Friday, June 20, 2008

The 10 Most Important Dubai Mega Projects

In this post I will give you what I consider to be the 10 most important Dubai Mega Projects. With this list I am looking at the LONG TERM success of Dubai. Therefore some of the Mega Projects on the list may not be as far along in development as projects I have excluded from the list...but nevertheless, in the LONG TERM, the Mega Projects on this list will be much more important to the success of Dubai than some projects that did not make the list. For example, RIGHT NOW Ski Dubai, which is fully operational and attracting many tourists to Dubai, is more important than Dubailand, which has many years to go before being fully finished. However, in the LONG TERM, Dubailand is far more important than Ski Dubai to the overall success of Dubai and will attract many, many more tourists to Dubai than Ski Dubai ever could.


1.) Dubailand. Once complete, Dubailand will be the largest Mega Entertainment/Theme Park ever built and will be twice as large as Disney World. Dubailand is the Mega Project that will ultimately bring a continuous flood of millions and millions of tourists to Dubai each year. And as the biggest theme park ever built, Dubailand will make headlines all over the world bringing Dubai into the forefront of world travel.

2.) Business Bay. This gigantic Mega Business/Finance Development is destined to become "the Wall Street of the Middle East." One of the major goals of Dubai is to become a business and financial world hub. With Business Bay, Dubai will accomplish this goal making the Emirate a global business and finance powerhouse. Becoming a world business capital is vital for the long term success of Dubai.

3.) Dubai World Central. With the huge amount of tourism that projects like Dubailand will create, and all of the international business going in and out of Dubai, it is of primary importance for the long term success of the Emirate to have the largest and most modern international transportation center in the world-- and this is exactly what Dubai World Central will be when complete. None of Dubai's long term plans can work without having the finest transportation center in the world.

4.) Burj Dubai. As the tallest skyscraper in the world (and still growing), Burj Dubai constantly makes headlines all over the world. These headlines put Dubai right in the center of world media attention making the entire world aware of what an amazing place Dubai really is. Burj Dubai - being the tallest skyscraper in world history - makes the entire planet focus on Dubai!

5.) The Palm Islands. Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira are three of the most Iconic and incredible Mega Projects ever built. They are the eighth, ninth and tenth Wonders Of The World!! They rival the Great Pyramids! And just as the Great Pyramids drive millions of tourists to Egypt, The Palm Islands will do the same for Dubai. Furthermore, these islands offer some of the best real estate investment opportunities available, and because of this they are attracting investors from all over the world to Dubai.

6.) The World. Like the Palm Islands, The World is one of the most fantastic Mega Projects ever created. The World puts Dubai at the zenith of international property development because it has become one of the "Wonders Of The World" and an international Icon!

7.) Burj Al Alam. Once complete Burj Al Alam will be the tallest business tower ever built....another world's first for Dubai. But even more important than that, as the tallest BUSINESS tower in all of the world, Burj Al Alam will act like a beacon for attracting businesses to Dubai. This tower will be featured in all of the world's leading business media putting Dubai right in the center of all things business!

8.) Dubai Sports City. The phenomenal interest in sports throughout the world will make this Mega Project one of Dubai's most popular. Dubai Sports City will be an entire city devoted to sports! Nothing like this has ever been seen before and this development will attract the millions and millions of sports fans from all over the world to Dubai!

9.) Dubai Towers at The Lagoons. The stunning architecture of these 4 magnificent towers is so completely amazing that the Dubai Towers will capture the interest of and captivate the world! This is yet another Mega Project that will bring Dubai an incredible amount of international media attention. And don't forget that Dubai Tower 4 will be one of the tallest towers in the world coming in at 550m!

10.) Burj Al Arab. The finest and most luxurious hotel in the entire world! Burj Al Arab has already become a World Icon attracting the Super-Rich to Dubai. This hotel has put Dubai at the forefront of world luxury destinations and will continue to bring the rich and famous from all over the world to Dubai.


There are so many great Dubai Mega Projects that it is very hard to pick the top 10. Her are some others that easily could have made the list:

> Dubai Waterfront
> Dubai Marina
> Al Burj
> Meydan
> Emirates Towers
> Mall Of Arabia
> Ski Dubai

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