Thursday, April 24, 2008

UAE/Gulf Is World Leader In Mega Aviation Projects!

The UAE/Gulf Region of the Middle East is growing so fast and in so many different areas that even I am amazed! As I have said in previous posts, I believe The UAE/Gulf will one day be both the entertainment and business capital of the world. Already this area is the fastest growing region on the planet for both tourist and business travel! This trend will continue to grow and keep getting bigger and bigger. Therefore it should come as no surprise to you that the UAE/Gulf is the world leader in airport/aviation Mega Projects. Consider this:

- The Dubai World International Airport at Jebel Ali is an $8.2Billion project,

- The Abu Dhabi International Airport expansion is at $6.8Billion,

- The new Doha International Airport in Qatar is a $5.5Billion project,

- Saudi Arabia is spending a whopping $11.3Billion to expand and improve their airports,

- Kuwait is spending $2.1Billion on their International Airport,

- Iraq is spending $2Billion on Baghdad International Airport,

- Bahrain International Airport is spending $815Million on airport improvements,

- Even outside of the Gulf, Jordan is spending $600Million on Queen Alia International Airport.

Furthermore, The Dubai Air Show has become wildly successful and just keeps getting bigger and bigger! The 2007 show was the biggest ever with over 45,000 industry visitors from 131 countries as well as 850 exhibitors from 50 countries! This was a 40% increase from the 2005 Dubai Air Show! According to Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA), and Chairman of Dubai Airports:

"The scale of growth in the show over the past two years- which amounts to some 40% in booked floor space, reflects the massive growth the Middle East's aviation industry is experiencing across all segments. Regional carriers are expanding fleets and networks, there is huge investment in the region's aviation infrastructure, the aviation service sector is attracting a considerable influx in FDI, and the training and development of the industry's regional talent pool is moving forward at pace."

History was made at the 2007 Dubai Air Show when Emirates Airline of Dubai placed the largest order ever in civil aviation history for:

> 120 Airbus 350s
> 11 A380s
> 12 Boeing 777-300ERs

The total cost for this massive order? $34.9Billion!! WOW!!! The entire world stood in amazement of this incredible order. And if that was not enough, do you know what the total amount of declared on-site orders was for the show? Over $100Billion!!

"Once again the Dubai Air Show is proving to be a barometer of Middle East aviation growth and with this year's event being the largest in the event's 18 year history there is a clear signal that the global aerospace industry is now prioritizing activities in this region," stated Sheikh Al Maktoum.

Virginia Kern, Chairman of Fairs & Exhibitions, organizers of the Dubai Air Show, had this to say:

"This really was a world-beating event in every way. The visitor breakdown shows a particularly high turnout of airline executives- which reflects the huge growth that has taken place in the Middle East's civil aviation profile in recent years. So with record numbers of exhibitors, aircraft displayed, on-site orders taken and visitors, there can be no doubt whatsoever that when it comes to aviation, this region now has a truly global standing."

As you can now see the UAE/Gulf is expanding at an incredible pace in the airport/aviation sector. This of course mimics the overall mega expansion of the region and there is much, much more to come!

Here are 2 YouTube videos of the 2007 Dubai Air Show:



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