Monday, June 16, 2008

The Mega Developers: Tatweer

Tatweer was formed in 2005 as a division of Dubai Holding. Tatweer is a huge mutli-billion dollar Dubai conglomerate whose companies are involved in 6 major market sectors:

1. Leisure and Entertainment
2. Real Estate
3. Hotels and Hospitality
4. Industry
5. Energy Trading
6. Healthcare

From Tatweer:

'Launched in December 2005, Tatweer has given life to the Dubai Vision. Powering mega-industries, molding ultra-luxurious enclaves from barren desert, creating world-class facilities for Emiratis and expatriates alike.

'As the strategic and operational driver of a select group of Dubai Holding entities, Tatweer's mission is to develop new markets to serve Dubai's unprecedented progress. A mission already accomplished through its market-leading entities:

> The Tiger Woods Dubai
> DreamWorks
> Dubai Healthcare City
> Dubai Energy
> Dubailand
> Universal Studios
> Bawadi
> Global Village
> Dubai Industrial City
> Mizin
> Tatweer Lammtara Joint Venture
> The Dubai Mercantile Exchange

'As the Dubai Vision continues to captivate the world, Tatweer pushes on to create its physical manifestations in Energy and Healthcare, Tourism and Entertainment, Industry, and Real Estate. And other forthcoming projects that will bear Tatweer's mark of world-class excellence.'

WOW! Talk about having a "No Limits" attitude!

The largest and grandest of all the Tatweer Mega Projects is of course Dubailand. This is the biggest and most expensive Mega Entertainment Project in world history! Dubailand will be twice the size of Disney World and the current estimated cost of Dubailand is $103Billion. At this cost Dubailand is the second most expensive Mega Project ever built. Number one is King Abdullah Economic City in Saudi Arabia coming in at $120Billion! However I think that with new projects always being announced for Dubailand that its final cost will be in the area of $140-$150Billion, making it number one.

The importance of Dubailand to Dubai, the UAE and the entire Middle East cannot be emphasized enough. Dubailand is the Mega Project that will really bring the millions and millions of tourists to Dubai. It will make Dubai into the world's greatest tourist destination, in my opinion. And with all of those tourists flocking to Dubai there will be a "spillover effect" into the other Emirates, and other parts of The Gulf as well. Thus Tatweer, as the developer of Dubailand, becomes one of the most important Mega Developers in the entire Middle East - just as important as Emaar and Nakheel - I think.

Many of the Mega Projects being developed by Tatweer will actually be part of Dubailand. For example, Bawadi - the largest strip entertainment destination in the world - is part of Dubailand. Dreamworks, Universal Studios, Six Flags and Global Village are also part of Dubailand.

The real estate division of Tatweer is called Mizin, which has 4 gigantic projects in development:

- Remraam. A huge upscale community with residences to be offered at an affordable price. Located next to Arabian Ranches and close to Mall of Arabia and Golf City. I will be doing an in depth post on Remraam shortly.

- Arjan. A master planned community near Dubailand that will be home to 67,000 residents as well as 6 office towers and a variety of retail and hospitality developments.

- Liwan. A $2Billion development that will be the "Gateway To Dubailand" and be close to all major Dubailand attractions.

- Majan. This project is actually Downtown Dubailand and will have an area of 16.5 million sq feet and cost approximately $7.25Billion.

I think I have given you some idea of the size, scope and importance of the Tatweer Mega Projects. Tatweer is without a doubt one of the greatest Gulf Mega Developers and is building a bright future for all of the Middle East!

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