Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Durrat Al Bahrain: Spectacular Island Mega Project Of The Gulf!

The Kingdom of Bahrain never ceases to amaze me! They consistently come up with some of the most fantastic Mega Projects I have ever seen....and I have seen them all! With Durrat Al Bahrain, a man-made Island Mega Project, Bahrain has done it again! Durrat Al Bahrain is being developed as a world-class residential, leisure, commercial, business and tourist destination, offering an overall lifestyle that will be second to none in the Gulf. Durrat will house an estimated 45,000 residents and over 4000 visitors a day. Durrat is being developed by KFH-Bahrain: the Government of Bahrain and the Kuwait Finance House, at an estimated cost of $1.2Billion, and according to them:

'Durrat Al Bahrain is one of the world’s most distinctive island cities and one of the finest examples of contemporary urban planning in the world today. It is luxury living and a holiday destination at the same time and it will become one of the GCC region’s most outstanding places to live and work. We are creating a new city that will offer its residents, visitors and businesses a contemporary urban lifestyle set across the 15 inter-connected islands that make up Durrat Al Bahrain. The iconic architecture of the city will be set against the necklace shape of the islands, its waterways, pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear sea. It is a place like no other.'

Durrat will have 5 distinct districts:

1.) The Crescent. This is the heart of Durrat Al Bahrain, it will offer 6,000 residences, a huge shopping mall, restaurants and cafes, a piazza, craft shops, public beaches and a number of community facilities including a mosque, medical center and schools. There will also be a port here and a large conference and exhibition center.

2.) The Atoll and Petal Islands. Durrat will contain 6 Atoll Islands and 5 Petal Islands. The Atoll Islands are shaped like gigantic crescents, while the Petal Islands look like five huge petals. Together these 11 islands create a stunning visual effect and are being called the "Crown Jewel" of Durrat Al Bahrain. The islands will offer a total of 2000 lavish villas that will bring the apex of luxury to their residents.

3.) The Durrat Marina. According to the developer, The Marina will be: 'Set in a separate magnificent lagoon, and be a full service marina providing berthing space for some 400 boats and yachts complete with waterfront villas, town houses, apartments, commercial space and recreational facilities. Restaurants and cafes will line its winding paths and waterways to cater to some 4000 households. The design of the development will provide residents with splendid views of the open sea and the adjacent golf course.'

4.) The Golf Course. An 18 hole championship golf course designed by Ernie Els. Magnificent villas will be lined around the course's greens and fairways. The course will also offer a 6-Star Hotel, a club house and a variety of sports facilities.

5.) The Hotel Island. An ultra luxurious hotel which will be one of the most spectacular in all of the world...built on its very own island! Wow! This is where I want to stay!

"Our vision, with Durrat Al Bahrain, is to establish a world-class concept in living. Working with W.S. Atkins - the renowned engineering design and consultancy - we have successfully developed and introduced a master plan that builds on Bahrain's rich natural beauty and traditional affinity with the land and sea combined with every conceivable modern amenity to make the lives of residents as enjoyable and harmonious as possible," said Mr. Abdulhakeem Alkhayyat, General Manager, KFH-Bahrain.

Durrat Al Bahrain is one of the most Iconic and spectacular Mega Projects being developed anywhere in the world. This Island Mega Project will be a tribute to Bahrain and the entire Middle East!

This link takes you to the Durrat Al Bahrain website where you will be able to see and explore this Mega Project:


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