Friday, June 6, 2008

Dubai's Top 100 Skyscrapers

Dubai is becoming the world's greatest metropolis! No other location on earth has as many incredible Mega Projects being built as Dubai....and so many skyscrapers! Skyscrapers with such stunning architecture that the entire world is in awe! In this post I will list ALL of the Top 100 Skyscrapers Of Dubai. These skyscrapers are the shining monuments to the greatness of Dubai and all of The Gulf. These skyscrapers represent the bright future of Dubai, all of the UAE, and the entire Middle East!

I will list the name of each individual skyscraper along with its height. I will try to be as accurate as possible but please understand that since so many of these skyscrapers are still in the construction stage the developers will sometimes alter their height during construction-- usually to make them taller than originally announced. A perfect example of this is The Burj Dubai. Nobody knows how tall this skyscraper will finally be...it just keeps GROWING!


1. Al Burj, 1050m
2. Burj Dubai, 808m
3. Dubai Tower 4 @ The Lagoons, 550m
4. Pentominium, 516m
5. Burj Al Alam, 501m
6. DAMAC Heights, 460m
7. Marina Sky Towers, 450m
8. Princess Tower, 414m
9. Marina 101, 412m
10. Lighthouse Tower, 400m
11. Emirates Park Tower 1, 395m
12. Emirates Park Tower 2, 395m
13. 23 Marina, 395m
14. Elite Residence, 380m
15. The Wave Tower, 370m
16. Almas Tower, 360m
17. Emirates Office Tower, 354m
18. The Torch, 345m
19. Rose Tower, 333m
20. Al Yaqoub Tower, 330m
21. Infinity Tower, 330m
22. The Index, 328m
23. Burj Al Arab, 321m
24. HHHR Tower, 317m
25. Ocean Heights, 310
26. Burj Dubai Lake, 306m
27. Emirates Hotel Tower, 305m
28. Ahmed Abdul Rahim Al Attar Tower, 301m
29. Emirates Crown, 296m
30. Sulafa Tower, 285m
31. Millenium Tower, 285m
32. G-Tower, 280m
33. Mag 218 Tower, 275m
34. Nikko Hotel, 270m
35. 21st Century Tower, 269m
36. Abjar Tower, 267m
37. Al Kazim Tower 1, 265m
38. Al Kazim Tower 2, 265m
39. Marina Pinnacle, 260m
40. Khalid Al Attar Towers, 260m
41. Ubora Tower, 256m
42. Emirates Marina, 256m
43. Chelsea Tower, 251m
44. Angsana Hotel & Suites 1, 250m
45. Angsana Hotel & Suites 2, 250m
46. Al Tayer Tower, 248m
47. Churchill Residency, 247m
48. Oasis Beach Tower, 245m
49. Al Fattan Tower, 245m
50. The Tower, 242m
51. Sama Tower, 240m
52. The Buildings by Daman, 235m
53. Park Place, 234m
54. Al Seef Tower, 214m
55. Executive Towers Building M, 212m
56. La Reve, 210m
57. Grosvenor House Hotel and Apartments, 210m
58. Marina Heights, 208m
59. Tamani Hotel Marina, 207m
60. Marina Crown, 207m
61. The Citadel, 201m
62. Acico Office Tower, 200m
63. Shangri-La Hotel, 200m
64. Al Salam Tecom Tower, 195m
65. Executive Towers Building B, 193m
66. Horizon Tower, 190m
67. Dubai Tower, 186m
68. Executive Towers Building K, 185m
69. Etisalat Telecommunication & Administration Building, 185m
70. Murjan Tower, 185m
71. Mesk Tower, 185m
72. Capricorn Tower, 185m
73. World Trade Center, 184m
74. Marina Terrace, 183m
75. Executive Towers Building L, 180m
76. Executive Towers Building H, 180m
77. Nuaimi Tower, 172m
78. Iris Tower, 170m
79. Executive Towers Building G, 170m
80. Executive Towers Building J, 170m
81. Jumeirah Beach Residence, 170m
82. Al Sahab Tower One, 170m
83. Shatha Tower, 167m
84. Four Points by Sheraton, 166m
85. Goldcrest Executive Tower, 165m
86. Falcon Tower, 163m
87. Sky Garden, 160m
88. Goldcrest Views 1, 159m
89. Time Place, 158m
90. Saeed Tower 2, 155m
91. Kendah House, 154m
92. Dusit Dubai, 153m
93. The Fairmont Dubai, 153m
94. Al Yassat Tower, 151m
95. Lake View, 146m
96. Globe Lake View, 136m
97. The Aspect Tower, 135m
98. Emirates Financial Tower 1, 135m
99. Emirates Financial Tower 2, 135m
100. The Residences Tower W3, 135m

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