Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Mega Developers: Dar Al-Arkan

Saudi Arabia is undergoing a massive real estate development boom! Saudi even has the largest Mega Project in the world being developed with the $125Billion King Abdullah Economic City! The future for real estate development in Saudi Arabia looks very bright indeed. One of the largest Saudi Mega Developers is Dar Al-Arkan. Interestingly enough, the focus of Dar Al-Arkan is not on the ultra luxury projects that so many Mega Developers are building, but on more reasonably priced developments:

'The company had a strong start having one objective in mind: to be a first home provider for Saudi middle class families. Owing it to the rising real estate development in The Kingdom, the company worked hard to provide end products armed with international standards, at reasonable cost. The company offered a new and improved philosophy regarding the world of modern and futuristic civilization; offering several projects and residential plans tailored to fit society’s needs,' according to Dar Al-Arkan.

By 2009 Dar Al-Arkan will have an estimated 65,000 residential units built for all major regions of Saudi Arabia. All units are designed with both high quality and affordability in mind. Dar Al-Arkan has offices all over Saudi Arabia: Riyadh, Khobar, Makkah, Jeddah, Madinah, and Yanbu.

The Dar Al-Arkan Projects:

> Al Yarmouk. A 389 unit residential project located in the North Eastern part of Riyadh City,

> Al Munsiyah. This project consists of 259 housing units and is also located in North Eastern Riyadh,

> Al Mourjan. A 95 unit residential project located in Yanbu City next to the Radisson SAS Hotel,

> Al Abrar Towers. Located on a distinctive area in Makkah Al-Mukarama near the Holy Haram, Al Abar consists of 400 residential units distributed over 8 towers,

> Al Manar. A total of 28 residential units make up Al Manar which is located on the East of Jeddah City,

> Al Awali Villas. Considered one of Mecca's most modern residential areas, Al Awali consists of 55 residential villas,

> Al Tawoun. The project is located North of Riyadh City near Al-Rabie and consists of 4 blocks of residential units,

> Al Falah. A 139 unit project North of Riyadh City, Al Falah is considered to have some of the finest utilities in all of Riyadh,

> Al-Noor Villas. This 80 unit project located in Al-Madinah Al-Manwarah, consists of 6 distinct architectural designs. In the center of Al-Noor is a large mosque and a public garden,

> Shams Alriyadh. A huge 8000 residential unit project being built in the Al-Dareiyah province of Riyadh City,

> Al Qasr. This project contains 4000 unit villas and commercial utilities including offices plus four and five storey buildings. Eventually Al Qasr will be home to 13,000 residents,

> Ishbiliyah. This is a more upscale 420 villa project located in one of the best districts of Riyadh,

> Al Shati Al Zahabi. The project is located in one of the most beautiful locations of Sharm Abhor in Jeddah province and consists of 398 upscale residential villas,

> Al-Tilal. Located near The Prophet's Mosque in Al-Madinah Al-Munorah, Al-Tilal will offer 1437 units-- 433 of these will be villas,

> Al Mashaer Towers. 7 towers, each 14 storeys high, make up Al Mashaer which is located in Makkah City. There will be a total of 442 residential units as well as business centers, health clubs and special occasion halls.

It should now become clear that Dar Al-Arkan - run by Youssef Bin Abdullah Al Shelash, Chairman and Abdullatif Bin Abdullah Al Shelash, Managing Director - is on a mission to provide a wide variety of quality housing to the people of Saudi Arabia at an affordable price. I salute them for this and I know they will continue to prosper!


Dar Al-Arkan
Al Maather Road
P.O. Box 105633
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 11656
Tel: +966 1-206-9888
Fax: +966 1-206-9898
Email: info@alarkan.com
Website: http://www.alarkan.com/

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