Friday, August 15, 2008

The Mega Developers: Omniyat Properties

Omniyat Properties is a privately held real estate investment and development company headquartered in Dubai. Interestingly enough, Omniyat actually grew out of a group of companies called Almasa Holding that specialize in IT hardware and software! Almasa was founded in 1995 by the Dubai based entrepreneur Mehdi Amjad and his Kuwait based partner Esmail Janathi.

Almasa first got started in real estate in 2000 with projects in Iran and the UK. Based on the success they had in these areas -- and the huge expansion taking place in the UAE -- the founding shareholders of Almasa formed Omniyat Properties in 2005. I find the Omniyat Mega Projects to be some of the most unique and advanced seen anywhere in the world.


> The Opus. This commercial tower in Business Bay, which I have already done an in depth post on, has some of the most innovative and "way out there" architecture I have ever seen, and as Omniyat says: "The Opus will change the way you look at commercial towers." In fact, The Opus looks more like a work of modern art than a commercial tower!

> Octavian. Another Business Bay Tower that looks more like a work of art than a building! According to Omniyat: 'Octavian, through inspiration and guidance, is developed by the most forward thinking developer in the region-- Omniyat Properties, whose cutting edge designs have earned unchallenged respect and recognition from the international business community.'

> The Binary. This is a unique "dual storey" development that consists of two (hence the name Binary) commercial towers fused together at the center. The Binary will contain offices as well as retail shops and a medical center.

> One Business Bay. This massive tower is located at the entrance of Business Bay and is in fact Omniyat's maiden project in Dubai. What is really unique about this 30 storey tower is that it expands and gets bigger as it rises in height...so the top is much larger than the bottom!

> Bayswater. This 25 storey commercial tower is located right on the waterfront in Business Bay. Like all of Omniyat's projects, Bayswater incorporates unique architecture-- the tower is scissor shaped!

> The Square. With The Square, Omniyat has created a mixed-use residential, retail and commercial development. The residential complex is made up of 9 low rise buildings. There will also be one building of serviced apartments and another commercial building. The grounds of The Square will contain 6000sqm of gardens and water features.

> The Pad. This 25 storey residential tower is located on the waterfront at Business Bay. The Pad uses a unique type of architecture called "cybertecture" making it the regions most technologically advanced residence. All of the 231 apartments in The Pad will contain the latest smart technology to give residents a feeling of "living in the future." To me The Pad looks like one gigantic computer chip!

> The Gemeni. Made up of two 20 storey towers joined by a 15 storey block, and located in Business Bay, The Gemeni is based on Omniyat's new OYSTER concept of office design. This basically means that the development is one self contained unit with everything from offices to restaurants to retail shops to recreation all under one roof... so...you never have to leave! The OYSTER concept is also used in many other Omniyat projects.

Omniyat Properties is without a doubt one of the greatest innovators in The Gulf. I am really amazed by their fabulous Mega Projects which are some of the most unique and advanced you will find anywhere in the world. Omniyat is going to keep on growing and growing!


Omniyat Properties
Burjuman Business Tower
26th Floor
Trade Center Road
P.O. Box 121926
Dubai, UAE
Tel.: +971 4 5115 000
Fax: +971 4 5115 005
Email: info@omniyat.com
Website: http://www.omniyat.com/

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