Monday, June 30, 2008

The Escape, Ajman: Unique Equestrian Themed Mega Project!

I have seen many unique and amazing Mega Projects unveiled in the UAE....in fact the UAE is the world leader for creating new and one of a kind developments. What I have never seen is an entire residential Mega Development with an equestrian theme-- until now! Escape, located in Ajman, is a $720Million, 200-acre exclusive gated community offering villas and low rise apartments, a boutique hotel, and a full range of equestrian facilities in addition to several multi-purpose sports arenas. This Mega Project is a horse lovers dream come true!

Escape will offer:

> 10 luxury villas, 500 medium villas, and 220 semi-detached villas in various configurations,
> 16 low-to-medium rise apartment buildings,
> Equestrian-themed boutique 5-Star hotel,
> Indoor multi-purpose sport and riding arena,
> Outdoor multi-purpose show ring / sports arena with seating for 400 spectators,
> HoofbeatZ Activities Equine Centre,
> Equine Spa,
> Barn facilities for 200 horses,
> Indoor sports arena for basketball, badminton, volleyball, and more,
> International standard restaurants and retail establishments,
> State-of-the-art business, health, sport, and leisure centers.

Ever seen a Mega Project like this one?? I have'nt! Definitely another "Big First" for the UAE! Located at the heart of Escape is the HoofbeatZ Centre, a two-level activities clubhouse which introduces a unique mix of equestrian-themed activities and entertainment in addition to traditional sports facilities ideal for the entire family. Wow! An entire club devoted to activities you can do with your horse!

"Our HoofbeatZ Program introduces non traditional equestrian games, workshops, and experiences that are all designed to broaden the base of those interested in horses, and to allow for people to learn about the horse as never before. These are brand new ideas and activities that are ideal for the entire family; our ultimate goal is to foster a new generation of equine enthusiasts and professionals from the UAE," said Eileen Verdieck, Partner of Escape LLC.

Even the 150 room Resort Hotel at Escape will be equestrian themed with each room dedicated to a different breed of horse. This is the only equestrian themed hotel in the entire world!

The villas at Escape will maintain open space, without property walls, and architectural inspiration comes from the traditional Arabic, Ottoman, and Mediterranean cultures. Low rise apartments border the residential area of the development and are only between eight and thirteen floors high so as to create a stress-free relaxed country atmosphere for the community.

"It's difficult for people in Dubai to live a nice lifestyle with the traffic and everything. With this location being literally 20 minutes from Dubai Airport, it's a wonderful alternative for people who maybe didn't think this kind of lifestyle was in their price range," said Verdieck.

Anwer Sher, General Manager of Escape LLC, had this to say:

"Escape will offer a new and healthier kind of lifestyle. Conveniently located to urban centers, yet removed from traffic and other urban stress, the community has been carefully designed to provide residents with an abundance of nature, peaceful views, and privacy not seen in other developments. Each villa is being planned so that it has a view onto planned bridle paths, or public park space areas. We have worked with the natural topography of the site, and enhanced existing land rises and using the lay of the land to promote a feeling of space and privacy."

Escape is a real paradise for the horse lover! An entire community devoted to horses and horse enthusiasts! Only in the UAE could you ever find something like Escape! This equestrian themed Mega Project truly embraces the creativity, vision and uniqueness of the UAE Mega Projects!

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