Wednesday, August 6, 2008

One Million Dollar Vacations! No Flipping At Trump Dubai! Hydra Executives Blowup!

Three very interesting articles from The National and ArabianBusiness.com came to my attention. All relate to previous posts I have done on Emirates Palace, Trump Dubai and The Hydra Executives. I think you will find all this very interesting as well!

>> Apparently Emirates Palace, the Ultra-Ultra Luxury 7-Star Hotel in Abu Dhabi has come up with the most expensive holiday you can take. It costs ONE MILLION DOLLARS.... for ONE WEEK!! According to The National:

'The all-inclusive, $145,000-a-day getaway package for two includes gifts of guns and jewelry and day trips to Jordan, Bahrain and Iran. It is the brainchild of Karim Sehry Fassy, the director of marketing at the Emirates Palace.

'The package includes the hotel’s finest suite, first-class air tickets, a full-time Maybach luxury saloon with driver, daily spa treatments, day trips by private jet to Iran to witness the creation of a unique Persian carpet, to Jordan for a spa treatment with Dead Sea mud and to Bahrain for a deep-sea pearl dive. The pearl will be set in a custom-made piece of jewelry.'

Gavin Samson, the director of Tri-Hospitality consulting, a company based in London and Dubai, said:

"Nothing surprises me any more at all in this market. I’m surprised that this is in Abu Dhabi and not in Dubai. That’s where the publicity and the headlines are hit with these ridiculous announcements."

WOW! A $1,000,000 holiday! I wonder who will be the first to take this vacation for the Super Rich??



>> Nakheel will not allow properties bought at Trump International Hotel & Tower Dubai (Trump Dubai) to be flipped. If you purchase a unit at Trump Dubai YOU MUST HOLD IT FOR AT LEAST 1 YEAR before you can sell it! According to ArabianBusiness.com:

'Investors at the recently-launched Trump International Hotel & Tower on Palm Jumeirah had to sign a purchase sale agreement banning them from on-selling the property for one year.'

"Nakheel introduced the restriction of re-sell for residential units purchased at which cannot be sold within the first year of purchase. Nakheel is committed in providing the market with a fair and transparent sales process, which maximize the buying opportunities for customers wishing to purchase a property from Nakheel," said a Nakheel spokesperson.

Still, I don't think this is a big problem for those wanting to invest in Trump Dubai because I think the project will be a long term winner.



>> Security guards had to be called in during the season two shooting of the popular UAE reality TV show, The Hydra Executives. In season one, teams from the USA and the UK were pitted against one another. However in season two, teams from India and Pakistan go up against each other. And this is where the fireworks began! According to ArabianBusiness.com:

'Security staff are being deployed to separate angry Indian and Pakistani contestants during filming of the second series of The Hydra Executives, Arabian Business can reveal. Sources close to the show revealed on Tuesday that tempers boiled over between the teams during filming of the episode two of the second series in Abu Dhabi earlier this week.

'It is believed that “serious” arguments broke out after the first episode ended. “Things got very heated with a lot of name calling and shouting between the Indian and Pakistani teams. It became quite scary and we have had to look at security issues on the show as a result,” says a source.

'Another source added: “We knew that there would be friction in the room if we put together teams from India and Pakistan but nobody thought it would get this serious. It's fair to say the teams aren’t getting on with each other ."

With the show's winner getting $1,000,000... and no love lost between India and Pakistan, I can see how this could happen. This should really be a great season for The Hydra Executives with this kind of blowup happening so early in the show!



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