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Burj Al Arab: Dubai's First Iconic Mega Project!

I remember the first time I saw the Burj Al Arab back in 1999 when it first opened. I was AMAZED! The incredible architecture! The location- on its own private island! The height- tallest hotel in the world, and almost as tall as New York City's Empire State Building! And the LUXURY! Never had anyone seen anything like the luxury offered by this hotel. So grand was the Burj Al Arab that a brand new hotel rating had to be given to it....7-Stars! The first 7-Star hotel in all the world!

The Burj Al Arab was Dubai's first Iconic Mega Project. Remember, this hotel was completed all the way back in 1999...way before the Mega Project Boom we are experiencing today even began. Let's take a closer look at what this Iconic Hotel Mega Project has to offer those lucky enough to stay there:

** First, you do not arrive at the Burj Al Arab like you do to most hotels. Since the Burj Al Arab is located on its own private island, you must drive over a private bridge just to get there. Most guests are picked up at the airport by one of the Burj Al Arab's Rolls-Royce limousines, or - if they prefer - guests can fly to the Burj Al Arab on a private helicopter and land on the Burj Al Arab's private helipad! Wow!

** When you enter the Burj Al Arab your breath will be taken away by the gigantic Atrium....the biggest Atrium in the world! But its not only that. Its all the GOLD. Everywhere! The Burj Al Arab's interior decorators used an astonishing 1500 square meters of gold leaf throughout the hotel!

** The Burj Al Arab contains a total of 202 duplex suites, the finest hotel suites offered anywhere. As you can imagine all of these suites are sumptuously decorated and offer the finest in-suite amenities including:

- A dining and living area and an office area complete with laptop, Internet access, private fax, printer and copier,

- Hidden network of advanced technology - lighting, curtains and air-conditioning at the touch of a button,

- 42-inch plasma screen, video on demand, DVD, 93 cable channels, and 2 hotel information channels,

- Walk-in shower and Jacuzzi / Spa bath, complimented by a decadent bath menu with music and Aromatherapy Associates bath oils, prepared by your butler,

- A private bar and in-suite mini-bar, and even a "Pillow Menu" with 13 types of pillows to choose from!

** Burj Al Arab guests have access to a wide variety of leisure activities:

- Assawan Spa & Health Club, located on the 18th floor offers hydrotherapy, oriental massage, steam rooms, Jacuzzi, two infinity pools, squash court, two fully equipped fitness studios and an aerobics floor,

- Unlimited access to Wild Wadi Water Park,

- Rolls-Royce chauffeur shopping experience,

- Helicopter tour over Dubai,

- Majles Al Bahar private beach, exclusive for Burj Al Arab guests,

- Golf at world class golf courses such as Montgomerie, Emirates Hills, Dubai Creek and Arabian Ranches,

- Yacht charter

- Easy access to Ski Dubai at Mall Of The Emirates...and just about anything else you can imagine - they can make happen!

** Meetings and Events. The Burj Al Arab has the most spectacular facilities available for conferences, meetings and events: Al Falak Ballroom, Suha and Athuraya Boardrooms, Suheil Boardroom, Al Areeka and Tameen Majlis, Assawan Amphitheatre and the Marina Garden.

** The Burj Al Arab has 8 of the finest restaurants and lounges in the world:

- Al Mahara. Probably the most famous restaurant in all of Dubai. Why? Because it is located completely underwater and is accessed by a submarine! Now this is fine dining!

- Al Muntaha, which means the ultimate or the highest, is located 200 metres above the Arabian Gulf offering Mediterranean cuisine and unmatched views of The Palm Jumeirah and The World Islands,

- Skyview Bar. Located adjacent to Al Muntaha, a wonderful location for pre and post dinner drinks with views of The World Islands, The Palm Jumeirah, and Jumeirah Beach shoreline,

- Sahn Eddar. Located at the base of the Burj Al Arab Atrium and offering light fine fare and afternoon tea,

- Al Iwan offers the finest Arabian hospitality with d├ęcor of dramatic gold, red and black,

- Majlis Al Bahar. A casual alfresco restaurant serving Mediterranean specialities with spectacular views of the Gulf and Burj Al Arab,

- Juna Lounge. A stylish and intimate lounge with a fine selection of cigars,

- Bab Al Yam. A cafe restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere and stunning views of the Arabian Gulf.

The Burj Al Arab is home to some of the finest shops in the world: Chopard, Bvlgari, Rodeo Drive, Prima Gold, Bin Hendi, Dianoor, Paris Gallery and Les Exclusives. You can even buy a small Swarovski Crystal model of the Burj Al Arab for about $1400! I wouldn't mind having one of these on my desk!

There really are not enough superlatives to describe the Burj Al Arab and every time I think of this Iconic Hotel Mega Project it just makes me feel.....happy! The Burj Al Arab was the first Architectural Wonder to capture the True Spirit Of Dubai: THAT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WHEN YOU DARE TO HAVE LIMITLESS DREAMS!

Here is a great YouTube video that will give you a complete tour of Burj Al Arab:


This link takes you to the Burj Al Arab website:


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