Tuesday, May 27, 2008

35 Reasons To Invest In Dubai

Currently I am living in the United States until I get the best offer to come to the UAE and I am amazed at how little Americans know about the massive real estate expansion going on in Dubai, the rest of the UAE, and all over The Gulf. There is very little in the media about the Gulf Expansion except for 'Business Arabia' on for 1/2 hour once a week and 'Gateway To The Middle East' on for 1/2 hour once a month. Other than that, except for the occasional report on one of the business channels, there is almost nothing!

I have created this list - '35 Reasons To Invest In Dubai' - for two main reasons: 1.) as a tool to stimulate interest in Dubai in regions where little interest exists, and 2.) as an excellent tool in areas where great interest already exists, such as The Gulf itself. In both cases the list can be given to perspective investors to give them a quick point-by-point rundown of the many benefits of investing in Dubai. I think this list is the most complete available anywhere and I hope you find it useful.


1. Dubai has become a leading regional, commercial, financial and tourist hub with a state-of-the-art infrastructure and a world class business environment.

2. Dubai has successfully positioned itself as a diversified international business center attracting 100's of new international companies every year who come to take advantage of the TAX-FREE Free Trade Zones for businesses.

3. Dubai has the most PRO-BUSINESS ATTITUDE of any region on the planet and believes that "if it’s good for business, it’s good for Dubai." Dubai is often referred to as "Dubai Inc."

4. Due to the incredible expansion of the region as a financial and tourism powerhouse, prime locations in Dubai should always be in demand and are likely to provide excellent investment opportunities both short and long term.

5. Dubai is ideally positioned as a business gateway between Europe and Asia.

6. Future Demand: Population is destined to increase from 1m to 3m while tourism will also greatly expand from 6m to 15m, by 2010.

7. Future Supply: All master-planning is Government controlled to carefully manage the demand-supply ratio thus maintaining strong growth & returns.

8. No Income Tax.

9. No Corporate Tax (the only exception to this is oil producing companies and branches of foreign banks).

10. No Capital Gains Tax.

11. No Rental Income Tax.

12. 100% ownership in Free Zones.

13. Strong investor incentives and protections.

14. No restrictions on capital repatriation.

15. No foreign exchange controls, trade barriers or quotas.

16. Buying Process: Simple. No company formation or national registration is required.

17. Legal & Notary Fees: None required, although legal advice is recommended.

18. Payment Structure: Following an initial reservation deposit, a deferred payment structure is usually provided by the developer with payments spread over the construction period.

19. Capital Appreciation: Recent years have provided huge returns...100% Tax Free.

20. Rental Returns: Recent years have provided huge returns...100% Tax Free.

21. Most property available for purchase by non-nationals.

22. There are 15 huge Free Zones where developers can build freehold properties.

23. A buyer has the option to transfer a property purchase (i.e. flip it) during payment terms - at low fees - usually between 1% and 7%.

24. RERA. Real Estate Regulatory Agency oversees entire real estate market in Dubai to satisfy and guarantee all investors rights and expectations.

25. Residency: Resident visas are supplied with non-UAE purchase on property.

26. Over 200 nationalities and cultures are represented in Dubai.

27. Progressive, tolerant and multicultural society.

28. Continuous political stability since its inception in 1971.

29. SAFETY. Voted the safest city in the world by Interpol.

30. Worldwide Recognition and Press Attention due to iconic developments such as Palm Jumeirah, The World, Burj Dubai, Burj Al Arab, Dubailand, etc.

31. Internationally renowned sports facilities including golf, tennis, water sports, horse racing, indoor skiing, dune driving and sand skiing. Dubai plays host to the Dubai Tennis Open, Dubai PGA Desert Classic, Dubai Rugby Sevens, Dubai Grand Prix of Nations, Dubai World Cup, etc.

32. Ultra modern airport facilities.

33. Unparalleled luxury for visiting tourists - Dubai has more leading hotels of the world than any other country.

34. World-class international schools.

35. Superb climate, with more than 350 days of sun annually.

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