Sunday, May 11, 2008

Barwa Financial District, Doha, Qatar

Qatar, like the UAE, is growing at a phenomenal pace with over $100Billion in construction projects already planned and more being announced all the time! The Mega Projects being developed by Qatar are some of the most impressive in the world and I have already covered The Pearl Qatar and Lusail in previous posts. Today I will cover a magnificent Business Mega Project called Barwa Financial District (BFD). The developer of BFD is Barwa Real Estate, one of Qatar's largest Mega Developers. According to Barwa:

'The Barwa Financial District is a giant project conceptualized to serve the global, regional and local financial sector. The Financial District will house facilities attracting regional and international banks seeking specialized infrastructure to benefit from. But that is not all the Financial District is to be. In keeping with the philosophy of the parent company Barwa, the Financial District will serve as a 360 degree real estate solution.'

BFD will be a mixed use "ensemble complex" made up of 10 super modern buildings designed to blend harmoniously with each other and create a primary business destination for Qatar. The tallest and grandest of the 10 buildings will be a 45 storey tower destined to become a Qatar Icon. BFD will be located in the West Bay area of Doha. West Bay is the new business center of Qatar and will become a primary business location for the entire Gulf.

'Cosmopolitan West Bay holds government and ministerial offices, an up-market residential area, major shopping malls. In choosing a suitable site for the Financial District, Barwa handpicked a location that is a mere 20 minutes away from the Doha International Airport. This decision for instance, was led by Barwa’s keen awareness of how precious a commodity time is, to global and regional business players,' according to the developer.

The entire BFD complex is being built to be eco-friendly, as are so many new projects being developed in The Gulf. The buildings will make best use of solar and wind potential by integrating their structures with the surrounding eco-system. BFD will also be beautifully landscaped and contain a number of natural recreation spaces where visitors and those working at BFD can come to relax. From Barwa:

'The engineer’s goal was to design and develop an ensemble of buildings that went beyond being a mega real estate project. Their commitment was to deliver a state of the art solution to a high rise, global financial community-- a community that was not just serving the requirements of today but anticipating the needs of tomorrow and excelling at providing for both.'

BFD will be home to all types of businesses:

- Banks: National and International,
- Securities Companies,
- Insurance,
- Local and International Consulting,
- Law Firms,
- Finance Companies of all kinds...

...and many, many other types of business entities. All of this in the sensational West Bay area where you can find the finest restaurants, top retail brands from all over the world, the best hotels, upscale residences, etc.

To sum it all up, what we have with Barwa Financial District is a true Financial Masterpiece! This Mega Project will greatly benefit Qatar, all of the Middle East, and the entire world!

Barwa uses 3 sentences to summarize the Barwa Financial District:

> A place where no effort has been spared.

> A place where no detail has been overlooked.

> A place where no service or luxury has been forgotten.

This link takes you to the Barwa Real Estate website:


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