscape Dubai Expo. Al Ghadeer stuck out for one reason: UNIQUENESS! According to Sorouh, Al Ghadeer will bring "easy living of life through a complete self sustaining community hosting a variety of educational, recreational, social and commercial amenities." I feel the following factors, when looked at as one complete whole, make Al Ghadeer a unique offering:

> Fantastic and Unique Location. While Al Ghadeer is technically located in Abu Dhabi, it is in fact right on the Abu Dhabi/Dubai border. It is close to important business, industrial and transportation hubs in BOTH Abu Dhabi AND Dubai. This is a HUGE plus for the development, as it allows residents the ability to work and do business EASILY in BOTH Abu Dhabi AND Dubai! Looking at Al Ghadeer on a map I am VERY impressed with the location.

> Great Pricing. Unlike many of the Dubai and Abu Dhabi Mega Projects, Al Ghadeer will be AFFORDABLE. We all know that a great number of Mega Developments being built in the UAE are high end luxury and very upscale. Many people, however, are unable to afford these expensive developments. Al Ghadeer will be both affordable AND upscale. This aspect has already created huge interest in the project, and in fact over 3000 registrations were taken after the announcement of the launch of Al Ghadeer at Cityscape Dubai.

> The Builders. The company building Al Ghadeer is Sorouh, and as I noted in my previous post, Sorouh is one of the finest Mega Developers in the UAE. Sorouh builds only high quality developments and Al Ghadeer will be no exception.

> Finest Facilities. Al Ghadeer will offer only top of the line technological features including WiFi that will cover the whole community. Al Ghadeer will contain 3 schools, two international and one local, as well as four junior schools, all reachable by the pedestrian pathways and walkways-- making the project ideal for entire famalies. Recreational facilities such as retail shops, hotels and movie theatres provide entertainment in the Al Ghadeer community while a host of outdoor sporting facilities will be offered for those who prefer outdoor recreation. Reaching the hotels, cinemas, restaurants and shops is easily achieved through a network of pathways which wind their way through landscaped parks and water features including a lake.

> The "Two-For-One" Abu Dhabi / Dubai Feature. Beacause of its unique location, buying a residence in Al Ghadeer is like owning a property in BOTH Abu Dhabi AND Dubai!

This is what Sorouh CEO, Mounir D. Haidar, had to say about Al Ghadeer at Cityscape Dubai:

"This is a prominent site with tremendous potential due to its accessibility to major highways linking all the commercial centers in the UAE. The site's location at the Abu Dhabi / Dubai border places it in a unique position to meet residential and commercial demand from a broad area including many new industrial developments. While housing and living costs in Dubai continue to rise, Al Ghadeer offers a solution due to its proximity, extensive onsite facilities and competitive pricing."

It should now become clear to you why I like Al Ghadeer so much. It is, in a word, unique. In my opinion, Al Ghadeer represents both a great place to live and a unique investment opportunity.

This link takes you to the Al Ghadeer section of the Sorouh website:


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