Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Opus, Dubai: Is It A Mega Project Or A Work Of Art?

The Opus is both!! This iconic building being developed by Omniyat Properties of Dubai is BOTH a Mega Project AND a work of art! The Opus will be located in Business Bay, the vibrant Dubai Business District designed to emerge as the business capital of The Gulf. Business Bay is the perfect location for a regional or international headquarters for multinational and local corporations...and it is also perfect to be the home of one of the most stunning buildings on earth-- The Opus!

Designed by the award winning architect Zaha Hadid, The Opus will change the way we view commercial towers. No longer are they just buildings, now they are genuine works of modern art! The Opus, which is located on its own island site at Business Bay, is uniquely designed to give the impression of a glowing cube hovering in space over the ground. While it appears as a one single unit, The Opus is in fact three towers amalgamated creatively to give a perception of a singular unified whole. Every time I look at The Opus it reminds me of a modern piece of sculpture!

One of the most unique features of The Opus is The Void. This distinctive feature of the property is a large curving free form space in the center of the building. The Void is the one feature above all others that makes The Opus look like a piece of modern art. The interior of The Void is clad with a fully engineered curved glass curtain wall system to allow for stunning views into and out of The Void.

Interiors of The Opus are designed to maximize worker efficiency, and the views from within the building offer maximum natural light for the office spaces. Great attention to detail has gone into all facets of the project. Zaha Hadid had this to say:

"This is a building that challenges traditional concepts of office space. Not only will it be visually stunning, it will also be a workable space, and a place that allows every occupant to experience a better quality working environment, using the very latest technological advances. The Opus is a striking, fluid spatial building that refutes traditional definitions of office functionality. All facets of the project have been meticulously designed to provide optimal use of the space, with materials sourced to provide durability, efficiency, operation and maintenance whilst reducing noise to sustain privacy."

The uppermost floor of The Opus will feature all the relaxing and innovative features of Omniyat Properties’ OYSTER concept including a Tranquillity Zone, a beach deck with reflective pool and shaded roof terrace, a media zone and a gym. OYSTER is an acronym for Offices Yielding Superior Targets Through Efficiency and Relaxation. Buildings based on this concept are self contained and produce excellent results, just like an oyster, which is self-contained within its shell and produces the pearl. I think this concept is spot on and should be used in the design of all office buildings!

More features of The Opus that have been created to benefit those who work there include an elaborate retail podium across the lobby and first, second and third gallery. Everything from stores of all kinds to fine dining restaurants and cafes will be available.

"The Opus project combines art and performance with form and functionality. The strategic location, stunning exterior and the extensive range of facilities make The Opus project a strategic buy for potential investors who can expect considerable returns on their investment," said Mehdi Amjad, President and CEO of Omniyat Properties.

When you work at The Opus you will actually be working inside a piece of modern art! I think this is great and fits in perfectly with all the innovative Mega Projects being developed in Dubai and throughout The Gulf!

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