Thursday, May 8, 2008

360 Kuwait: Spectacular Mega Mall Entertainment Project!

Kuwait, like so many of the Gulf Countries, is rapidly expanding with a large number of new Mega Projects. I have already done a post on the gigantic $87Billion City Of Silk project and today I will cover an exciting new project called 360 Kuwait. Being developed by Kuwait Mega Developer Tamdeen Group, 360 Kuwait is a huge new Mega Mall / Entertainment Center located in the rapidly growing South Surra area of Kuwait. The mall has a circular shape to it, hence the 360 which stands for 360 degrees-- a full circle.

360 Kuwait will be made up of 7 different levels as follows:

- Lower Level. Here you will find a huge Hypermarket,

- Ground Level. Made up of department stores, retail shops, restaurants and cafes,

- Level 1. This level will offer more retail shops, restaurants and cafes,

- Level 2. This level will feature a large variety of entertainment offerings, cinemas, food lounge and restaurants,

- Level 3. Another entertainment level featuring family entertainment, teenage entertainment, bowling and restaurants,

- Level 4. Offices, a spa, and what they call "Edutainment,"

- Level 5. This will be all offices.

Entertainment offerings in 360 Kuwait will be wide and varied, and according to Tamdeen Group:

'The sprawling entertainment area that dominates the uppermost levels of the mall will house a 15-screen cinema complex. The cinematic experiences are further heightened by an IMAX theatre and VIP theatres. A bowling alley and a choice of entertainment options for children, teenagers and families will complete Kuwait’s most comprehensive entertainment offering.'

In addition, 360 Kuwait will offer something quite unique, Edutainment:

'Another attraction for families will be the ‘edutainment’ features that the mall offers. As its name suggests, edutainment (educational entertainment or entertainment-education) is designed to educate as well as to entertain. Within the well designed confines of the mall, edutainment features will help instruct children and teens, by embedding lessons in some familiar form of entertainment: television programs, computer and video games, films, music, websites, multimedia software, etc.' according to Tamdeen Group.

Furthermore, the mall will contain 6 different Zones:

> Techno Hub. This zone is a high tech introduction to the mall designed to inform and direct new visitors about the many features of 360 Kuwait,

> Solar Garden. A large variety of dining areas located both inside and outside of the mall. The inside area has been designed to give the experience of traveling through time and space, while the outside area offers lush green landscaping, tall palm trees and terraced ponds,

> Day Journey. This area of 360 Kuwait is infused with changing colors and textures of materials and a flood of natural light from the sky above. It is designed to give visitors an almost magical daylight experience,

> Night Journey. This part of the mall gives visitors the feeling of taking a journey under a beautiful night sky. Night Journey even contains a Star Court to celebrate centuries of journeys guided by the stars,

> Central Street. This is an express path through 360 Kuwait designed with traditional Middle Eastern architecture to subtly reference the familiar old-world shopping experience prevalent in the Gulf Region,

> Main Atrium. An oasis-like destination in the mall, the Main Atrium is a place of rest and tranquility where visitors can come to relax.

360 Kuwait will be opening sometime in 2009, and as you can now see this Mega Mall Entertainment Project will be one of the most unique and fabulous malls in the entire world!

This link takes you to the 360 Kuwait website:


...and this link takes you to Tamdeen Group, developers of 360 Kuwait:


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