Sunday, May 4, 2008

YAS Island, Abu Dhabi: Premier Mega Entertainment Destination For Gulf!

One of ALDAR Properties most spectacular Mega Projects is the $40Billion YAS Island. A large island located off the City of Abu Dhabi, YAS is being developed as a premier world class entertainment destination. YAS Island will be one of the world's most unique and complete entertainment Mega Developments. Here is a list of what will be offered to visitors:

> Ferrari Theme Park with 24 themed attractions,
> Warner Brothers Theme Park,
> Formula One Racetrack,
> Roller Coasters,
> Rally Driving,
> Drag Racing,
> Go-Carting,
> Dune Buggies,
> Signature Hotel overlooking the Race Track,
> Marina Hotel,
> Ferrari Theatre,
> Retail Center,
> Italian Piazza,
> Exhibition Hall,
> Restaurants/cafes,
> Food and beverage outlets,
> Beaches,
> Beach clubs,
> Water Sports,
> Marinas,
> Floating Harbor,
> Water Park,
> 4 Polo Fields,
> Equestrian Center,
> Links Golf Courses and Championship Golf Course,
> Clubhouses/Golf Centers,
> Driving Ranges,
> Golf Villas,
> Nature Reserve,
> Beach Resort Hotels,
> Lagoon Resort Hotels,
> Business Park,
> Business and Commercial Towers,
> Offices and Residential Units,
> Apartments,
> Waterfront Apartments.

WOW! YAS Island is going to be one of the most spectacular vacation destinations ever created! The two theme parks going up on YAS will really attract the crowds:

- FERRARI THEME PARK. According to ALDAR: 'The Ferrari Theme Park is a branded themed entertainment destination offering a range of 24 themed attractions for the entire family. The 70 meter high G Force Tower is one of the most exciting rides you can enjoy. For the first time a twin roller coaster ride allows you and a companion to race against each other. You can go-cart and enjoy rally driving and dune buggies in the theme park. It also offers an 18 screen theatre complex and a multitude of food and beverage outlets.'

This is the only theme park in the world centered around the Ferrari brand and therefore will be 100% unique to YAS Island! Good job ALDAR!

- WARNER BROTHERS THEME PARK. This theme park will be designed around the vast live action and animated movies that have been created by Warner Brothers. These movies will provide themes for the overall park as well as the individual rides. Mohammed Khalaf Al Mazrouei, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Media Company had this to say:

"I think it is crucial that Abu Dhabi has a position on the world stage, and that means mastering every field. Entertainment is a massive part of Abu Dhabi and its future, and through this agreement with Warner Brothers all parties have underlined how iconic the Emirate will be in this field. From theme parks to hotels and cinemas, this agreement will put Abu Dhabi at the center of the world's entertainment map."

The Formula One Racetrack will also be a feature addition to YAS Island and will be hosting the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix starting in 2009. NASCAR will also be coming to YAS Island! Furthermore, this racetrack will be home to the only Ferrari driving school in the world, outside of the original one in Italy. At this driving school Yas Island visitors can receive instruction from seasoned Ferrari instructors and test their skills on the racetrack!

As I have stated many times, I believe that The Gulf will eventually become the entertainment capital of the world. YAS Island is one of the many spectacular UAE Mega Entertainment Projects that will one day make The Gulf....Number One!

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